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Bacon, Pancakes, eggs, all of the best foods are staples of the first meal of the day, breakfast! In the US, breakfast is extremely popular, so much so that many places, including fast food restaurants, serve breakfast items.

McDonalds for example, serves breakfast 24/7 and they even have a selection of specialty coffee drinks! If you desire some morning goodies from your local coffee shop or diner, just search for “Breakfast places near me”, and enjoy some flapjacks and a strong cup of coffee or orange juice.

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What does breakfast mean?

If you ever wake up utterly starving in the morning, the first thing you reach for is something to eat before you start your day. Breakfast just means breaking the fast of several hours without food, like when you were sleeping all night. Reach for a bowl of cereal, or check out “Breakfast places near me” today!

breakfast places near me

The traditional american breakfast, with a waffle of course!

How many times did Denny’s change their name?

Before the popular breakfast restaurant Denny’s became the name that made them famous, they had several different names like Danny’s Donuts, Danny’s Coffee shop, Denny’s coffee shop, and then finally just Denny’s. Thank goodness for that! The only mouthful we should have to worry about is food!

The famous elf brothers on the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies box are also pretty famous in other countries as well, but of course they have different names in different countries. In the US, we all know and love them as Snap, Crackle, and Pop. In South Africa, it’s Knap, Knetter, Knak. In Italy, it’s Pif, Pof, Paf. Finland calls them Riks, Raks, Poks. Anyway you say them, there’s no denying these little guys are a piece of cereal history!

Is second breakfast real?

Second breakfast or Elevensies aren’t just for Tolkien’s hobbits. In several countries, another lighter meal or snack takes place a couple of hours after breakfast, similar to brunch, but brunch focuses mostly on lunch items in the US. In Austria, Bavaria, Germany, and Poland, special meals are eaten like white sausage and beer in Germany, Poland has anything from sandwiches to pastries or a fruit gelatin called Kisiel. In Britain, elevensies is a tea and biscuit break after a much earlier breakfast.

Did you know?

With help from Twitter, breakfast all day became a dream come true for many McMuffin fans, they have only been asking for it since 2007! In 2015, the option for anything from parfaits to hash browns will always be available, even after 10:30am. Looking to find breakfast on the go near you? Try looking for “Breakfast places near me!”

Breakfast Places Near Me – Breakfast Places Facts

The ancient breakfast wasn’t entirely different from the meal options we choose to eat for breakfast today. Grains like rye and barley were ground up and boiled by the ancient Mesopotamians. Egyptian workers often drank beer and ate root veggies like onions before a long hard day and Greeks true to their Mediterranean culture ate olives and drank wines. Romans would enjoy porridge and sometimes a mead like drink with honey and spices. They would also eat things like leftovers from a meal the night before.

In the middle ages, breakfast was not given a very war welcome at the table. Catholicism was a major religion during this time, and with it came the sin of gluttony. Breakfast was considered very much an unnecessary indulgence and sin. Don’t worry, by the 16th century, everyone was entitled to breakfast and even tea and coffee were allowed!

A French breakfast is a lot like a continental breakfast. Lots of pastries, mini pies, and coffee of course!

We can thank the Netherlands for one particular breakfast goody. Waffles were brought to us by Dutch immigrants.

There’s nothing more American than pioneer cooking. Johnnycakes, also known as hoecakes, were created by native Americans originally with corn, and pretty soon cornbread, hush puppies, and corn fritters became popular southern food items.

The Yakuts of the Sakha Republic have restrictions on their diets because of the bitter cold of Siberia. They eat Kyorchekh, a dish similar to ice cream for breakfast. They also have thin pancakes similar to crepes. In the mood for crepes or pancakes? Check out “Breakfast places near me” and enjoy!

A popular delicacy at breakfast time in Sweden is rose hip soup, a soup made fro the leftover hip of rose after the petals have all fallen off. It can be eaten with cream and sugar and sometimes it is eaten with almond biscuits or stale breads like croutons.

One of the most unique breakfast items that come from the US are breakfast sandwiches. Whatever you choose to eat in it, be sure that it has eggs on the bottom! This idea was originally started after the civil war.

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