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Feel like throwing the old bowling ball around? Have the urge to knock down some pins? Maybe you just want to pretend that you are the dude. Well, below, you will find the Bowling Alley Near You Map. In it, you will find all the bowling alleys in your area.

Simply select a location and you will get the name of the bowling alley, the phone number, the address and the hours of operation. You will also find some reviews and if they have one, a website. With a few clicks, you will also be able to get directions from where you are, so you will be able to enjoy the sounds of those falling pins as soon as possible.

Bowling Alley Near Me – Find it on the Map

Bowling Alley Near Me – Bowling Alley Trivia

Bowling Alley Hours of Operation

Given the type of users, a bowling alley’s peak business is normally late afternoon or into the evening. Most bowling alley’s don’t open until around lunchtime, though there are a few exceptions and they continue to stay open until late into the night, closing around midnight or later.

bowling alley near me

Candlepin bowling uses smaller pins and small wooden balls than traditional 10 pin bowling.

Cost of Bowling

The cost of a bowling game in the United States has a huge range. If you are in Grande Rapid’s, Michigan, you can enjoy the cheapest game at $2.50 and as high as games in Chicago that can run you an average of $27 per game. Within that range, you will find the average game running you around $15 per game.

A History of Bowling

While bowling has its history in Britain, dating back almost 2 thousand years. The basics were similar, you rolled a stone at some pins to knock them down. This game was played outside in open green space. It is even rumored that King Henry the VIII bowled with a cannon ball. Due to it being a distraction from being productivity, it was outlawed for some time by King Henry VII.

Modern 10 pin bowling in the United States can be dated back to the first indoor bowling alley, Knickerbockers, which opened in New York in 1840. After that, the number of alleys started to increase quickly. The biggest increase in popularity was seen during the 1960s. Following the 60s, the popularity started to wane, but has continued in some areas to be extremely popular.

Choice Bowling Alley’s to Visit

There are a number of excellent bowling alleys that you should try and visit to play a few frames.

Mid-City Lanes Rock ‘n Bowl, New Orleans:

This 18 lane alley has got live rock bands for you to enjoy while you play your games. An excellent place to cut loose, where it isn’t only the balls that roll.

The Goodnight, Austin, Texas:

This location is there to give you a complete set of entertainment. In addition to bowling, you have ping pong, pool, karaoke, and a full dining lounge. Also, there is a pet-friendly deck for those who like to bring their four legged friends with them.

Pinz, Los Angeles:

This 32 lane bowling alley is a popular place for celebrities, you will find many pictures up on their wall of fame. In addition, you have got glow in the dark balls, runner lights, a disco ball and a laser light show complimented with 3D graphics being displayed. If you spot this on on Bowling Alley Near Me, be sure to swing by.

Timber Lanes Bowling, Chicago:

If you want something a bit more old school, this family owned alley has been in operation since 1945 and maintains a lot of the old feel. 8 wooden lanes and even a jukebox are there for you to enjoy.

Bowling Alley Near Me – Bowling Alley Facts

Bowling Facts and Trivia

Given the popularity of bowling in the United States, and around the world, there are a lot of exciting facts and trivia about the sport and those who have played it. So, here are some fun tid bits.

1. Bowling is thought to be as over 5,000 years old, as old as writing, which places it as one of the oldest games humans have played.

2. Wanna guess where the largest bowling lane is? If you guessed Las Vegas, you would be wrong. The largest bowling alley is found in Japan, with 116 lanes.

3. When the first bowling alleys were created in the United States, they started using wood and then rubber. It wasn’t until the 1960s that plastic bowls were started to be used.

4. While the National Bowling Association was founded in 1875 in New York and New Jersey, just 35 years after the first indoor bowling alley was built, the Professional Bowling Association, wasn’t founded until 1958. Today, the bowling associations are significantly bigger. The National Bowling Association has over 100 chapters, which started with only 11 clubs. The Professional Bowling Association has members from 13 different countries including the United States, Australia, Bermuda, Canada, China, England, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Sweden and Venezuela.

5. Standard 10 pin bowling is played with 10 pins; however, in the New England area, candlepin bowling is popular. In this game, balls are smaller and still made of wood and you get a third ball in a frame instead of the 2 in a regular 10 pin bowling game.

6. In 10 pin bowling, the minimum weight for a bowling ball is 6lbs and the most is 16lbs. In candlepin bowling the balls weigh only 2.5lbs.

7. Bowling is a man’s sport. Well, that was how the game was first thought to be. It wasn’t until 1917 that women were allowed within the American Bowling Congress. In 2010 the Professional Bowling Association won the tour.

8. Enjoy watching bowling? Well, if you go to Reno, Nevada you can actually go to a bowling stadium. Talk about making the sport go epic. The National Bowling Stadium has 78 lanes and video projection equipment. It is ready for large sized tournaments.

9. What is an optimum strike? Well, that is when you hit only 4 of the pins, which can be done at a 6 degree angle. If you have a perfect game, scoring 300, if you have only optimum strikes for each roll that means you only hit 48 pins.

10. The number of bowling alleys in the United States peaked in 1965 at 12,000 alleys. Today, there are only around 5,000. So, the numbers have dropped, but there should still be enough of them that you can find one when you search Bowling Alley Near Me. During the height of bowling, President Richard Nixon even installed a bowling alley in the White House.

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