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Is there anything more American or more enticing than a trip to the buffet? From Chinese buffet’s to American buffets and even chains, there’s a buffet style restaurant to meet every need and budget in the US. Whether you’re just looking to please a large group or in just feeling ultra hungry, you can find a buffet to meet your cravings.

Are you interested in finding a buffet in your area? Simply browse buffets near me on the map below and find a list of buffets near your location. Need a bit more information on buffets? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top three buffets in the United States. Get ready to overindulge!

Buffet Near Me – Find it on the Map

Buffet Near Me – Buffet Trivia

In what country was the first buffet located?

While a buffet might seem like a highly American invention, this style of eating actually dates back to 18th century France, when serving a meal to oneself became highly fashionable amongst city dwellers. Of course, these French buffets were nothing like the smorgasbords of today, and typically referred to a sideboard style of dining. Modern day buffets gained popularity in America during the 19th century, especially during the lunch hours. Many small lunch places began offering buffets at the then fashionable lunch hour of 1:00. Diners at these luncheon places were either seated at small tables to eat or stood along a counter.

buffet near me

A typical buffet will offer both American and international dishes as well as a dessert bar and a veggie bar.

Who founded the chain buffet Golden Corral?

If you’re searching buffet near me, you’ve likely heard of or are seeking out a Golden Corral. This chain of buffets was first invented in 1971 by James Maynard. He began his vision for Golden Corral by raising $50,000 in equity from investors. The investment lead him to opening the first restaurant in Fayetteville, NC in 1973, when he was just 33 years old. Golden Corral now has 500 restaurants nationwide.

When did the all you can eat buffet first debut?

It’s hard to imagine searching buffet near me without considering the always popular all you can eat buffet. This type of buffet made its stunning debut in 1946, when it was introduced to the public by a Vegas hotel manager named Herb MacDonald. The idea soon caught on and the all you can eat buffet spread like wildfire. By the mid 1960s every casino in Las Vegas boasted some form of an ll you can eat buffet, with the average price at this time costing just $1.60. To this day, buffets are some of the best dining deals you can score in this pricey neon haven.

True or false: Some all you can eat buffets do have a limit.

If you’re searching buffet near me, odds are you’ll find a buffet where there is no limit on all you can eat. However, some buffets have been known to limit customers who overindulge and then waste food, going as far as to ask them to leave the establishment.

Buffet Near Me – Buffet Facts

The Best Value

If you’re searching buffet near me, then odds are you’re pretty budget savvy and looking to get the best bang for your buck. According to insiders, the best value in the all you can eat buffet market is CiCi’s Pizza. While exact prices vary by location, most rarely top the $5.00 mark per person. With an amazing wealth of dessert choices, a solid salad bar, and gourmet pizzas, this buffet tends to be a hit with people of all ages. Cici’s also lets you special request pizzas which will then be put out on the buffet line for others to enjoy.

Specialty Buffets

While many modern buffets will offer cuisine from all over the world to please a variety of tastes and cravings, speciality buffets focus on cuisine of just one type. Popular speciality buffets include Chinese buffets and Indian buffets. While these restaurants focus on the cuisine of the country at hand, many still offer some American offerings and will typically sport carving stations. Another type of speciality buffet that has gained popularity in recent years is the breakfast buffet, which has gained immense popularity in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles, where breakfast on the go needs to be healthy, fresh, and affordable.

The Top Three Buffets in the Us

If your quest to find a buffet near me brings you near one of these top restaurants, run (don’t walk) and find yourself a table. You won’t be disappointed in these legendary buffets.

1. Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank, NJ

If you’d like your buffet to include a bit of class and elegance, then the Molly Pitcher Inn should be right up your alley. With traditional comfort foods, a carving station, and delicious desserts, this inn has a dish to please every taste.

2. Red Apple Buffet, Chicago, IL

If you like your buffet to be as big and sprawling as your appetite, the Red Apple Buffet is for you. With three rooms worth of buffet offerings ranging fromAmerican to international, the only problem with this buffet is hitting every station before filling up!

3. Charley’s Buffet, Lincoln, Missouri

Sure, this buffet might be in the middle of nowhere, but this legendary buffet offers home cooked specialities that you won’t get anywhere else. From fried chicken, to backed ham, and a large selection of homemade pies, Charley’s as a home away from home.

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