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Planning on doing some travelling and need a place to stay on a budget? Just need a place to crash for a night or two and don’t have the cash? Well, if all you want is a bed, 4 walls and a roof you are in the right place.

Below you will find all of the hotels that you can stay at on a budget. Just look at the Cheap Hotels Near Me on the Map and find the locations. When you click on a location, it will show you the place’s name, address and phone number. If there is a website, you will get that too. Very importantly, you will get the reviews, take a quick look to know what you are getting into and finally with a few clicks you will have your directions to your hotel.

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Cheap Hotels Near Me – Cheap Hotels Trivia

Check-in and Check Out

Generally, check-in times for most hotels are between 4 and 7PM, with a checkout time of 10 – 11am. Some hotels will let you check in remotely, but most you need to go up to the desk, that is where they have the key after all. Check out services are usually quick and you just have to return your key and make sure that you don’t have any extra fees owing. Be sure to check if they are charging you for a phone call. Recently, many hotels have been adding express check-out. So, when you wake-up in the morning you will have a slip of paper under your door showing any extra fees. You just fill in a piece up paper and drop it off in a box on your way out the door.


Price Ranges of Hotels

The price ranges of hotels can be huge. With the average hotel rate having climbed to $120 per night and the most expensive being over $2000 per night, it is important to find a good deal for what you want. Budget hotels and good deals can help decrease your prices to a comfortable $50 – 70 per night rate. Any cheaper, and you will need to find a hostel.

Ways to Save Money

Finding a good hotel at a good price can take a bit of hunting. You are at a good spot now, but once you have selected the hotel, there are some tips that can help you save even more.

1. Have a membership with an affiliate or partner company. Many hotels have deals if with rewards plans and other groups that will get you a discount. If you have a membership with one of these, why not save the money?

2. Travel in the off seasons. Each city often has its own off seasons. There are some obviously busy times of the year, which are based around holidays. Booking a hotel in the weeks around Christmas and New Years are going to be deadly expensive, but if you are traveling to places like Las Vegas, it is actually a bit cheaper during that time of year than some others. If the city you are travelling to has a large Octoberfest, you are bound to have a bit higher prices then. So, if you are flexible in your travel dates, play around.

3. Compare prices. Check if the hotel you want on Cheap Hotels Near Me is listed on various travel booking websites and compare the prices. See what the best deal you can get is., and all have different deals and offers going. You may also be able to find short term deals that you can negotiate with.

4. Call and negotiate. You can always call the hotel and negotiate for a price, especially if you have some deals offered on online booking websites. Why would the hotel want to pay a commission when it can make more money booking with you directly? So, see what you can do.

5. Take travel into account. While a hotel may look like a good deal, if you are having to pay taxi fees for where you want to go, those can add up. If you are happy walking or taking public transit, it might save you a bit. So, take that into account for where you are going to stay.

6. Check extra fees. Some hotels don’t post all of the fees upfront, so check, ask and be sure you have all of your numbers in order before you settle in.

Cheap Hotels Near Me – Cheap Hotels Facts

Fun Facts and Trivia About Hotels in The United States

Have you ever stopped to think about the hotel industry and the large number of hotels across the country? Well, here are some quirky facts for you to think about.

1. The largest hotel in the United States, by number of rooms, is the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. It has 5,690 rooms in total. It is even the third largest hotel in the world. Actually, Las Vegas has got many of the largest hotels in the world. It has 23 of the largest 35 hotels in the world. The city of Las Vegas also has the most hotel rooms in the United States. It has almost 50,000 more rooms than the runner up, Orlando, Florida.

2. The tallest Hotel in the United States is in Chicago. It is the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago. It stands at 1,389 feet, making it the third largest building in the United States and the twentieth tallest in the world.

3. The oldest continuously running hotel is located in Boston. It is the Omni Parker House on School Street. This hotel recently celebrated its 160th anniversary, having opened in 1855. So, if you are in the area, you can stay at a piece of history. The Parker Restaurant also claims the prestigious honor of being the creators of the Boston Cream Pie. You can secure a night’s stay for a little over $200 per night.

4. Did you happen to just win the lottery? Well, if you did, you might want to indulge a bit. Maybe you just want to daydream. Well, the most expensive hotel in the United States can be found over in Philipsburg, Montana. It is The Ranch at Rock Creek. It runs at an average of $2,385 per night. It is an all-inclusive ranch-resort. What it tends to offer is everything a ranch could be. You get horseback riding, stage coaches and archery on top of a luxury spa and great food.

5. In the United States the hotel industry is huge. It has more hotel rooms than any other country. It has 5 million rooms with the China being the runner up with 1.5 million rooms. The annual revenue for the hotel industry in the United States is $189.5 billion and employs 1.86 million people directly and 7.9 million indirectly. With the number of rooms, you are bound to find something reasonable when you search, Cheap Hotels Near Me.

6. The largest hotel group in the United States, and the world, is the Wyndham Hotel Group, with almost 8,000 properties around the world. It has locations in 66 different countries on 6 continents. With number of rooms, the Marriot, with its recent purchases, holds the spot for number one with 1.1 million rooms world wide.

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