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Chinese restaurants are restaurants outside of China that serve Chinese food, or fusions of Chinese and other cultures’ foods. They are quite common in the West, particularly in the United States. Some operate as traditional restaurants, where the diners eat at tables and chairs inside the building, whereas others are simply take-out restaurants.

In America, there are large numbers of restaurants that serve American-Chinese food, a fusion of the two cultures. One major difference between this and traditional Chinese food is the role that vegetables play. In China, vegetables are very prominent in the dishes, whereas in American food, vegetables are usually just sides or garnishes. Stir frying, pan frying and deep frying techniques are all used in American-Chinese food, and can all be easily done using a wok. You can find Chinese Restaurants near you by searching for “Chinese Restaurants near me”!

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How old are Chinese Restaurants?

The first Chinese Restaurants in America appeared during the California gold rush in the 1840s and 50s, which saw many thousands of immigrants come to the area from Canton, a region of China. The American railways contributed to the spread of the restaurants east, particularly to New York. In 1915, restaurant owners were eligible to obtain merchant visas, and this saw many more Chinese restaurants open.

chinese restaurants near me

Chinese restaurants have quite the variety to offer you!

In the United Kingdom, the first Chinese restaurant opened in London in 1907. The number of restaurants did not rise considerably until the end of World War II, and it is believed that returning soldiers were a main cause of this. In 2003, the Hakkasan restaurant in London became the first British-Chinese restaurant to earn a Michelin star.

How many Chinese Restaurants are there?

There are an estimated 41 thousand Chinese restaurants in America. This is almost three times the number of McDonald’s restaurants in America!

What sorts of food do Chinese Restaurants sell?

One common food to be served at Chinese restaurants is Peking duck, which is a dish that combines sugar and garlic sauce, steamed pancakes, spring onions and sweet bean sauce. A stir fry can also be commonly found. These usually contain onions, carrots and other vegetables, soy sauce, garlic powder and ginger. Dumplings are also very common. They consist of minced meat (usually pork or ground chicken or beef) and chopped vegetables, wrapped inside some thin dough.

Is all Chinese food the same?

Chinese food has some interesting differences, depending on which part of the vast country it comes from. For example, food from Hong Kong tends to be sweet or savory, whereas food from the Sichuan area in the south west is more famous for being very spicy. Food from the north tends to be salty, and because the colder, drier climate to the north makes growing wheat easier, the food tends to be more wheat-based, including dumplings and steamed buns. Food from the southern regions tends to be more sour, and tends to contain more rice and noodles, and very seldom contains wheat.

Are there any unusual foods in Chinese Restaurants?

Some Chinese ingredients are considered by foreigners, particularly Westerners, to be very unusual. These include insects, scorpions and snakes, and also the hearts, lungs, livers and kidneys of animals. There are also unusual vegetables too, many of them are unheard of to foreigners. These include pomelos, bitter cucumber, various weeds and fungi, and yams and beans that can grow to be a yard long!

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Chinese Restaurants Near Me – Chinese Restaurants Facts

Fortune cookies are often associated with Chinese restaurants, but they are in fact an American invention. The inventor and exact date of invention are a matter of debate, but it is known that they originated in California.

China is believed to use over 45 billion pairs of chopsticks every year! This is so much that the government has even introduced a tax on disposable chopsticks, to try to reduce waste.

Some Chinese food has unusual names. There is a dish from Sichuan called ‘mǎyǐ shàng shù’, which translates as ‘ants climb trees’. The dish is made mainly from pasta and pork, cooked so that the bits of pork stick to the noodle strands, and so resemble ants climbing tree branches. Another unusually-named dish is ‘tiánjī’, which is frog flesh, but translates to ‘field chicken’.

Traditionally in China, the honored guest at a meal is seated at the head of the table. This should be the seat furthest from the door. The food on the table is arranged so that the fish, chickens, ducks and other animals have their heads pointed towards this seat.

Unlike in other cuisines, soup is considered to be the last course in China. The Chinese do this because they believe that it aids digestion, especially after having pork or duck for appetizers and mains.

China was one of the early cultures to have a food similar to ice cream. Around 200 BC, the Chinese ate a food consisting of frozen milk and rice.

Because Chinese restaurant food is often a fusion of Chinese and American, some American foods have been combined with Chinese foods and techniques. There is even a Chinese hot dog! It resembles an egg roll, but contains a beef hot dog wrapped in pastrami.

The Peking Gourmet Inn in Falls Church, Virginia, has bulletproof windows. The reason for this is that it was former president George HW Bush’s favorite Chinese restaurant around Washington. His son, former president George W Bush, also dined there. Yenching Palace, in Cleveland Park, DC, was also politically important. It served as a secret meeting-place for US and Russian representatives during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

The first Chinese restaurants, in the California area in the 1800s, used to have two separate menus. One for Chinese customers, and the other was tailored for Americans. Over time, the American menu started to dominate. The reason for this is that the American menu used sweet, syrupy sauces instead of the more traditional Chinese sauces. The advent of canned food, particularly pineapples and cherries, made this possible.

General Tso, of General Tso’s chicken actually existed! Also known as General Gau or Gao, and in Chinese known as Zuo Zongtang, was a military man during the Qing dynasty of the 1800s. It is unknown whether he himself invented the dish, or if it was simply named after him.

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