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Just because you feel like eating out, doesn’t mean you feel like breaking the bank! Whether you’re looking for some cheap eats after dark or just want to grab something yummy without compromising your paycheck, there are plenty of cheap restaurants around to help you get your food fill on a budget.

Looking for cheap or affordable restaurants in your area? Simply browse cheap restaurants near me on the map below and find a list of affordable restaurants and fast food establishments near you. Need a bit more information on eating on the cheap? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Cheap Restaurants Near Me – Cheap Restaurants Trivia

How often does the average American eat out each week?

Eating out or having food delivered is simply a part of the American way of life. While cooking at home is valued, our fast paced and hectic way of life often leaves us with little choice but to grab food on the go. But just how often is the average american eating out each week? Consider this as you search cheap restaurants near me. According to statistics, the average American eats around 4.2 commercially prepared meals every week. In other words, as a nation, we tend to eat out about four and five times a week. That adds up to roughly 18.2 meals eaten outside of the home every month. While that may seem high, remember that many folks will grab take out or food while on lunch at work, or simply after a long day of work or school. Time constraints often weigh heavy on the working American. There just never seems to be enough hours in a day to go around. Because of this, the average American will spend around $232 per month eating at restaurants or ordering take out every month. The average meal outside of the home costs around $12.75 a person.

cheap restaurants near me

Whether you’re feeling Chinese or Pizza, there is always a budget friendly restaurant near you!

What’s the cheapest fast food if you’re broke?

On a budget and searching cheap restaurants near me? You’re certainly not alone. Hence the reason why more and more restaurants have taken to offering cheap eats menus or dollar food items. But what is the cheapest fast food to pick up if you’re seriously broke? Del Taco! While McDonalds and Burger King have several dollar item menus, Del Taco actually offers a few great deals for under a buck. You can grab the following at Del Taco for less than one dollar:

-The Value Taco
-The BRC Burrito
-The half pound beef and cheese burrito
-Four types of chicken rollers
-Mini quesadillas
-Salsa chicken taco
-Three types of breakfast rollers
-Breakfast tacos

You can definitely assemble some truly great meals out of the stuff Del Taco has to offer. Couple that with the fact that the quality is higher than Taco Bell, and you’ve got yourself a great fast food joint on a budget.

Cheap Restaurants Near Me – Cheap Restaurants Facts

Is it healthier to eat out or eat at home?

Odds are, if you’re searching cheap restaurants near me, you’re looking for some great food on a budget. But is that food better for you than whipping up a budget friendly alternative at home? According to some experts, results are mixed. In general, food prepared at home is healthier. We all tend to eat far fewer calories when we cook at home and tend to include more fruits and veggies. And when restaurant dishes and meals cooked at home are compared on a calorie basis, home cooked meals are far healthier. When people cook a majority of their meals at home they consume fewer carbs, less sugar, and far less fat than those who cook less or not at all, even if they’re not necessarily on a diet. Home cooked meals also boast more in the way of fiber, calcium, and iron as compared to food that’s prepared away from home. Studies show that those who typically cook at home will also consume fewer calories when they do choose to eat out. Still, eating at home is not always the healthiest option for folks who choose frozen of “fast” dishes. This includes microwavable meals, flash frozen meals, and anything processed. Even if you’re cooking processed frozen foods at home, you’re still getting higher calories and fat than if you were to make the dish from scratch. Those foods are also often chock full of preservatives and other chemicals that help the food to maintain freshness longer. Long story short- cooking at home is great if you’re preparing fresh from scratch meals and only relying on frozen veggies for a short cut. If you’re not making fresh meals, you likely won’t be doing much to help yourself in the health department.

Eating by the numbers

Whether Americans are eating out or dining in- they tend to gravitate towards the same types of foods. Consider how America eats by the numbers as you search cheap restaurants near me. Studies show that Americans eat around 632 pounds of dairy products (including 31.4 pounds of cheese), 415.4 pounds of vegetables (the most popular being corn and potatoes), 273 pounds of fruit, and 183.6 pounds of meat and poultry every year. When you hear those numbers, do you find that your eating habits align with the general public?

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