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Looking for some delicious and healthy Mexican food? Chipotle is a great choice. Get your burritos, tacos, bowls and salads all under one roof. If you are sick of the regular fast food Mexican food, then be sure to look for the nearest Chipotle using the Chipotle Near Me Map below. You will get locations of all the Chipotle restaurant locations near you. If you click on the location, you will get their address, phone number, business hours and even reviews.

In addition, you will get a link to the Chipotle website, where you can check out their menu and learn nutritional facts about the different food choices.

Chipotle Near Me – Find it on the Map

Chipotle Near Me – Chipotle Trivia

Chipotle Hours of Operation

Chipotle is not a breakfast place, so normally their business hours start shortly before lunch. Some locations open as early as 9AM and the later ones will open as late as 10:45. You will normally find that they close between 9 and 10PM. Overall, the locations keep the same hours all week, so you don’t generally find a Chipotle open later Friday and Saturday nights like you do at many restaurants.

chipotle near me

Chipotle’s interior design is simplistic to reflect the first location that was outfitted minimalistically from a local hardware store.

A Spicy History

While Chipotle has grown very large, it is actually a rather new company. The first location was made in 1993 in Denver, Colorado. It was founded by Steve Ells, near the University of Denver. The location may have played a small role in its initial success. Within the first month, it was selling over 1,000 burritos a day. The profits and some outside investments helped the company grow, adding two more locations in 1995 and by 1998 they had grown to 16 locations.
The initial investments came from Ell’s father and later a board of directors; however, by 1998 the biggest investor was McDonalds. By 2005 the company had grown to over 500 locations and the next big step came that year. The company started to sell its stocks publicly. With such a great response to the initial public offers, the company had enough money to start expanding quicker. Within 10 years, the company managed to increase its numbers to over 2,000 in 30 different countries, so you should be able to find one when you search Chipotle Near Me.

Love Chipotle and want to Franchise?

While many fast food locations offer franchise options, Chipotle doesn’t. Generally speaking, they do not offer to franchise, but if you go to the website, there is a way to send in recommendations to have a Chipotle restaurant opened in an area that you think it needs one, so while you can’t run your own, unless you join their company and work your way up management, you can still get a place near your home. Also, they encourage you to purchase stocks if you want to be part of the family. You could try and purchase controlling interest.

Fundraising? Chipotle would like to Help.

One of the interesting offers that Chipotle offers is to help fundraising for non-profits through the Scrip program. Your organization can purchase gift cards for Chipotle at a discount and sell them to supporters, keeping the difference. It is one way that Chipotle likes to try and help people out.

Healthy Food and Healthy World

One of the big goals of Chipotle has is to sell healthy, fresh food. This includes using fresh non-GMO ingredients as well as free range pork. This is because they have a strong belief that the fresher and healthier the ingredients the better tasting the food will be.

Chipotle Near Me – Chipotle Facts

Fun Facts About Chipotle

Excited about getting some tasty trivia to tantalize your brain? Well, here are some treats for you.

1. While the first Chipotle opened near the University of Denver, the founder, Steve Ells managed to actually find an abandoned ice cream parlor to open the location in. How you find an abandoned ice cream parlor near a university is anyone’s guess, but if he hadn’t found it in that location, who knows if the chain would have found the same success.

2. Chipotle insists on its meat being anti-biotic free. This started when Ells used a sample of such meat to make a few dishes and was impressed by the improved taste and has since started working on using higher quality ingredients to help improve the taste of all of the food at Chipotle.

3. McDonalds is no longer invested in the company. When Chipotle went public in 2006, McDonalds sold off their shares to help focus on their main company. So, McDonalds no longer has any investments; however, in the past they had been largely invested in the company and helped it become the success it is today.

4. While Chipotle does its best to use high quality ingredients, the quality has not been reflected in their menu costs. The average order is only $12 at their locations.

5. While some may say that there is a secret menu, there isn’t an official one; however, with only 4 items on the menu: burritos, tacos, bowls and salads, you can make over 65,000 different combinations using the various ingredients. So, have fun trying it all and make your own secret menu for you and your friends.

6. Some people love Chipotle so much that they will go there for even their prom dinners and some have even had them cater their weddings. So, don’t feel like you are strange if you happen to have a soft spot for the restaurant, you are not alone.

7. There are only two Chipoltes that serve breakfasts and they are both in airports. So, while there is no official plan to have it at their various locations, you may one day be able to find it, but don’t get your hopes up.

8. Some of the avacados used at Chipotle are from a farm owned by musician Jason Marz. So, just maybe, you are eating something that he helped, indirectly, grow.

9. Chipotle has expanded to have an Asian rice bowl, Shop House Kitchen, restaurant and a pizza chain, Pizza Locale. While they are under different names, they both offer customizable food options and service high quality dishes.

10. If you are looking for a career in Chipotle, you don’t need restaurant experience. They look for people who have the right character traits and hire from the inside. If you are really good, they offer an elite Restaurateur category where you make over $100,000 per year with stock options and everything. So, it might be the career for you. If you are interested, search, Chipotle Near Me and find a location to drop off a resume.

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