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With roots tracing back to 1972, Burlington Coat Factory has become one of America’s favorite discount retail chains. Offering name brand goods for rock bottom prices, even the choosiest shopper can find something to love at this popular store. Whether you’re looking for clothing, household items, or even pet goods, Burlington has got your back.

Are you interested in finding a Burlington Coat Factory near you? Simply browse Burlington Coat Factory near me on the map below and find a list of Burlington coat factory locations in your area. Need more information on this chain? Read on for awesome facts and trivia on Burlington Coat Factory!

Burlington Coat Factory Near Me – Find it on the Map

Burlington Coat Factory Near Me – Burlington Coat Factory Trivia

Where was Burlington Coat Factory first formed?

Like so many American retail giants, the first step was small but mighty. Burlington Coat Factory first formed in 1972 when a woman by the name of Henrietta Milstein convinced her husband Monroe to purchase an old factory outlet in Burlington, New Jersey for a whopping $675,000. Milstein put down the down payment on the factory, using $75,000 in funds that she had saved from her job as a librarian. At the time, Monroe was running a successful wholesale retail outwear business with his father Abe. Because of this, the Milstein’s initially sold only coats and jackets wholesale at their newly formed Burlington factory. However, they soon wanted to become less dependent on the seasonal coat business and thus gradually began adding additional items such as clothing, household items, and baby goods.

burlington coat factory near me

With spacious stores and multi-level retail spaces, Burlington Coat Factory has everything that the average American could need or want any time of the year.

What’s the major priority at Burlington Coat Factory?

If you’re searching Burlington Coat Factory near me, then you’re likely looking for a good deal! The good news? Burlington Coat Factory has stated that their number one priority is value. In fact, they believe it is the reason they have been so successful since their inception in 1972. By making value a priority and using strategic purchasing strategies Burlington has been able to offer the latest in designer clothing , shoes, accessories, baby products, and home furnishings at a fraction of the traditional retail cost. This means that shoppers not only get all of the latest trends without spending an arm and a leg, they can get more bang for their buck. If you’ve been thinking that Burlington is only good for coats. Think again, this retail giant will prove a formidable force in retail forever.

How many stores does Burlington Coat Factory operate?

Luckily, if you’re searching Burlington Coat Factory near me you should have no trouble finding a location in your area. Burlington Coat Factory currently operates 567 stores in 45 states and Puerto Rico. Each store offers a large assortment of high quality, designer and name brand merchandise that is up to 65% off other retailer’s prices. Don’t forget Burlington also has an amazing assortment of linens and home decor items.

Burlington Coat Factory Near Me – Burlington Coat Factory Facts

A History of Charity

While searching Burlington Coat Factory near me, rest assured in knowing that you’re supporting a company that loves to give back to the communities that make their stores so successful. Since 2002, Burlington has been a partner of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night campaign. Every Burlington store collects donations at checkouts from July through October. In 2013, Burlington raised more than $3 million for leukemia and lymphoma research. Since their partnership they have raised a whopping $19 million in total. Burlington also operates the Warm Coats and Warm Hearts Drive that was created in 2006. The brand partnered with ABC’s Good Morning America and created drop off sites where kind individuals could drop off coats that are to be distributed to those in need. Since the program’s inception, Burlington has collected and distributed over 1.2 million coats.

Baby Depot

What many Burlington Coat Factory shoppers don’t know is that Burlington Coat Factory also operates an off shoot brand known as Baby Depot. Baby Depot is Burlington’s answer to cries from budget savvy mothers and fathers looking to buy quality baby goods without spending their child’s future college fund. Baby Depot not only offers the necessities any baby could need, it offers cribs, strollers, play sets, and toys. Don’t forget Baby Depot also offers all of the clothing and accessories any growing baby could ever want or need. Aside from Baby Depot, Burlington Coat Factory stores also operates MJM Designer Shoes and Burlington Shoes. This means that if you’re searching Burlington Coat Factory near me and looking for baby goods or designer shoes, you’ll have no trouble finding a Burlington store to suit your needs!

Current CEO

Leadership can make or break a business, which is why Burlington Coat Factory has always carefully selected those at the helm. The current CEO of Burlington Coat Factory is Tom Kingsbury. The headquarters of Burlington are currently located in Florence, New Jersey. Annual revenue of Burlington Coat Factory and its offshoot brands is $4.7 billion annually.

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