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Need a place to stay on a budget? Maybe you only need a place to stay while you pass through a state or town? Or perhaps you are visiting family somewhere and want privacy? Why not find a motel for your needs? Motels are small, usually privately owned places for someone to stay without all of the frills of a hotel.

It’s a quick, simple, and cost efficient place to go when you are in need of cozy lodgings. If you are on the road and are looking for a place, take out your phone and look up cheap motels near me!

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Motels are often considered places to stay when travelers needed a break from driving long distances. The 66 motel was one of these places, and was originally a pretty successful place in the late 40s. Overtime with the destruction of route 66 and later better development of I-40, the motel lost many of it’s traveling clientele.

cheap motels near me

A popular motel in Wildwood, NJ.

One of the first motels to be a chain, was the Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts. From the late 20s to 1955, there were almost two dozen Alamo motels in the US. These motels were very nicely designed, and often had great amenities like a pool and television. Like The 66 Motel, the Alamo chain later declined quite a bit due to the change of the original US highways to the complex interstate.

The Alamo may have been the first hotel chain, but the Best Western chain is considered the biggest. Best Western started in 1946 West of the Mississippi river, hence the name of the chain. They did very well for themselves and expanded east calling themselves Best Eastern, but eventually changed all of those locations to Best Western as well. Best Western has three types of amenity services. The standard Best Westerns have basic things like cable, Wifi, and coffee. The Best Western Plus has a pool, a laundry area, and sometimes a place to host business meetings. There’s also fitness areas as well. The Highest level is the premier, which has luxurious towels an bath products, expensive furniture, and a shop for customers to stock up on things like hygienic products or packaged food. Want t find a Best Western Motel? Try searching for cheap motels near me and see which motel chains are near you!

The popular Cactus Motor lodge is no longer a motel, but is actually a place for RV enthusiasts to stay for a bit. It was listed on the national register of historic places in 2006.

The well known Econo Lodge has over 830 motels in the US and Canada as well. Everyone is also entitled to breakfast for free!

The Wagon Wheel Motel is a piece of history that also still functions as a motel today. They have been around for over 70 years!

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Motels are different from hotels because they are a single floor building or cabins adjacent to each other, while hotels are usually high or midrise style with more rooms available. Need a motel? Try looking for cheap motels near me!

Motels were highly successful from the 20s to the 60s, and this is due to a variety of factors. For one thing, the automotive industry was booming around this time, and in the 60s, almost everyone had a vehicle. The desire to travel pushed places like motels into the business forefront, many of the small private motels did very well for themselves. Travel and better economy were all tings that pushed motels into great success until it’s decline around the early 70s.

The decline was brought about due to the newly established freeways being built that were meant to replace highways. Many motels were located around the major US highways, so it was more inconvenient to stop at these motels since they were out of the way a bit. Hotels were also on the rise and more luxury style motels/hotels that put many motels out of business.

Motels can offer a variety of different style rooms, some are standard with just a bed and bathroom, and others have a small kitchen space or kitchenette where the customer can make their own food. There are also motels that offer special rooms to newly married couples that offer hot tubs or luxury items, and these rooms are called honeymoon suites.

The Holiday Inn chain owned several other hotels and other enterprises like Harrah’s casino, Homewood Suites, Embassy, and Hampton Inn. When things financially were no longer doing so well, these businesses got sold to the company, Promus Inc.

In some countries, Motels are just considered low budget hotels or love hotels, and these are places where couples can get away and have private time for a few hours. Some of the motels are built without windows just for this purpose. One example of this is the Hotel Love in Japan. Motels in the US are definitely the only places associated with motor travel tourism.

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