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If you’re looking for a cheap meal and all you can eat at the same time, why not try a buffet? buffet may sound very French, but it’s origins come from the term Smorgasbord. The buffet was originally a celebration style meal that offered everything to a large party.

Buffets in the US have a similar style in which there are different kinds of hot and cold food in tray carts that people can help themselves to. Feeling like taking your family out to this kind of restaurant? Why not type in “Buffet near me!”

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Did you know?

The buffet is actually a style of table used to serve food. It’s no surprise then, that in the English speaking world, we use buffet to mean a style of restaurant that hosts food on a large table!

buffet near me

The inside of Chinese American style buffet, King’s Buffet.

What is the difference between a cafeteria style restaurant and a buffet?

All though both limit the use of wait staff, there are vast differences between these two restaurants that allow you to see the food first. In cafeteria style, you are paying for one meal and there is a server behind the counter that puts the food on plates for you. The buffet allows you to pay once and grab as much as you can eat and you also serve yourself. Looking for a sensible meal for a large family? Look up a ” Buffet near me.”

Who is O.C. Bee?

If you’ve ever been to Old Country buffet, you may have noticed once and a while a man dressed up in a bee costume. That’s the mascot for the 168 restaurants with the Old Country Buffet name.

Are there healthy buffets?

If you want a little more variety in soups and salads, there’s always Souper Salads. Started in 1978, Souper Salads has always offered a variety of salad styles, soups, breads and much more. Currently, there aren’t many of these restaurants around, but if you live in Houston Texas, you are bound to find it.

One of the oldest buffet style restaurants, The Golden Coral, offer a to-go service that allows people to put into a to-go box what they want and just pay for it, rather than sit in the restaurant. Pretty clever!

The California based buffet restaurant, The Sizzler, decided to try something different in order to lure in customers. Food trucks are becoming a very trendy way to serve food in many cities, so they also decided to follow suit with the food truck service “ZZ”.

Following the customer picks their meal premise is Mongolian BBQ or Hibachi. Both Asian style restaurants offer the choice for patrons to pick the meats and veggies they want grilled, but they get to watch the food get grilled over a large grilling station by a chef.

Buffet Near Me – Buffet Facts

Buffets in 16th century France were a place to show off wealth and decadence. All of the best china was used, and buffet tables were beautifully decorated with nice linens and silverware. Over time, the idea of a more informal table occurred sometime in the 20th century. Not up to having the serious effort of a buffet in your home? Why not go to a buffet restaurant? Check out “Buffet near me” and start eating!

Some buffet styles are not served the way an all you can eat restaurant serves food. In Dim Sum restaurants, the meal options are pushed around on a cart, similar to the way some restaurants circulate desserts. Some sushi places also push food items around, but on visible conveyor belt platforms and this allows greater freedom to grab what you want as it is moving around.

Salad bars are convenient, more so then buying something pre-made or having to chop up the ingredients yourself. They are usually found in grocery stores and are stocked with different kinds of lettuce, veggies, toppings, and even dressings to eat when you get home. One restaurant that follows a cafeteria style salad option is salad works, a chain style restaurant that provides you with a display case full of options that you pick while a server fixes your dish. Sounds convenient, healthy, and delicious!

Some restaurants have carvery stations. These are generally areas where you select the kind of meat you want and then a server cuts the amount and thickness that you want. In the 18th century, buffets were not often serving knives with the other silverware as the hosts wanted the type of food that could be eaten only with a fork and spoon.

In the US, Asian food is quickly making it’s way into buffet style eating, whether in American cuisine buffets, or a special Asian American cuisine only restaurant. Chains like King’s buffet offers the take out Chinese American food with other options like squid and sushi. This is becoming increasingly popular, as Asian food is one of the top selling cuisines in the US.

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