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For car owners, finding cheap gas can feel like trying to grab that all too elusive needle in a haystack. Often finding a good deal on gasoline involves a lot of driving around and wasting gas just to find the station that can save you a few cents on the dollar. The good news is that finding cheap gas has never been easier! Don’t drive around looking for a deal, instead use the handy search function below.

Simply browse cheapest gas near me on the map below and find a list of the cheapest gas stations in the closest proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on finding the cheapest gas? Read on for facts, trivia, and tips on scoring a good deal at the pump!

Cheapest Gas Near Me – Find it on the Map

Cheapest Gas Near Me – Cheapest Gas Trivia

Why is gas often so expensive?

If you’re searching cheapest gas near me, then you’ve likely asked this question more than once on your quest for a good deal at the pump. High gas prices are actually caused by high crude oil prices. This is because oil costs account for at least 72% of the total cost of gasoline. The remaining 28% of the cost comes from distribution, refining, and taxes (which can vary from state to state). While these factors a bit more stable, when oil prices rise, you can expect to see a rise in prices at the pump within six weeks. Like most things that are purchased, gas and oil prices are highly affected by supply and demand. When demand is greater than supply, prices will soar. In 2014, US shale oil producers increased the overall oil supply, which sent oil and gas prices down. While the cost of gas may seem complicated, it’s relatively simple when you view gas as you view anything else you buy. A necessity that falls victim to the old economic principle of supply and demand.

cheapest gas near me

Name brand gas stations such as Shell can often boast a top tier gasoline.

Which stations boast the best quality gas?

If you’re searching cheapest gas near me, you may be wondering which gas station boasts the best quality gas. At the end of the day, cost matters, but so does quality. In the United States, stations are required to supply customers with clean and consistent gasoline. This means that no matter where you fill your tank, gas quality or the brand of gas being used will not typically affect the vehicle. However, some brands do offer fuels with added cleaners and beneficial additives that can help extend the life of your vehicle. According to many mechanics, the brands that boast the best gasoline are: BP, Chevron, Conoco, Costco, and Exxon. While the added detergents and cleaning agents that can be found in top fuels may have some benefits, they will not perform better than their basic competitors. In short, top tier gas companies have simply committed themselves to selling fuel that is formulated to meet the dynamic needs of modern vehicles.

Cheapest Gas Near Me – Cheapest Gas Facts

Always Monitor Gas Prices

Here’s a tip if you’re searching cheapest gas near me: always monitor the gas prices in your area. As you drive around your town or in other areas that you frequent fairly often, take notice of stations that typically offer cheap gas. Odds are the station that is cheapest one week, will be cheapest the next. If you don’t travel outside of your area that often, noticing where cheap gas is often readily available can be your best bet in finding consistently cheap gas in one town. Of course, if you’re traveling, you won’t have a great idea of which stations typically boast cheap gas in that area. In that case, your best bet is to search cheapest gas near me and find a real time list of budget friendly stations near you.

Unbranded Gas Stations Are Best

While searching cheapest gas near me, it can be tempting to throw your stock into the name brand gas station. It’s familiar, top tier, and often readily available in most locations. However, choosing an unbranded gas station in your area can save you big bucks at the pump. Gas stations who are not affiliated with one specific oil company often have cheap gas prices per gallon because they are able to purchase excess gas from multiple oil companies rather than just one brand. This can help them to keep costs low for the budget savvy consumer.

Always Check for Loyalty Programs

One way to always score cheap gas? Sign up for the loyalty programs of brands you frequent fairly often. Many of these loyalty programs will knock a few cents off of every gallon of gas when you reach a particular points level. Some stations such as Turkey Hill will consistently give you three cents off per visit for simply having a card. Another great option is to utilize grocery store gas programs. If you’re already buying groceries, why not save at the pump for every $50 or $100 that you spend. You’re going to purchase food anyway, you might as well save 10 to 20 cents off of a gallon of gas while you’re at it. Many store pharmacies will also offer double gas points on prescriptions.

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