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If you’re looking for some casual dining that involves Tex-Mex style cuisine, Chili’s Grill & Bar has you covered. Larry Lavine founded Chili’s back in 1975, in Texas, though the chain is now operated, and owned, by Brinker International.

Since 2015, Chili’s has reached a total of 1,580 locations, with 839 being company-owned and 741 being franchised. Those locations are also spread out throughout the world, in both North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Chili’s Tex-Mex cuisine style menu includes items like Spicy Shrimp Tacos and Bacon Burgers. If you’re in the mood for some good food, search Chili’s Near Me.

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When Was Chili’s first opened?

Over in Dallas, Texas is where the first Chili’s was opened. All the way back in 1975, although this popular casual dining restaurant first began in a converted postal station. The original Chili’s building isn’t even the original building anymore. It’s actually moved twice since 1975. First it was just to a new building in the same site just six years later in 1981. In 2007, the Chili’s original building relocated once more.

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You’ll feel right at home with Chili’s cozy decor

Why Has Guy Bommarito Never Eaten?

Tom Faulkner and Guy Bommarito produced and wrote the jingle for Chili’s Baby Back Ribs for an advertising company in Austin, Texas by the name of GSD&M Advertising. Willie McCoy also played a part in the jingle, but did you know that despite writing such an immensely successful jingle, Guy Bommarito has never actually eaten Chili’s Baby Back Ribs?

What Did *NSYNC Do For Chili’s?

No, you didn’t read that wrong. NSYNC actually did a cover of that jingle, and Chili’s even sponsored one of their tours. Unfortunately for NSYNC, Chili’s sponsored tour ended up being the last one they’d ever have.

What does Chili’s Have On The Tables?

Chili’s actually has tabletop tablets that allow customers to place orders and pay the bill when you’re ready. They can even be used to kill time with while you’re waiting on those orders to arrive!

What Tradition Was Founded?

Despite the name, no actual saints were involved in the founding of this day. Actually, it was back in 1997 that this day became a tradition, in order to commemorate the day that the very first Chili’s opened. The only reason it’s called St. Chilihead Day is because it also happens to occur around the same time as the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Every year, the members of Chili’s Dallas HQ throw an outdoor party with a Chili’s-themed cake and give a little something back to the community.

What Inspired Chili’s?

You might think Chili’s menu and style was inspired by a Mexican restaurant visited by a good Southern man, but it was actually inspired by some burger joints over in Texas. Goff’s Hamburgers and Burger House were what inspired the young kid who would grow up into Founder Larry Lavine. If you’re just itching to go check it out, search Chili’s near me.

Chili’s Near Me – Chili’s Facts

Australian Chili’s

You might be wondering why there aren’t any Chili’s in Australia despite being spread out in a good number of places worldwide. Well, the answer is actually a legal case from back in 2008. The NSW Office of Industrial Relations prosecuted and fined them for a whopping $300,000 in Australian Dollars. The reason for this was because the Chili’s Australia franchise wasn’t paying their staff the proper wages, failed to pay owed wages when a deadline was set by the Office of Industrial Relations, and pressured employees to sign a workplace agreement. In the end, Chili’s announced that they would close all the branches in Australia.


Chili’s isn’t limited to just one menu. They offer a vegetarian menu, including a non-vegan veggie burger which is supplied to them by the Kellogg Company. They also have a menu focused on nutritional values, and even an allergen menu. Two items added to the menu in 2016 are the Ultimate Bacon Burger and the Sunrise Burger. You might be able to imagine the first one given its delicious name, but what exactly is a Sunrise Burger? Well, in addition the burger patty and buns, it comes with a cage-free fried egg, bacon, lettuce, pepper Jack, red onion, tomato, and Chili’s Signature sauce. Sounds like a pretty good burger. If you’re in the mood to try it out, search Chili’s near me to head to your nearest location!

Chili’s has had a very successful experience with advertising jingles. Back in 2004, the magazine Advertising Age ranked this jingle as #1 in a list Top Ten style list of songs most likely to get stuck in your head. This jingle even managed to outdo the Macarena and an equally famous tune, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” while also appearing in the second Austin Powers movie. Written by Guy Bommarito, the jingle was produced by Tom Faulkner Productions. “I want my baby back, baby back, baby back…” was used to advertise the restaurant’s line of baby back ribs, and was even used as recently as 2015 celebrating their 40th anniversary. Chili’s actually retired the jingle back in ’06, and it was only brought back for a time in ’09 before the 40th anniversary.

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