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Education is power- especially when it comes to running your own business. While anyone can enter into the business world so long as they have the capital and a great idea, there is something to be said for the educational foundations that business school can provide. Not only will you learn key skills such as marketing or targeting an audience, but you’ll feel better prepared to handle the challenges of entrepreneurship with ease.

Ready to find a great business school near you? Simply browse business school near me on the map below and find a list of great business schools in your local area. Need a bit more information on business school? How about tips for choosing the right business school for you? Read on for the straight facts and even some fun trivia. Who said business school has to be boring?

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Business School Near Me – Business School Trivia

How long does it take to complete business school?

Here’s the great thing about business school: you get to decide your own educational path and desired level of degree. Many business school programs can be completed in as little as two years. This is called an associates degree in business. Those who want a bit more out of their business education will want to pursue a bachelors degree, which will generally take around 4 years. What are the benefits of a bachelor’s degree in business?
Those who graduate from business administration programs can expect to walk away with a very strong understanding of business management principles. You’ll also gain a great deal of technical know how and interpersonal skills that are necessary for success. While a bachelor’s in business can certainly prepare you for opening your own business or brand, it can also prepare you for a role in private, public, and non-profit organizations. As you search business school near me, consider the path that may be best for you.

Harvard Business School is one of the best in the world.

business school near me

What is the best business school?

While the best business school may be fairly subjective, many experts agree that the top honor goes to Harvard Business school. The only negative: it will set you back a whopping $72,000 per year. Still, those who graduate from Harvard Business School can expect a hands-on education through case-method. This poses true-to-life problems to students who would otherwise only encounter such situations while out in the field. Students also experience immersion trips and intense weeks of study. Many even choose to take their studies abroad. While the cost is high, the reward is great. While searching business schools near me, keep Harvard on your radar, especially if you could potentially qualify for a scholarship.

True or false: You must attend business school in order to start your own business.

This one is false! Many people think that without a degree in business, they simply don’t have the know how to start their own company or small business. In reality, that’s not always the case. When deciding whether or not to go to business school or searching business school near me, consider your background. Consider the type of background you believe in, how far along you are in developing a solid idea, and if there is actually a sound market for your idea or product. You’ll also want to consider those who may be co-founding your business with you. Many times, the collective experience of all those involved can eliminate the need for business school. Of course, if you don’t have an idea just yet and crave a bit more experience, then business school can definitely benefit you and further your career.

Business School Near Me – Business School Facts

Build A Solid Network

Here’s something that business school can give you that you can’t always get on your own: a solid network. Let’s face it-sometimes success has more to do with who you know than what you know. This is especially true in the modern day. Searching business school near me and deciding to attend can give you access to a very large network of people who may prove instrumental in getting your idea off the ground. Say you have an idea that revolves around medical equipment. Though you have a killer concept, you may not personally know enough about the industry. Business school would allow you to connect with someone who has that expertise and further your idea.
You’ll also have unbridled access to classmates in a variety of backgrounds. Some will boast knowledge in tech or engineering, others may bring marketing expertise to the table. These are great resources for a fledgling entrepreneur. Even though you can make connections anywhere, business school allows you to meet like minded individuals who could also prove a great connection for future endeavors.

Gain Business Experience

It is easy to take an idea and let it run wild in your mind. Sometimes these dreams take off and other times they stay grounded- much of this depends upon your business experience. Out of high school, most of us lack the life experience and business experience necessary to creating a lasting business that can provide long term. This is where business school plays a crucial role in making your dream or idea a reality. If you have gaps in your business knowledge or fancy yourself an idea person rather than someone who knows the inner workings of business, then choosing a great school can give you the foundation necessary to start building your life. Most BA and MBA programs will require you to take a broad variety of classes, including courses in finance, marketing, accounting, management, and operations. While completing these courses won’t necessarily make you an expert in these areas, they will allow you to develop an understanding of these important business concepts. This can be crucial when starting your own company. Searching business school near me is your first step in starting your business career.

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