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When it comes to banking, Capital One Financial Corporation prides itself in being top rated in customer satisfaction and service. Capital One currently specializes in credit cards, home loans, auto loans, banking, and savings products. This means that no matter what banking needs you have, Capital One is more than suited to meet them.

Are you interested in finding a Capital One bank near you? Simply browse Capital near me on the map below and find a list of Capital One banks located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Capital One? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on this brand!

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Capital Near Me – Capital Trivia

True or false: By comparison, Capital One has a shorter history than most US banks.

True! Consider these facts as you search Capital near me. The history of Capital One is much shorter and less involved than the timeline of most American bank, but don’t mistake the youthfulness of this bank for a lack of experience or quality. Capital One was officially formed in 1994, this is when the Signet Financial Corporation spun off its credit card division into a separate subsidiary that they dubbed Capital One. Led by Richard Fairbank, Capital One started as a monoline credit card company. A company referred to as a monoline, gains nearly all of its revenue from a single product. Capital One gained ground by building a strong credit card business, a strategy that paid off during good times, but left the bank sort of shaky during times of economic duress. While Capital One suffered losses as a monoline financial service, banks such as Wells Fargo, US Bank and PNC Bank were diversified. This means that they lessened their risk of compromising the revenue stream by diversifying their business lines. Despite a somewhat shaky start, Capital One proved itself to be a financial force to be reckoned with on all fronts.

capital near me

Capital One has locations in most US towns and cities.

How did Capital One diversify into retail banking?

If you’re searching Capital near me today, then you know that Capital One has since diversified into a full on retail banking chain. One that is not only trusted, but regarded as a top tour de force in the banking game. Capital One officially diversified into retail banking in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This is when it aimed to reduce the risks accrued by being a monoline business. In order to diversify into retail banking, Capital One relied on data analytics to build customer profiles for its credit card business. By using this knowledge, Capital One was able to build a thorough and informative database full of insight as to what customers were like, what they sought in a bank, and how they behaved financially.

Capital Near Me – Capital Facts

A Healthy Deposit Base

In many cases, a healthy deposit base is the key to a healthy bank. Accepting deposits it not only of of a bank’s key activities, it is also a major way in which a bank helps to fund loans. As you search Capital near me, consider just how Capital One formed a healthy deposit base. Throughout the years, the base of core deposits has only increased at a steady rate. By the end of 2014, Capital One’s total deposits stood at more than $246 billion. That’s an increase of 9.41% as compared to 2013. With this rate of growth, the bank has enjoyed a stability that many others have only hoped for. In terms of deposit base alone, Capital One is one of the better banks in the Financial Select Sector. Deposits are primarily divided into four types by the major banks, they are: time deposits, money market deposits, checking and savings account deposits, and non-interest bearing deposits. Of these deposit types, non-interest bearing, checking and savings account deposits, and money market deposits are largely considered to be low cost deposits. Growth in these three areas of banking is considered to be the best and most beneficial to the bank itself.

The Capital One Strategy

A bank is only as good as its strategy for growth. So how does a bank like Capital One continue growing at a steady rate? For Capital One, the strategy relies on a strong geographical focus. As you search Capital near me, consider these facts. Compared to the other four big banks, Capital One is much smaller. The bank’s size dictates that it spreading growth thin over a large area is never an ideal business strategy. Instead, banks such as Capital One enjoy more growth when they are able to concentrate their assets in geographical areas where the bank’s growth is steady and strong. With this strategy, the bank is able to generate free capital, which allows them to increase a foothold in areas that possess a good deal of potential. That’s one of the most effective ways to expand without compromising profit.

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