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Are you a car enthusiast or driving looking for a ride? Car sharing is a model of car rental where people can rent cars for short periods of time. You can even rent a ride by the hour! It differs from traditional rental services because the owners of the cars are private individuals. Much like an Airbnb, but for cars. Car sharing is affordable, cost effective, and perfect if you just need a vehicle in a pinch.

Ready to find a car sharing service near you? Simply browse car sharing near me on the map below and find a list of car sharing services in your local area. Need a bit more information on car sharing? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

Car Sharing Near Me – Find it on the Map

Car Sharing Near Me – Car Sharing Trivia

True or false: Most car sharing services only offer smart cars.

There’s one thing most people get wrong about car sharing- the types of cars available for rental. At the beginning, many people partaking in car share programs offered up their smart cars for rental. These tiny cars were efficient and great for navigating busy cities, especially when parking was a struggle. Nowadays, car sharing services and individuals don’t just rely on smart cars. Instead, you can find a variety of vehicles in every size and capacity. From electric cars and hybrids, to SUVs and trucks, you can rent pretty much any vehicle you need. While searching car sharing near me, know what kind of car you’re looking for ahead of time. Are you looking for something that’s good on gas to minimize your overall cost? Perhaps, you want something with a bit of hauling or towing capacity. Having an idea of what you want is helpful to everyone involved!

True or false: You must be insured to use a car sharing program.

If you’re searching car sharing near me and aren’t an insured driver, you may want to look elsewhere for a ride. While insurance on the vehicle itself is usually covered in the cost of membership to car sharing programs, individuals and smaller outfits may not have insurance coverage at all. This means it is up to you to be insured before getting behind the wheel of a car. Standard car share insurance only covers personal liability and damages to the car. If you want to be extra cautious while out on the road, make sure you have your own policy in place to protect anything else that could go wrong. While insurance may not seem important and you’d like to think “nothing will happen,” you can never predict the future. Err on the side of caution and have your own insurance just in case.

car sharing near me

Car sharing is smart and economical if you live in an urban area.

How much does car sharing cost?

Here’s what you really want to know while searching car sharing near me- the overall cost. We all know that renting a car from a traditional rental agency can cost upwards of $50 a day until all is said and done. How much can you expect to pay from a car sharing service? Typically, you can expect to spend around $20 a day. However, this fee can be higher if the service charges by the hour or mile. Some car sharing services will charge a flat daily rate, others will measure in minutes, hours, or miles. At first glance, every car sharing service can look like an amazing bargain. However, if you’re paying by the mile and end up going over, you could end up paying more. To maximize savings, know ahead of time what you’re going to be using the car for. If you’re just running to the local supermarket, the mileage option will save you a ton of dough. If you play on making lots of stops or running errands, choose an hourly plan. If you need the vehicle to get out of town for the weekend, you may want to stick with a traditional rental agency.

Car Sharing Near Me – Car Sharing Facts

A Sleek Ride

In urban or metro areas, owning a car can be rather expensive. Not only is insurance sky high, but parking and maintenance can be a costly chore. This makes car sharing a far more practical alternative for individuals or families who only need one car and live in an area where there car will receive little use daily. If you typically rely on public transportation during the week but still need a vehicle to getaway on the weekends or head out of your city limits, car sharing can help ease some of your transportation woes without breaking the bank. Of course, one of the more aesthetic benefits is you get to choose any car you want, even if it is a car you could never ever afford to buy. Say you’re going to a wedding out of town and want to show up in style. You can easily rent a high end luxury car for as little as $18 an hour. Want to impress in a Tesla while doing good for the environment? You can rent one of those too. These are vehicles that are often out of reach for the average person in everyday life. With car sharing, you can rent the car of your dreams without compromising your retirement account. As you search car sharing near me, consider how you’ll use car sharing to your advantage!

Protect The Earth

Scientists have offered up positive proof that climate change is real. Instead of feeling helpless in the face of a changing planet, do what you can to help. Car sharing is just one simple way that every person in an urban area can help reduce emissions and waste. Car sharing not only reduces traffic, but it removes at least 15 personally owned vehicles from the road per day. That’s a lot of emissions not being put out into the atmosphere. Car sharing services also utilize newer models. These models have better fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions. Many services even use electric and hybrid technology, thus lessening a dependence on irreplaceable fossil fuels. Those who utilize car sharing services are also more likely to bicycle or use mass transit when not driving. Overall, emissions are lowered, less cars are on the road, and less gas is being consumed on a daily basis. Though car sharing isn’t available in many rural or suburban areas, nearly every city in the US and abroad offers some kind of car sharing program to help put you in a car without violating the earth. Know how your daily activities impact the environment and odds are you’ll be even more willing to make small changes each day.

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