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Hungry for some Chinese food? But you don’t want to step out. You also don’t feel like cooking Chinese. Do you even know how to make a Chinese meal? It does not matter, regardless of your situation, we have got you covered! Simply browse our Chinese delivery near me map below to reveal all the Chinese restaurants around you that deliver.

By clicking on a location you can get all the information you need about the Chinese restaurant including the contact information. Don’t settle for fries when you can have dumplings. What are you waiting for? Call a Chinese restaurant near you and get food delivered to your door step!

As you order your meal, you can feast your eyes with some interesting trivia and facts about Chinese food that will shock you!

Chinese Delivery Near Me – Find it on the Map

Chinese Delivery Near Me – Chinese Delivery Trivia

Can you spot the facts from the fiction?

With lots of myths and half truths about Chinese food culture can you tell a fiction from a fact? Spot the fiction from the three statements given below.

chinese delivery near me

Unveil the amazing secrets of the Chinese culture by indulging in their cuisine!

Fact or Fiction: It is wrong to turn over fish in your plate.

Fact! Most Chinese restaurants serve fish whole. To an ordinary person turning over fish to eat the other side is a normal thing but according to Chinese culture, this is a premonition of danger. Flipping over fish symbolizes capsizing of the boat. The fish in this case is the boat and flipping it over dooms fishermen. Instead, you can use your chopstick to remove the backbone from the fish to access the other side without killing anyone!

Fact or fiction: All Chinese Restaurants serve dog meat and insects.

Fiction! Although some cities like Beijing and Shanghai serve insects and dog meat as their cuisine, it is wrong to peg all Chinese restaurants for preparing and serving such food. If anything, modern Chinese restaurants will be appalled by this accusation. Not all Chinese restaurants serve disgusting food like dogs and insects. Not all Chinese people eat these food. And most certainly you will not get snail in your order. All these are myths. Period!

Fact or fiction: In Chinese restaurants, you should order an even number of dishes during a buffet.

Fact! This may seem silly to you but according to Chinese culture, ordering an odd number of dishes symbolizes death. Why? You ask. Because in Chinese cultures, an odd number of dishes is ordered in funerals. This is because, according to the Yin-Yang belief, odd numbers are related with Yin which is usually a balancing factor of Yang. A relevant example in this case is that Yin symbolizes death while Yang symbolizes Life, hence there is a balance of the two.

While practicing these rules, you should keep in mind that these are Chinese cultures meant to be adhered to in a formal setting. I can assure you that none of your Chinese friends will gasp when you flip over your fish. Armed with this knowledge, you can now have an easy time dinning at a Chinese restaurant near you. If you are not in a ‘going out’ mood, you can order in from the restaurants provided in the Chinese delivery near me map above. Oh and remember, there is no snail in your order. Well, unless you ordered it!

Chinese Delivery Near Me – Chinese Delivery Facts

Subtle things you are communicating with your chopsticks!

Ever been to a real Chinese restaurant with actual Chinese table manners? You probably noticed the mean glances being thrown your way. Or maybe you could not understand why the girl in the next table kept giggling every time you picked up your chopsticks. While you thought your chopstick game was on point, you might have been unknowingly sending some mean messages with them. In case this has not yet happened to you, knowing these tips about chopsticks might save you a lot of embarrassment.

#1. Rubbing your chopsticks together.

Some chopsticks usually come stuck on each other and you are required to separate in order to use them. In most cases, people rub them together to remove the splints of broken wood mostly found on cheap chop sticks. If you rub together a good pair of chops sticks, it sends the message that you think they are cheap. Trust me, you do not want to tell the manager of a respectable restaurant that you think their chopsticks are cheap.

#2. Crossing your chopsticks.

Unfortunately, most people fall into this category. This is because using chopsticks is a hard task and you may need a bit of practice to execute it in a poised manner. Properly handled chopsticks are not supposed to cross. Hence, crossing them screams that you are uncouth and uncultured. So, instead of insisting on chop sticks only to end up insulting yourself, you can ask for a spoon while you wait for the day when you will master the art of using chopsticks.

#3. Using your chopsticks to pick food from the center dishes.

Nobody wants to eat your saliva! Picking food with chopsticks that have been in your mouth is not only offensive in Chinese culture but also unhygienic. This sends out a message that you are not keen on hygiene and offends the people on your table. Instead, you should use serving spoons provided to transfer food to your bowl.

#4. Sticking chopsticks vertically into your food.

As innocent as this may seem to you, sticking out chopsticks vertically from food, especially rice dishes reminds people of funerals. This is because in Chinese culture, incense sticks are stuck into a pot near rice and placed at the altar in funerals. Sticking chopsticks into your food gives an image similar to this and you may end up killing everyone’s mood in the restaurant. Observe this rule to avoid being a buzz kill in any Chinese occasion you go to.

#5. Use chopsticks to separate and cut your food.

Don’t ask for a knife. According to Chinese tradition, knives are considered violent and a destroyer of harmony. This is the reason why many authentic Chinese restaurants don’t offer knives at the table. You can use your chopsticks as a substitute for a knife if you are a pro or ask for a fork instead.

You can practice these tips with your delivery Chinese food in the safety of your home up until you master the skills of using chopsticks. Order Chinese food and start practicing by revealing Chinese delivery near me from the map above.

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