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Your children are your world. You’d do anything to ensure that they are safe, happy, and thriving- yet, many of us have no choice but to return to work at some point in our child’s lives. Entrusting your child’s wellbeing to a child care center or preschool can be scary, but it can also be an enriching experience for your little one. The right child care center can introduce your child to social skills, compromise, and basic skills that they’ll need prior to registering for kindergarten.

Interested in finding a great child care center near you? Simply browse child care near me and find a list of the best child care centers in your region. Need a bit more information on finding proper child care for your children? Read on for great tips, facts, and a bit of trivia. You’ll know you’re making the right decision!

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What is the average cost of childcare per year?

Most parents need to work in order to give their children the opportunities they need to thrive- yet child care can prove a major expense for working families. What is the average cost of childcare per year in the US? Consider this as you search child care near me. Across America, the average cost of childcare per year is a whopping $18,000. According to a report provided by, it’s often the largest annual household expense for families. In cities such as New York and San Francisco, that cost can be as high as $30,000 per year. The average cost of daycare is $11,666, which is slightly lower than the cost of child care, though it is still nearly $1,000 a month. Generally working families will need to pay for some form of child care from the time their children are babies up until the time they enter school at age 5. While the cost of child care is high, there are programs that can help you to pay for child care. If you’re having financial difficulties- look into government aide programs that you may qualify for.

child care near me

A great child care center can help children to learn and grow.

How much do childcare workers make?

When looking to find the right childcare for your little one- you may want to inquire about how much a center’s employees are getting paid. While it can seem like a forward question- lower paid employees at these centers tend to put less effort into their job. Low paying facilities won’t attract highly skilled candidates nor will the employees take their jobs as seriously as they should. How much do childcare workers make on average? Consider this as you search child care near me. According to a 2011 report, the median salary for a child care worker was just $19,430. That’s less than the typical parking lot attendant or janitor makes. If you’re thinking that number is mighty low given that these employees are in charge of the well being of children each day- you’re not alone. Many feel as if child care workers are not paid what they’re due.

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Look down When Visiting A Child Care Center

One step that every parent should take when searching child care near me is visiting each center that has made it to the top of your list. While any daycare or childcare center can look great on paper or on a website- many do not boast the same gleaming qualities in person. One thing you should do on every visit? Look down! When visiting a potential child care site- look down and pay attention to how the staff is interacting with the children. Ideally, you’ll want caregivers that aren’t afraid to be on the floor playing with the kids or interacting at a close range. In their early years, babies and young children require loving and interactive relationships with adults in order to thrive. This is why there is a lot of importance in finding warm and responsive care givers who aren’t afraid to get down on the child’s level.

Take On The Role Of Spy

A scheduled visit can make for a great gauge of how a center operates- but dropping by several times after that can give you the best glimpse on a center’s daily activities. While word-of-mouth referrals and online reviews are important- you’ll want to visit a center several times before making any kind of commitment. Every child care environment needs to be very clean, childproofed, stocked with age appropriate toys, books, and snacks. If you’re looking to enroll an infant, make sure that the infants and babies have their own area or a separate space. Sometimes when they are mixed in with toddlers they can wind up being poked and prodded like a toy. If possible, try to visit the center at different types of the day to get a sense of the center’s routines and how a staff is interacting with children. These interactions should be more positive than negative. While every staff member will likely have to deal with a few meltdowns from time to time, positive interactions should always outnumber any negative ones. At the end of the day, go with your gut and you’ll always make a sound decision you can believe in. While searching child care near me, always consider these things first.

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