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Are you one of the many Americans who doesn’t have a car? Are you in the middle of traveling and need a place to get around? Cabs are a great way to get around if you don’t want to take public transit or rent a vehicle. Just be sure to check out the Cabs Near Me Map below to get the links to all of the different local cab companies.

Just click on one of the locations and it will tell you the companies name and phone number. It will also have their address if you are interested. Most importantly, it will also have reviews from past customers and a link to the company website. After you are done selecting your cab company, if you are interested in getting some tips for hiring a cab, some facts and trivia about cabs, keep treading below.

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Cab Tips

Selecting the right cab company and knowing how to handle cabs can be a bit difficult. Here are some useful tips to help you navigate the cabs of this country.

cabs near me

New York City and other major cities used medallions to license the taxi cabs and they were considered one of the greatest investments.

When to hail a cab and when not to hail a cab?

If you are trying to hail a cab, you may or may not be stood up. The reasons are simple, sometimes the cabs are busy and sometimes they aren’t allowed to just randomly pull over and get people. Generally speaking, the first thing you should check is the top of the cab. Most cabs have a light on top that goes on if the cab is available and is turned off if the cab is occupied or off duty. Another thing to look into is where you are. Some areas have specific designated areas where you can catch a cab. These are normally at airports, major hotels and if you are in Las Vegas, The Strip. In these areas, you will want to go to designated taxi stands and there will often be a person there to help you call the cab over and make sure they know where you want to go.

When is it most difficult to get a cab?

Are you really frustrated in trying to get a cab? Well, check your watch. If it is between 4 and 6pm on a weekday, you are in a lot of trouble. This is basically just regular rush hour and really difficult to try and get a cab. You might want to seek an alternative like public transit, such a subway, an Uber or even just walk it if it isn’t too far. No matter what city you are in, this is the busiest time of year for every place you are at. So, even after searching Cabs Near Me, it might be difficult to get yourself a cab.

How much should you tip for a cab ride?

Tipping practices can be difficult to figure out. It really depends on what city you are in, but general tips can go between 10 and 20% being the average between the city that you are in. If you are in New York, you are looking at an average of 20%, but this can be because it is standard to set the machine default tip options as being 20, 25 and 30% as the defaults. Though, you do have the power to change this, it seems most people tend to accept the 20%. In San Francisco, the average is closer to 15% and there are other places that go as low as 10% being the basic standard. Like any service, tipping should be based upon quality of service and demands that you as a customer are adding to the driver. If the service is good, clean and quick, why not tip 15-20%?

Cabs Near Me – Cabs Facts

Cab Facts and Trivia

Curious about some of the stranger parts of cabs in America. Here are some things that may shock and amaze you.

How much does a cab ride from New York City to Los Angeles cost?

Have you ever wanted to hop a cab and go as far as you can? Well, this 2,500 mile trip is about as far as you can go. The trip has been made a couple of times and if you let the meter run, one cab operator said it would cost $17,000; however, for one couple who made the trip, it only cost them $3000 plus the costs of meals and gas. So, if you are looking for an adventure, maybe try and convince a cab driver to take you on the ultimate road trip.

Most expensive and cheapest cab fares in the country

Have you ever thought that you got ripped off from a cab driver? Well, there are a lot of stories about that, but some places just have really high cab fares. If you thought that Chicago had the highest rates you would be off. The winner for charging the highest fares goes to none other than San Jose, California at $8.01 per mile. It is more than twice the rate of the lowest fare. If you really want to enjoy a nice cheap cab ride, you are going to have to travel a bit from the west coast. The cheapest fare is a mere $3.70 per mile, be sure to tip these drivers well. You can find this amazing rate in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Cab or UberX which is cheaper?

Uber has become one of the most popular alternatives to taking a cab in recent years. With a quick and convenient app that you can use in most cities to call a cab and easy payment options from your phone, you don’t even need to really exchange physical cash, but is it cheaper? Well, depending on the city you are in, calling a cab may be cheaper. For example, in New York you are able to get into a cab for as little as $2.50 as the minimum, while the minimum for an UberX car is $8 just to get in; however, for longer rides, UberX tends to be the better deal. So, when you search Cabs Near Me you may be able to use UberX as an alternative to using a cab if you have long distances to go.

Is it worth being a taxi driver?

We see taxi drivers in a large number of television shows and many people may drive part-time; however, what is the actual market like? Well, with over 230,000 taxi drivers in the country, they only make on average $22,000 a year. Also, with the rise of ride share and app based taxi systems, like Uber, the competition is heating up for the cab market. Yet, with an annual market revenue of almost 400 million dollars a year, the industry shall hold strong for some time.

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