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Regular car washing is not only a way to keep your car looking clean and attractive, it’s a cost effective way to protect your investment. By keeping your car clean and free of road treatments, gunk, and everyday attackers: you’re helping to keep your car looking newer longer. This will add value to your car and will likely keep you happy as well!

Are you interested in finding car washes in your area? Simply browse car washes near me on the map below and find a list of car washes in a close proximity to you! Need a bit more information on car washes? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on car washes!

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Car Washes Near Me – Car Washes Trivia

What year was the first car wash opened?

In the modern day, it’s hard to imagine not being able to hit up a car wash when your vehicle is need of cleaning. Prior to 1914, you would’ve been tasked with washing your precious investment by hand. It wasn’t until this year that two Detroit men opened the very first car wash business. Dubbed, “Automated Laundry,” the car wash itself wasn’t actually automated (these types of car washes came much later). This car wash was basically a glorified pail and sponge type operation where cars were pushed through an assembly line like tunnel manually. Attendants would be stationed along certain points of the tunnel. One attendant would soap the car was it went past, another attendant would rinse, and a third one would dry the car. Of course, by the time a few cars were pushed through the tunnel, attendants were pretty tired and feeling achy from all that washing and drying. Now when you search car washes near me, most car washes are fully automated. While a few may require you put in a little elbow grease yourself, many offer a full time staff to assist you in your needs.

car washes near me

Car Washes range from full automated to semi-automated depending on your personal preferences and needs.

When was the first automatic car wash founded?

Car culture has always persisted in California. This is why the first “automatic” conveyor car wash was opened in Hollywood, California in 1940. Instead of having to manually push cars through a tunnel, the automatic wash included a winch system that hooked to the bumper of a car and pulled the car through. Unfortunately, attendants were still tasked with splashing, soaping, wiping, and drying every car as they came through. In 1946, Thomas Simpson is credited with inventing the very first semi-automatic car wash system that took a great deal of the manual labor out of the tunnel. This car wash included a conveyor belt that hooked to the bumper of a car. An overhead water sprinkler with three sets of manually operated brushes and an amazing 50 HP air blower dryer that was tasked with drying the car. At least the attendants were given a break!

Car Washes Near Me – Car Washes Facts

Cleaning Machines

If you’re searching car washes near me today, you’ll find that today’s car washes are truly literal cleaning machines. Unlike car washes of the past with attendants soaping and cleaning your car, today’s washes can easily clean all five sides of the car as well. They can also scrub your tires and clean the undercarriage of your vehicle as well. This is something that the early car washes simply couldn’t do. Not only is your car getting a higher quality clean, but many of the newest types of car washes can even express wash your car in minutes, this leads to happier car owners and cleaner cars.

Environmentally Sound

One of the major qualms many individuals have while searching car washes near me is the environmental soundness. Some fear that car washes are a waste of water and are therefore bad for the environment as a whole. Here’s some good news if you’re an eco-conscious individual. Professional car washes can often use up to 50% less water than washing your car at home. This is due to conservation measures that have been put into place in recent decades. Not only are professional car washes mandated to pipe dirty water to treatment and drainage facilities, but they often utilize eco-friendly cleaners. While at home car washes can pollute local streams, rivers,creeks and storm drains with soap and road grime; a professional car wash can dispose of and pipe dirty water to treatment facilities where it can be kept out of water sources.

Protecting Your Investment

Cars aren’t cheap. In fact, they can be one of the biggest purchases you make aside from a home. Protecting your precious investment is of the utmost importance. This means that in order to fully keep your car looking and working great, you’ll have to go beyond simple oil changes and tune ups. Keeping your car clean is essential for many reasons that go far beyond the cosmetic. If a vehicle isn’t kept clean, it will quickly lose value when you go to trade in- or resell. According to Kelley Blue Book, cars in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition can garner up to $1,500 more than those deemed to be in fair or good condition. When you’re spending thousands of dollars, getting every penny back matters.

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