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If you’ve ever experienced the joy and pain of wandering around a car lot, you know that looking for a new or used car isn’t always a piece of cake. With so much to consider in terms of price, safety, features, and practicality, sometimes finding a new car can feel like more of a headache than a triumph. Of course, finding the right car dealer can make all the difference in terms of your overall car buying experience.

Are you interested in finding car dealers near you? Simply browse car dealers near me on the map below and find a list of car dealers located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on car dealers and buying a new or used car? Read on for facts, trivia, and helpful information! You might just learn something new!

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Car Dealers Near Me – Car Dealers Trivia

What should you know about a car you like before visiting a dealership?

If you’re searching car dealers near me, then odds are you’re looking to buy a new or used vehicle and move on to greener pastures in terms of your everyday ride. While the car buying process might seem cut and dry, it’s delicate dance that deserves preparation and insight. In fact, the first thing every car buying expert will tell you before visiting a dealer, is to know the invoice price of any vehicle you’re interested in. This means, that once you’ve settled on a particular model, look up the invoice price in a buyer’s guide online. An invoice price is what the dealer pays the manufacturer for the car. It is different from the MSRP, which is usually much higher and includes hundreds or thousands of dollars of profit for the dealer. If you know your invoice price before you visit a dealership, you should be able to get a new car for closer to invoice price than MSRP. By simply knowing the invoice price and doing your research, you’re informing the dealer that you mean business and that you expect to walk out of the establishment with a good deal. Never walk into a dealership without this information or you’ll likely end up paying MSRP or more for the same car.

car dealers near me

If you time your purchase right and do your research, you’ll always score a great new car deal!

True or false: Rebates exist but dealerships won’t always tell you about them.

Here’s something to keep in mind as you search car dealers near me: rebates often exist on many new car models, but dealerships won’t always tell you about them. In fact, many buyers qualify for multiple rebate offers, some of which are not often made public. To find out about these rebates, you’ll have to visit the manufacturer’s website directly. Though not everyone qualifies for a rebate, you might belong to organizations that entitle you to additional rebates or dollar amounts off of the purchase of a new vehicle. Be aware of any rebates you qualify for and then make sure you actually receive them. Dealers are known for not giving buyers available rebate offers and instead keeping them as profit for themselves.

Car Dealers Near Me – Car Dealers Facts

Research Potential Dealers

The good news is, by searching car dealers near me, you’ve already taken an important first step in finding a fair dealer that will save you money and headaches. It might seem logical to go with whatever dealer is closest to your home, but experts recommend doing your research and expanding your reach. There are a number of website that allow any average person to post reviews of car dealerships. Take the reviews with a grain of salt, as the car buying process doesn’t always put people in the best mood. After all, if a potential buyer had bad credit and was turned down for a car loan, there’s a high likelihood they’ll leave a bad review for a dealership just because. Compare the number of positive reviews to the number of negative reviews and look for specific patterns. That’s sure fire way to gain a little insight into the overall dealer operation. You can also talk to people directly. Ask friends and family members where they made their most recent car purchase and if they were happy with their car and the buying process. Those you know are more likely to be brutally honest and steer you in the right direction.

Time Your Purchase Right

It might seem like the best time to search car dealers near me is whenever you feel it’s time to buy a new car, but every car buying experts agree that a big part of scoring a good deal is timing your purchase just right. Since dealers run on a month to month basis, many will accept lower offers on vehicles at the end of the month in order to reach goals and qualify for manufacturer bonuses. You’ll have more difficulty scoring the same kind of deal at the beginning of a sales month. If you’re not overly concerned with having the latest and greatest, the end of a model year is the best way to get a solid deal on remaining inventory models. December, especially right before the new year, is a very slow time for car sales. If you have some money left over in your holiday shopping budget and can spare some time, this is the best time to buy a car as you’ll often score amazing incentives and dollar off rebates.

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