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Over the life of your vehicle, odds are you’ll seek out many repairs to help keep your precious investment in tip top shape. Proper maintenance and routine repair is truly the key to not only extending the life of your car, but bringing peace of mind when out and about in your vehicle.

Are you interested in finding car repair near you? You’ve come to the right place! Simply browse car repair near me on the map below and find a list of car repair shops nearest you. Would you like a bit more information on car repair? Fret not! Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

Car Repair Near Me – Find it on the Map

Car Repair Near Me – Car Repair Trivia

True or false: Early automobile owners had to repair their own cars or seek out a plumber.

Odds are if you own a vehicle, you’ve sought car repair near me on more than one occasion. It’s easy in the modern day to simply type in a Google search or dial a phone number to have a car repaired or serviced. In the past, things weren’t quite as simple. Prior to the introduction of the car, there were few options in the realm of transportation. One could ride a horse, take a horse drawn carriage, purchase a train ticket, board a ship, or of course walk to their intended destination. With the advent of the automobile in the 20th century, came a whole new wealth of options for men and women looking to go from point A to point B. Of course, these vehicles were in their infancy and were often hand fitted. This meant that production runs were very limited and spare parts were difficult or borderline impossible to obtain. For the early car owner, this was a major source of headaches. There were no auto repair businesses or local mechanic shops. It was the owner himself who maintained his vehicles. If the owner was not capable of maintaining his own vehicle, he would have no choice but to seek out the help of a plumber, machinist, bicycle mechanic, blacksmith, or metal fabricator to help repair broken parts.

car repair near me

Finding an auto repair shop doesn’t have to be difficult!

When did cars enter an era of mass production?

Cars are mass produced on a large scale in the present day, with thousands of vehicles hitting dealership lots each and every year. While it may be commonplace today, mass production wasn’t perfected until the period right before World War I. This also lead to a rise in auto mechanics and skilled repairmen. The Ford Motor Company is credited with perfecting mass production, which allowed the price of vehicles to plummet as the hours required to assemble a Model T fell from around 12 to around 1 and 1/2 . That’s quite a difference in terms of labor costs! With this shift in production, came a raise for the Ford workers. Suddenly those working to build and assemble cars were making $5 a day. This gave employees a little extra cash to buy vehicles themselves. The shift in production also lowered prices enough to make cars accessible to the average working man or woman. By 1915, Ford was able to sell more than half a million vehicles a year. After World War I, that number grew even more, as the war seemed to encourage vehicle use and thousands of surplus trucks were being dumped into the market. As you search car repair near me, consider just how mass production truly changed the automobile market for the better.

Car Repair Near Me – Car Repair Facts

All Repair Shops are Not Created Equal

With the ease of searching car repair near me comes an even greater number of shops that might be nearby but not exactly up to snuff in terms of quality and service. It goes without saying that not all car repair shops are created equal, especially in terms of expertise and training. Today’s cars are far different than those of the past. Most are run by high tech computers that require a great deal of professional training and both mechanical and tech finesse to truly understand. This means that a fly by night shop or one whose employees have not received updated training to meet today’s standards may not be giving you the best service. If you’re looking to find a shop that is of high quality, try checking with AAA. AAA ranks and approves auto shops in a given area based on their overall rating, committment to quality, expertise, and years in service. You don’t even have to be a member to access the free list of shops that have received AAA inspection. Experts also recommend consulting friends and family members prior to choosing an auto repair shop. Often times the best reviews are those that comes straight from the mouths of those you trust most.

Beware the Kiosk

Technology can simplify and streamline many of our everyday tasks, but experts beware that some modern conveniences may end up being less convenient in the end. Many auto parts stores often have kiosks that will “read” a car’s computer and give you a code which you can then take to the store’s counter for the perfect part. The premise of the machine is that the “code” can accurately diagnose what is wrong with the car and allow you to visit any automotive supply store to purchase the part and fix the vehicle yourself. Odds are if you’re searching car repair near me, you already know it’s not quite that simple. Car problems are often more complex than what meets the eye and typically aren’t that simple to diagnose. While a kiosk might be able to tell you that you need an oil change or brake fluid, it’s not going to give you a reliable idea of what’s actually wrong with your car should it have a greater problem. While the kiosks aren’t exactly scams, they’re not necessarily reliable either. Your best bet is to ditch the convenience and consult a professional. Many individuals end up saving more money because of it in the end.

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