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Since 1914, American’s have been hitting the car wash to freshen up their automobiles in an inexpensive manner. Prior to the invention of the first car wash in Detroit in 1914, people found ways to wash their cars. They either washed it by hand at home or paid someone else to wash it by hand for a price. Then the automatic car wash came along and everything changed. Now it’s hard to imagine a world in which you can’t wash, sweep, and buff your car for pocket change down the street.

Modern car washes not only offer touchscreen vacuums that offer sent options and stain removal, they also offer high shine finishes and interior wipes to give your car a complete cleaning. Interested in finding a car wash near you? Simply browse car wash near me on the map below and find a car wash located in your area. Looking for a bit more information on the modern car wash? Read on for facts and trivia that’ll blow your mind!

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Car Wash Near Me – Car Wash Trivia

What was the name of the first car wash ever?

If you’re searching car wash near me, you might be wondering what the first car wash was called. Invented in 1914 by two Detroit men, the first wash was called “Automated Laundry.” Despite the name, the business was far from automated. In fact, it was nothing more than a pail and sponge type operation where the cars were pushed through manually. While in the assembly line like tunnel, one attendant would soap the car as it went past, another would rinse, and a third attendant would dry. After pushing the cars through, the attendants would wind up pretty tired. So while the first car wash wasn’t exactly high tech, consumers loved the innovation, and of course not having to wash their cars by themselves.

car wash near me

Modern car washes are commonly attached to gas stations and service stations. This provides the utmost convenience to the customer looking to knock out many chores at once.

What year did the first conveyer wash open?

The first conveyer automated wash opened in Hollywood, California in 1940. Attendants no longer had to manually push the car, as the wash contained a winch system that hooked to the bumper and pulled the car through. Men still manually washed and soaped the cars as they came through, and several others wiped and dried. By 1946, an inventor by the name of Thomas Simpson created the first semi-automatic car wash, finally alleviating some of the hard labor attendants experienced within those soapy tunnels. While searching car wash near me, think about just how far modern car washes have come since their inception.

True or false: Car washes rake in $5.8 billion dollars annually.

True! Car washes typically draw in around $5.8 billion dollars in revenue annually. That figure increases to around $48 million if the car wash also includes gas service. It’s pretty evident that the average American truly prefers the convenience of being able to wash their car in a quick and effective manner. There are currently 9,000 full service car washes in the US and 36,000 self serve car washes. If you’re looking for car washes near me, you should be able to find multiple convenient locations!

Car Wash Near Me – Car Wash Facts

Gallons Used Per Car

If you’re looking for a car wash near me, then you likely already know just how much water a single carwash can require. But, did you know that washing a single car uses 38 gallons of water! Over 48,000 gallons of water are lost on car washes annually. States such as California have strict regulations as to how much water can be used per car in order to conserve water supply in drought situations. If you’re concerned about the environment, several larger cities now offer eco friendly car washes which cut back on chemical run off, water usage, and implement environmentally friendly business practices.

Seven Reasons To Use A Car Wash:

While you’re searching car wash near me, you may be wondering why washing a car is so important. Here are 10 reasons why washing your car is as important as washing your clothes. After all, a car is a big investment, protecting your car keeps the value steady. Read on for ten reasons why car washing matters.

  • Car washing protects your very expensive investment. If you’re willing to spend big bucks on a car, you should be willing to take care of it too. Experts recommend using protective coasts on both the inside and outside your car to limit damage from the sun and environmental factors.
  • The longer an attacking substance is on your car, the more damage is done. For example, tree sap can quickly ruin the paint finish on a car. By removing the sap quickly, you’re helping to protect your cars paint job longer.
  • Acid rain and emissions become sulfuric or nitric acids which can eat the paint of your car if not washed off immediately.
  • Heat can cause permanent stains if your car is not protected with a wash or wax.
  • Washing your car regularly can help prevent oxidation and rusting.
  • Sea and road salt can accelerate rusting if not taken care of in a timely manner. Preventing rust stains is essential in protecting the value of your car.
  • Cleaning road grime off of rims can help protect the metal and increase their life.

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