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Hungry and in need of something big? Enjoy yourself a good burger and fries? Well, look no further. With the Burger King Near You map below, you can find all of the nearest burger king locations in your area. All you have to do is click on a location and it will show you the address, phone number and even hours of operation, just in case you have a late night craving and want to make sure the place will be open when you arrive.

In addition, you will be able to get a link to the Burger King website, and reviews of that particular location, just in case you are wondering about the service. So, don’t just sit there, get on your way to filling that craving in your soul for some good old reliable burger king.

Burger King Near Me – Find it on the Map

Burger King Near Me – Burger King Trivia

Burger King Hours of Operation

There are a wide range of hours of operations for various Burger King locations. Most generally open around 6am and close around midnight. You can also find some that will close earlier and open later. Some locations are even open 24/7. So, it is important to check each location before you go, unless it is the middle of the day and you know it will be open.

burger king near me

Burger King has got restaurants all around the world. This location is a Burger King in Beijing, China.


Burger King is primarily a fast food burger and French fry joint. If you have eaten at McDonalds or Wendy’s, you are familiar with the Burger King Menu. There are a few unique items on the Burger King menu that do make it stand out. In addition to burgers and chicken burgers, Burger King offers hot dogs as well. Their signature burgers are known as Whoppers. Their patties are still all 1/4lbs. They also have an extra-long cheeseburger which is on a hoggie with 2 burger patties sitting next to each other. Like most fast food places, they have branched into offering various coffees. They have a range of sides including French fries, onion rings and chicken nuggets. Overall, you get a good range of choice for a fast food location.

A brief history of Burger King

Burger King is one of the most famous of the fast food restaurants. Burger Kind had two starts. The first start, in 1953, under Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns and the second under David Edgerton and James McLamore. The first start under Kramer and Burns was the invention of the “Insta-Burger King.” The second group modified the “Insta-Burger King,” which was a broiler to a grill system.
Kramer and Burns started their franchise by imitating what the McDonald’s brothers had done out in Florida. The company was initially called “Insta-Burger King.” The company started off strong but within a year was facing difficulties. That is when Edgerton and McLamore purchased the company. It was within 1954 that the company become renamed to Burger King.
Edgerton and McLamore Burger King saw a lot of growth. It eventually grew to more than 250 locations within the first eight years at the two ran the company; however, in 1967 they both ended up selling the company to Pillsbury, the cookie company. After that the company saw a series of ups and downs as it passed through hands and leadership, including one former McDonald’s executive.
In the last 10 years, the company has taken on its final form. It went public in 2006, and has shown a lot of positive growth under the public stock. Finally, in 2014 the company merged with the Canadian donut and coffee shop, Tim Hortons. With over 12,000 locations open, world-wide, it has become one of the largest burger chains in the world. So, when you search, Burger King Near Me, you are bound to find one.

Burger King Near Me – Burger King Facts

Burger King has been a signature player in the fast food restaurant industry for over 50 years. It is one of the largest fast food places in the world and has got some great pieces of trivia and facts to enjoy about the company.

1. Burger King was inspired by a visit to McDonalds. The success of McDonald’s in California led many to look into starting their own fast food restaurant and one of those inspirations was the creation of Burger King out in Florida.

2. As far as the spread of burger restaurants, Burger King ranks third for the fastest growing burger chains in the world. It continues to see growth around the world.

3. Burger King teamed up with Star Wars when it first came out in the 1970s. It was the first fast food company to make such a deal and the deal continued. Burger King continued the relationship even when the prequel series came out. The Star Wars Episode III collectable toys can be found on Ebay for sale.

4. Most Burger King locations are run as a franchise. In fact, if you go into a Burger King now, a good chance it is a franchise. In the United States, 99.9% of the locations are franchises. That means that only 1 in a thousand are run directly by the company themselves.

5. By the end of the year 2015, Burger King had surpassed 15,000 locations, worldwide. This places Burger King as the fifth largest fast food chain in the world and the second largest burger chain in the world, surpassed only by McDonalds.

6. Burger King used to be called Insta-Burger King. The name was because of the goal of delivering burgers fast. It was truly a fast food joint to start. The owners had even purchased patents on the type of broiler they used to make the burgers.

7. In Australia, you used to not be able to find a Burger King. The reason was that the name of the company, while keeping the famous Whoppers and other menu items, was called Hungry Jacks. Hungry Jack’s was a franchisee of Burger King, actually its largest with 380 locations; however, due to various issues, Burger King and Hungry Jacks actually got into competition with each other and it ended with Burger King losing.

8. Want to smell like your favorite burger? Well, in 2015 Burger King released a series of perfumes and colognes to help those who truly love their beef patties. Due to the limited release, only 1000 units, and sold exclusively in Japan, it is a rare item to get your hands on.

9. So, you might not want to go out and get yourself a Whopper. Well, don’t worry. If you are one of those lucky people who live in the 14 states where Burger King actually delivers you are in luck. If you don’t know, when you search Burger King Near Me, check the locations to see if they deliver to you.

10. Do you want to start your own? Well, it is expensive. You will need $500,000 in liquid cash and over $1.5 million in assets to help you get started, but if you are interested, you might want to look into it. But you gotta have a love for those Whoppers.

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