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For centuries, beers, ales and other alcoholic beverages have been enjoyed by people of all walks of life. Beers in particular have a special place at many dinner tables and for many occasions. These drinks are created at local breweries and not so local breweries. Today we can enjoy beers from all over the world, but it is those close to you that you can easily visit. Take a look at the Brewery Near Me Map below. On it, you will find the locations of any local brewery that you can go visit and maybe get a tour of.

Click on a location and you will get the brewery’s name, address and phone number. It may also give you their hours of operation and a link to the company website. You can also find review from past customers as well. After you are done checking out the map, you can keep reading below to get some fun facts and history about breweries and beer and a list of the best breweries to tour.

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How is beer made?

Ever wonder how beer is made? Well, if you have done some home brewing in the past, you have a rather good idea. On the larger scale, things get a bit more interesting. In basic terms, you have barley, hops, water and yeast that will give you beer.

brewery near me

Most breweries offer tours that will help teach people about the process of making beer and even offer samples to tour goers.

The four basic steps at this point involve: malting, mashing, boiling and fermenting. Firstly for malting, you take the grains and process them through heating and drying where they ultimately crack. From there, the grains and water get heated in what is called mashing. It is kind of like making tea, but you don’t boil the water, just make it nice at hot. After about an hour or so, the grains are sifted out and you are left with the water, kind of like a raw beer, called wort. The wort is then boiled and hops and spices are added to get the distinctive flavor that you are looking for. Finally, the liquid gets fermented by adding the yeast. The yeast is added after the water has been cooled to a nice warm stage, or you will be killing the yeast. The cooled liquid is stored in bottles for various lengths of time, normally a few weeks.
At this stage, you technically have beer; however, you will normally have another step of adding carbonation, both naturally and artificially. This is normally done in the bottling or canning process. After it is carbonated, it is left to age for several months to get it just right for drinking.

In a brewery, the first four steps are normally done in large bulk processes, using large containers to do big batches. The final stages are when you get the small individual (bottle or can) or bulk (kegs) to store the beer in.

Types of Breweries

There are several types of breweries in the United States, not all offer tours, but you can still find ways to purchase their final project.

The largest type of brewery is the large non-craft brewery. These are the types of beer makers such as Budweiser, there are only about 30 of these in the country. Then you have the craft breweries and regional craft breweries that make up the largest number of breweries. In addition, you have microbreweries and brew pubs. Between the four you have almost 4,200. Microbrews and Brewpubs make up a large portion of the brewery count as they generally produce small amounts that are either made by individuals or for their own establishments. Together there are almost 4,000. In totally, you have over 4,200 breweries in the country today, which grows by about 500 each year. The non-craft are definitely the smallest of the numbers, but still make up a huge portion of sales. Overall, when you search Brewery Near Me, you are most likely to find some kind of craft brewery.

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Best Brewery Tours in America

Are you looking for an amazing Brewery Tour? Well, here are some of the most enjoyable tours that you can go on.

1. Leinenkugel Brewing Company, Chippewa Falls, WI:

This brewery has been around for 150 years and is actually a family run operation. You will get to enjoy some of the great history including old brewing machines, and enjoy samplings of their European inspired beers. They offer tours 7 days a week, generally staring at 10am. Be sure to check them out.

2. Stone Brewing Company, Escondido, CA:

This brewery offers both public and private tours. Most days you can find tours starting 3 times a day, but more often on the weekends. During your tours you get to enjoy 4 samples, including 1 special release beer. At only $3 per adult, it is a great bargin.

3. Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, NY:

This brewery has held revitalize its neighborhood and create itself as a cultural center. One unit thing about this is that if you book 31 days in advance, you can get yourself in on a small batch tour (offered Monday – Thursday only), where you get a full access pass to the brewery to explore and learn about what goes on.

4. Full Sail Brewing, Hood River, OR:

In this fun brewery, they will give you the chance to explore the ingredients they use, which are local, and talk to the brew masters about how things are done. The tours are offered 4 times a day and are free of charge, which means the tasters do have a price involved but at $2.50 for a taster or $5 for a full pint, things aren’t bad at all.

5. Yuengling Brewing, Pottsville, PA:

This brewery establishes itself as America’s oldest brewery, which opened its doors in 1829, almost 200 years ago. This allows you to explore things that are no longer used, like fermentation caves, that acted as the refrigerator or what they did during prohibition. You get to truly appreciate the history of this brewery by going on its tour, which is free.

6. New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins, CO:

This brewery offers tours every 30 minutes, which last 90 minutes in length. So there is a lot of opportunity to enjoy the tours which have samples and they promise lots of fun. You can also book for groups as high as 20 in number to go together with your friends, so check it out.

7. Dogfish Head Brewery, Milton, DE:

This brewery offers tours every hour, starting normally around 11 until 5PM, so about 6 people. They are on a first come, first serve basis and try to accommodate everyone. They are also always free. There is also a paid version where you get some extra things, like a Dogfish shot glass and pint glass. So, check out which one is best for you.

With so many great breweries to tour, it is important to find the best one for you. So, beck them out when you are looking on them while searching Brewery Near Me. There are many to choose from and many more being made each year.

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