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If you are a follower of the Catholic faith, it may be important to you for your children to receive an education that includes a bit of religious discipline and history. Whether you simply like the smaller schools and class sizes or the more individualized attention, Catholic schools are a great option for those looking to leave the public school system.

Are you looking for a great Catholic school in your local area? You’ve come to the right place. Simply browse Catholic schools near me and find a comprehensive list of every Catholic School within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Catholic school before signing that first tuition check? Keep reading for facts, tips, and a bit of trivia. These are the things they didn’t teach you in school!

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How many Catholic schools are in the US?

Catholic schools are quite prevalent in the United States, often outnumbering other smaller religious schools and other types of private schools. Just how many Catholic schools call the United States home? Keep reading as you search Catholic schools near me. According to statistics, there are around 7,498 operating Catholic schools in the US. Of that number, 6,288 are elementary schools and 1,210 are secondary schools. Overall, around 2,30,651 students attend Catholic school. Obviously, public schools far outnumber their Catholic counterparts. Yet, this is a strong number that proves Catholic schooling isn’t going away anytime soon.

catholic schools near me

A great catholic school can truly elevate your child’s future!

What was the first Catholic school in America?

When the pilgrims first came over from Europe, many of them were separatists, feeling as if the Church of England and the Catholic Church were straying from more traditional values. Despite this, Catholic schools did become a major part of US history. But maybe not quite as early as you think. When was the first Catholic school established in the US? Consider this as you search Catholic schools near me. According to historians, the earliest continually operating Catholic school in the US is the Ursuline Academy located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The school was first founded in 1727 by the Sisters of the Order of Saint Ursula. The Academy is known for offering girls opportunities and educational goals that others cannot. For example, the Academy was the first to graduate a female pharmacist and the first woman to contribute a book of literary merit. It contained the first convent as well.

What do Catholic schools teach?

If you’re searching Catholic schools near me, you may be wondering what you can expect from a Catholic education. That makes sense- especially if Catholic school is not a part of your educational background. Like so many schools, Catholic schools vary widely in terms of their academic curriculum. Still, standards are very comparable to those of a public school. Since private schools do not receive federal funding, they are free to provide instruction at their own discretion. This freedom comes with both advantages and disadvantages. One major advantage is more innovative instructional methods and much smaller class sizes.

Catholic Schools Near Me – Catholic Schools Facts

Do Catholic schools only focus on religion?

Even if you ascribe to the Catholic religion, you may worry that sending your child to Catholic school will place to much of an emphasis on religion and not enough focus on other academic areas. If you’re searching Catholic schools near me, here’s something to keep in mind. Catholic schools do focus on religion. As the name implies, religion is a major part of attending a Catholic school. Children will often have daily prayers, including in the mornings and at meals. They will also attend a religion class to help learn the core values and history of the Catholic faith. This will be a running theme throughout your each grade. While there is some focus on religion throughout the day, most of the curriculum is consumed by math, English, and the subjects you would expect to find at a regular public school. Keep in mind, kids are taught within the culture of the faith. That means your children won’t receive a sex ed class that offers alternatives to abstinence and they may miss out on certain scientific or historical milestones. A Catholic school will also afford opportunities for discussion on the religion where a public school would avoid such integration in a secular arena.

State Testing Standards

One thing that often concerns parents considering a move to Catholic school is state testing standards. Does a Catholic school put children at the same level academically as their public school counterparts? Since a Catholic school does not receive federal funding, they do not have to meet state benchmark goals or adhere to testing standards. This means, they do not implement instruction based on Common core and do not mandate standardized testing. In some ways, if you’re searching Catholic schools near me, this may be worrisome to you. Especially since you likely want your child to attend a college where applicants will come from all walks of life, including public schools. However, despite not having to adhere to these mandates, many Catholic schools strive to offer a high quality education and stay competitive with public schools. When they do take standardized tests, many Catholic students score along the same lines as their public school peers. At the end of the day, choose the school that will be the best environment for your child and that will align with your personal values.

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