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Craving a big juicy cheeseburger? You’re not alone! Burgers are one of America’s favorite comfort foods. Whether you want an all beef patty or a veggie variety, there are burger shops from coast to coast that can suit every palate and price point. While there’s no beating the classics, gourmet burger shops offering up toppings such as truffles or gouda cheese are becoming more common than ever. You may even score a bison patty! Interested in finding a great burger in your local area? Simply browse burger near me on the map below and find a list of burger joints near you. How about a bit more information on burgers? Read on for history, facts, tips, and more. You’ll be a burger expert in no time!

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Who invented the hamburger?

The answer to the question of who invented the hamburger is a bit hazy. Several US cities and towns claim to have brought the burger to life. Seymour, Wisconsin claims that a local resident known as “Hamburger” Charlie Nagreen first invented the burger back in 1885. In Texas, locals credit a man named “Uncle” Fletcher David of Athens with inventing the beloved burger we know today. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, citizens claim that OScar Weber BIlby served up the first hamburger on a speciality bun back in 1891 at a Fourth of July party. Back east in New Haven, Connecticut, Louis Lassen was known for serving up beef trimmings between slices of bread to his customers at Louis Lunch cafe in 1900. Who is the true inventor of the hamburger? Consider this as you search burger near me. According to the Library of Congress, Louis Lassen is credited with serving up the first true burger.

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Few foods are more classic or beloved as the burger!

Do hamburgers come from Hamburg, Germany?

While the burger we know and love today was not conceptualized in Germany, the origin of the hamburger does come from the Hamburg steak, which is a very popular dish in Hamburg, Germany. The steak was originally brought to the US by German immigrants. Though the Hamburg steak has some similarities to a burger- it was more comparable to a Salisbury steak than what you would have served on a sesame seed bun. Basically, the Hamburg steak was just chopped beef that was molded into a very thick patty. This became popular in New York City in the 1800s as it was very filling yet somewhat portable. Any dish that could be eaten on the go was always a winner to a New Yorker. Hamburg steak is even printed on an 1837 menu from the famed NYC restaurant Delmonico’s. As you search Burger near me, you may be wondering how the hamburger came to be. The Hamburg steak is the true jumping off point to what is now an American staple. Who knew the burger didn’t actually start in the good old USA? What other American staples can you think of that didn’t actually start in the US?

Burger Near Me – Burger Facts

When did the burger first become popular?

Nowadays, nearly every restaurant and bar serves up some iteration of a burger. Whether its slathered in cheese and toppings or just a patty set in between two buns, you’ll find every kind of burger variation in the world in the US. When did the burger first gain popularity in the US? Consider this as you search burger near me. While the first burger may have come to be in New Haven, Connecticut back in 1900, it didn’t gain traction until 1904. Up until this point, the hamburger was still a well-kept secret to many American citizens. At the 1904 World’s Fair, “Uncle” Fletcher David of Athens, Texas set up a stand slinging burgers to the masses. Once people got a taste for burgers, the dish truly took off. After the world’s fair, burger joints started popping up in every region of the US. The ease, portability, and low cost of a burger made for a true food phenomenon. Nowadays, it’s estimated that Americans eat an average of three burgers per week. That adds up to an astounding 50 billion burgers per year!

The First Burger Chain

Part of what makes burgers such a popular choice is their availability. No matter where you live in the US, there’s a restaurant or two selling burgers. Whether it’s a fast food joint or a bar- there’s always options for someone jonesing for a burger. What exactly was the first burger chain in the US? If you answered with McDonald’s you’re close, but not quite right. Consider this as you search burger near me. Believe it or not, the very first fast food hamburger chain was actually White Castle. The establishment first opened its doors in 1921, selling amazing burgers that were both simple and delicious. To this day, White Castle is an extremely popular choice with all burger loving patrons. When the brand first started, one could get a delicious burger for just one nickel. Now you’ll end up paying a few dollars. Still, the quality hasn’t changed much since the early days and the burgers are largely the same.

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