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Raising Cane’s famous chicken fingers is a beloved fast food restaurant chain that specializes in crafting delicious chicken fingers that come with a variety of tasty sauces. Known for their affordability and quality, Cane’s is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite places to score a quick meal while out on the go. Though many of Cane’s locations are based in the Southern region of the US, the brand is currently working on expanding their empire into other areas. Is one near you? Let’s find out! Simply browse Canes near me on the map below and find a list of Canes locations in your local area. Need a bit more information before your next meal at Canes? Read on for facts, trivia, and tips below!

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Who is the founder of Canes?

Like every business in America, Canes first began as a simple idea. One that was initially met with many challenges. Who exactly is the founder of Canes? Read on as you search Canes near me. Todd Graves first started dreaming of the concept for Canes restaurant in the early 1990s. His friend, Craig Silvey, was initially a partner in Todd’s plan. Silvey was enrolled in a business writing course at Louisiana State University at the time that the idea was born. The duo wrote out a business plan and Silvey turned it into his business writing class. He only received a B-, a disappointment for all parties involved. The plan was then rejected many times by numerous investors who looked over the plan. Despite the setbacks, Graves was dedicated to earning enough money to start his restaurant and turn his idea into a reality. He attempted to make enough dough by working in refineries in California and even fishing for salmon in Alaska. His quest for money took him far and wide. Eventually, he earned enough cash to obtain an SBA loan, which he and Silvey used to open the very first restaurant in Baton Rouge at the intersection of highland road and state street near the LSU campus. At first, the duo had no choice but to rely on friends and family to work at the first Cane’s location. Many of these names are still carved into the woodwork at the first restaurant. Originally the restaurant was tasked with competing against another chicken finger restaurant known as Bailey’s Chicken Fingers. By 1999, Canes was able to prove itself as having the better chicken and the more successful business. It eventually forced Bailey’s out of business and became the only chicken finger restaurant in the region. Now, Cane’s continues to grow and expand its chicken empire. Despite being largely a southern chain, many regions are being treated to locations and the brand is becoming a household name. What really sets Cane’s apart from the rest? Their commitment to quality food without insane prices.

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Cane’s features great chicken menu options all at a low price!

Canes Near Me – Canes Facts

The Raising Cane Menu

If you’re searching Canes near me, then odds are it’s all about the food for you. After all, who doesn’t want to munch on some delicious chicken fingers when a craving hits? What’s on the official menu at Canes? Currently, the brand offers a limited menu that consists of four main combo options: The Box Combo, the Three Finger Combo, the Caniac Combo, and the Sandwich Combo. It also features a kids meal option and several options to buy chicken items in bulk. With each combo you’ll be able to choose from several different sauce options. The signature Cane’s Sauce blend is provided with every chicken finger meal and is the house sauce of every restaurant. Customers may also opt for the choice of Louisiana hot sauce or honey mustard sauce for free. No one except for managers at the Cane’s locations know the recipe to Cane’s secret sauce. In fact, they’re each required to sign a confidentiality agreement concerning the recipe before they can even be hired. To go along with your tasty meal, Cane’s serves up Coca Cola products, along with fresh lemonade, and even iced tea. You’ll never be hungry for options or quality at a Canes!

What’s In A Name

What exactly does the name “Raising Canes” have to do with chicken? Nothing actually. Consider this as you search Canes near me. Back when Graves and Silvey were still attempting to raise capital for their restaurant idea, they both worked as salmon fishermen in Alaska. At first, they were ging to name their future restaurant Sockeye’s Chicken Fingers after the type of salmon that they were most often fishing for. Instead, they later named the restaurant after Grave’s beloved dog, a yellow labrador named “Raising Cane.” The dog quickly became the mascot for the restaurant and a true sidekick in the pair’s endeavor. Sadly, the first “Raising Cane” died of old age. “Raising Cane II” also passed away in 2016. Recently, Graves announced that he had invited a new dog into his life named “Raising Cane III” who became the official mascot in January of 2018.

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