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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a place where families gather, friends bond over food, and home cooks can truly whip up something special. Without the right cabinets, a kitchen can feel boring and even basic. Custom cabinets allow you to turn your kitchen into a showstopper of a room that will impress you and your guests for years to come.

Ready to find a cabinet maker to build custom cabinets for you? Simply browse cabinet maker near me on the map below and find a list of qualified artisans in your local area. Need a bit more information on cabinet making and design? Read on for facts, trivia, and more. You’ll learn everything you need to know about cabinet making!

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What is a cabinet maker?

Before mass production and industrial design came to be, cabinet makers were tasked with creating furniture, cabinets and other household goods from hand. Unlike a carpenter, a cabinet maker focuses on the finer details of wood and what can be done with it. They have a strong attention to detail and tend to be skilled at focusing on the extras that others can miss. A great cabinetmaker will work with a vast array of tools- including a good saw table, drum sander, and dust extraction system. They also carry a wide selection of tools with them. Wood glue, nails, screws, dowels, and other fasteners are all used to create finished furniture and cabinets. When creating a cabinet system, every cabinet maker must measure a client’s interior space. The same can be said for making furniture. They will always measure the space to ensure that the piece will look visually right with the set up. As you search cabinet maker near me consider the artistry and skill that it takes to build cabinets.

cabinet maker near me

A cabinet maker can build you the kitchen of your dreams.

How much does a custom cabinet cost?

Choosing custom cabinets can give you a level of creativity and say that buying prebuilt cabinets cannot. Still, they come at a cost. How much does a custom cabinet cost? Consider this as you search cabinet maker near me. On average, stock cabinets will cost around $60 to $100 per linear foot. In contrast, custom cabinets are crafted to meet your exact specifications and will cost about $500 to $1200 per linear foot. Semi-custom cabinets will come in at the middle of the road, setting you back around $100 to $650 per linear foot. Of course, if you have the budget and crave a more unique design, custom cabinet work cannot be beat.
What is the salary of a cabinet maker?

Just how much does the average cabinet maker earn per year? Not as much as you may think. Of course, salary largely depends upon the type of work they do. If they work for someone else as a skilled laborer they will make far less than if they own their own business. The base salary for a cabinetmaker ranges from $29,276 to $44,316. The average base salary is $35,677. Compared to a plumber or electrician, this can come in on the low side. However, it is still a very respectable salary for those who are skilled and enjoy working with their hands.

Cabinet Maker Near Me – Cabinet Maker Facts

Choosing The Right Look

After searching cabinet maker near me and choosing to go the custom cabinet route, you will want to choose cabinets that possess a certain look. Here’s what the experts say about finding the right cabinets for you. If you have a smaller kitchen, aim for light colored woods. Oak and maple can make your kitchen seem brighter and larger. White cabinets or shaker style cabinets can also add a fresh and bright look to a more cramped space. Dark woods such as cherry or mahogany are great for large spaces. They can create a very dramatic and furniture like effect. In order to give the cabinets a bit less visual heft, many manufacturers offer turned leg pieces that can actually mimic the look of furniture. Door trim kits for appliances can also help to tie a kitchen together visually. Obviously, at the end of the day, you should choose a kitchen that is going to make you happy year after year. Don’t fall victim to trends or home improvement shows. Instead, go with your gut and do what you like. After all, its your kitchen and no one can tell you how to craft your perfect space!

Donate your Old Cabinets

Once you remodel your kitchen or choose custom cabinets, it can be tempting to give your old kitchen set up the boot. In reality, getting rid of those cabinets via a dumpster or junk yard isn’t always ideal. If your old cabinets are still in pretty good shape and don’t show too much in wear and tear, you can choose to donate your old cabinets to programs such as Habitat for Humanity. These programs will take your old cabinets and make them look like new again, all in the name of placing them in a new home that was built for a deserving family or person who is in need. Rather than junking solid cabinets, look into the route of donation. You’ll feel good and your cabinets will get a second life in a new home. Remember, many of these programs rely on donations to keep going. Since the cost of building a new home is quite high, Habitat for Humanity needs to find creative ways to put together a home without breaking the bank. Will you give your old cabinets a new life? Consider it as you search cabinet maker near me.

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