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Almost everyone loves to chow down on a good old fashioned crispy and tender buffalo wing. In fact, there’s nothing better than sharing a plate with your best pals while watching the big game or simply enjoying a night out. Wings are one of America’s favorite appetizers, and for good reason. Wings are affordable, tasty, fun to eat, and even more fun to savor.

Are you interested in finding chicken wings near you? Simply browse chicken wings near me on the map below and find a list of restaurants serving up chicken wings in your area. Need a bit more information on chicken wings? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more! You might just impress your friends over your next plate of wings.

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Chicken Wings Near Me – Chicken Wings Trivia

True or false: Buffalo wings were actually invented by mistake.

It might be hard to believe that something so good could have been invented as the result of a mistake, but when it comes to buffalo wings, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Consider this as you search chicken wings near me. Back in 1939, Frank Bellissimo founded a bar with his wife Teressa. One night, the bar received a typical delivery order of chicken, only the packer mistakenly delivered wings instead of necks. The family typically used the neck when cooking up spaghetti sauce, but had zero use for the wings. In order to avoid wasting the entire order, Frank asked Teressa to get inventive and concoct a bar appetizer. Teressa cut each wing in half to produce a “drumstick” and a “flat.” She then deep fried the wings without breading and slathered them in hot sauce. She served the wings with celery that she had on hand from the house antipasto and blue cheese salad dressing. The result is the amazing snack that we all know and love today. According to the bar owners, the wings became so popular throughout the city that were simply dubbed “chicken wings,” a name the appetizer still bears in the modern day. Who knew that an accident could produce such delicious and delightful results?

chicken wings near me

Chicken wings will always be a crowd pleaser at any event!

True or false: Dominos once spent $32 million on its roll out of wings.

Watch any football game on a Sunday, Thursday, or Monday, and odds are you’ll see a bevy of advertisements for wings and chains such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut. Trying to jump on the early popularity of the wing, Domino’s reportedly spent a whopping $32 million back in 1994 on their national roll out of wings. Pizza Hut quickly followed suit, paying a similar amount for big time ads and national billboards. Since then, wings have become increasingly popular amongst all age groups, which has allowed for the growth of chains such as Buffalo Wild Wings. You can also find wings on the menu of nearly every restaurant and pizza joint in the US, meaning they’re affordable, accessible, and easy to order in quantity. Wings have also begun to take hold overseas, as Buffalo Wild Wings is planning on opening locations in Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Odds are, wings will be an international delight and not just an American treasure within a matter of years. As you search chicken wings near me, consider how the popularity of wings has changed throughout the years. Do you predict that wings will become more or less popular in the coming decades?

Chicken Wings Near Me – Chicken Wings Facts

A Super Sunday

If you had to guess, when would you say the most wings are consumed in the United States? Did you answer “Super Bowl Sunday?” If so, you’re spot on. According to statistics, over the Super Bowl Weekend, Americans eat a whopping 1.33 billion chicken wings. That’s up 2% from the amount of wings consumed in 2016. The chicken wing Chain Buffalo Wild Wings has admitted that the amount of food they sell on Super Bowl Sunday is almost staggering. On a typical weekend, Buffalo Wild Wings sells about 6,000 wings. On Super Bowl weekend, that number jumps to a whopping 13,500. Atlanta based restaurant, Wing Zone, also specializes in buffalo wings and has admitted to some pretty stellar numbers during the big game. Some estimates say that the chain sells an average of 450,000 chicken wings on Super Bowl weekend. What do the numbers really reveal aside from an American love of football? They reveal that we are a nation that loves flavorful finger foods and enjoying indulging during fun occasions. Consider these super facts as you search chicken wings near me.

The Two Types Of Wing Shapes

When it comes to chicken wings, there are two types of unique shapes you’ll encounter on your wing journey. The most recognizable is the drumette shape. Drumettes are pretty irregular in shape: one end is rounded and meaty, then it tapers down as it get to the middle part of the wing. The meat on a drumette has a texture that’s closer to white meat, though it is technically still dark meat. There is a high ratio of meat to skin on a drumette, which is what makes it so appealing to most wing enthusiasts. The middle part of the wing is known as the flat or wingette. It’s exactly as it sounds: a flat piece of chicken. There are two very thin bones that run parallel to one another down the length of a flat. The chicken is tender, dark, and completely covered with skin. The third and most rare type of wing is the tips. You won’t commonly see tips offered at the average wing joint. Tips are shaped like a feather with a pointed tip right at the end. These types of wings are almost completely covered in skin, bone, cartilage, and pretty much zero meat. Some people love to nibble on the wing tips since they love eating chicken skin. As you search chicken wings near me, you’ll probably only really encounter drumettes and flats, as the tips are considered pretty unhealthy and useless unless you’re a big fan of chicken skin.

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