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As an industry leader, Chervon creates an exceptional value for all customers through their continuous strides towards innovation and improvement in the tool industry. Because of this, Chervon is largely consider the leading global total solution provider in the power tool, outdoor power equipment, and all related industries.

Are you interested in finding a Chervon provider in your area? Simply browse Chervon near me on the map below and find a list of Chervon stores and providers near your current location. Need a bit more information on Chervon? Read on for interesting facts and trivia on this power tool giant.

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Chervon Near Me – Chervon Trivia

What is the history of Chervon?

If you’re searching Chervon near me, then you’re likely a power tool enthusiast or someone who works with tools on a daily basis. No matter your reason for seraching Chevron, knowing the history behind this brand is an absolute must. Chervon power tools first began in 1993 when the brand was founded in Nanjing, China as a simple trading company. What began simply soon evolved into a full owned factory. By 1999, Chervon had opened a fully functional and efficient factory to produce it’s top of the line tools and outdoor equipment. As the company grew, Chervon gained a reputation for producing high quality and long lasting tools that could stand up to years of use and abuse at the hands of those who owned them. In 2006, Chervon opened its first industrial park. It was a step in the right direction as the move allowed Chervon to begin a joint venture with renowned tool company Bosch.

chervon near me

Chervon powertools are among some of the best in the industry.

Which brands does Chervon offer?

If you’re searching Chervon near me, then you may be interested in knowing the excact brands that Chervon currently offers. Read on for three of the top brands produced by Chervon.


The Devon brand was established by Chervon specifically for the Asian power tool market. This brand is aimed at professional and industrial users in emerging markets. Devon is committed to providing power tools that embody international standards and that are tailored to meet the specific needs of Asian users.

2. Flex

Flex originated from decades of German engineering and manufacturing heritage. Dating back more than 90 years, Flex builder professional tools for professional craftsman. They are even credited with inventing the very first angle grinder back in 1954. Flex joined the Chervon family in 2013, but still operates on a largely independent basis in an attempt ot serve demanding customers.

3. X-Tron

X-Tron offers power tools that are tailored to the needs of hands on contractors in construction and the home improvement industries. With durable and affordable power tools that boast excellent performance, X-tron enjoys widespread recognition throughout the world as being one of the best.

X-TRON stands for power tools tailored to the needs of hands-on contractors in the Asian construction and home-improvement industries. Offering durable and affordable power tools with excellent performance, X-TRON enjoys widespread recognition in its market.

Chervon Near Me – Chervon Facts

Essential DIY Power Tools

If you’re on the quest for Chervon near me, you’re likely interested in knowing what power tools are absolutely essential for the person partaking in DIY, home improvement or even construction. These tools prove handy time and time again. Buy them before you need them, that way you’ll never be stuck without the proper tool for the job. Read on for top picks in power tools.

1. Miter saw

A miter saw might not seem like a particularly necessary tool if you’re searching Chervon near me, but DIY enthusiasts agree, this saw does it all. If you’re doing any home improvement that involves molding, trim, doorways, baseboard, or even drywall, a miter saw is an absolute must.

2. A cordless drill

To many individuals a cordless drill is the most essential of all essentials. Without it, you’ll be hand boring holes at a rate of one per hour. With a solid cordless drill, you can tackle most drilling tasks from small pilot holes to large holes that are required to run electrical through. You can even drive fasteners and dainty screws if you’re doing more moderate DIY projects.

3. Oscillating Multi-Tool

If you’re searching Chervon near me and have never heard of the Oscillating multi-tool, you’re not alone. This tool is absolutely essential for many, but don’t be disheartened if you haven’t heard of this epic must. An oscillating multi tool features a long slender body, and a head that accepts a variety of useful attachments for projects such as detail sanding, grinding, wood cutting, scraping, and even grout removal. The beauty of this tool is that the accessory oscillates just enough to make small jobs quick and easy without kicking up a lot of waste or dust.

The Skil Acquisition

As of August 2016, Chervon announced plans to acquire top tool brand Skil. Skil its known for its innovations in outdoor tools such as leaf blowers, weed cutters, power tools, and even lawn mowers. While Chervon may have the expertise in tools used for in home projects, Skil certainly owns a reputation of being among the best in outdoor tools.

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