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Chiropractors have the ability to adjust, correct, and heal with just one or two appointments. Whether you’re looking to ease up some back pain, deal with a stiff neck, or simply achieve a greater quality of life, chiropractic can help you enjoy a greater range of motion without all of the aches and pains.

Are you interested in finding a chiropractor near you? Simply browse chiropractors near me on the map below and find a list of chiropractors operating in your area. Need a bit more information on chiropractors? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more! You might just learn something new to share on your next appointment!

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Chiropractors Near Me – Chiropractors Trivia

Who invented Chiropractic care?

In the grand scheme of medicine, chiropractic care is a fairly recent invention, having only enjoyed existence since the late 1800s. But who exactly is credited with inventing chiropractic care? Consider this as you search chiropractors near me. The initial chiropractic adjustment was first performed by David Palmer back in 1895. This is when Palmer, examined a janitor who had become deaf 17 years prior after having felt something “give” in his back. Palmer examined the area the janitor proclaimed to be bad and gave him a crude adjustment to what was believed to be a misplaced vertebra in his upper back. After the adjustment, the janitor observed improved hearing and overall better quality of life. As a prolific reader and overall curious soul, Palmer, realized that various forms of manipulation had been used for hundred if not thousands of years to help heal physical ailments. Despite this, no one had ever developed a scientific name or rationale for the effects that were achieved through this manipulations and adjustments. Palmer chose the name “chiropractic” to describe these adjustments based on the Greek words “cheir” (meaning hand) and praktos (meaning done). The overall effect was the name “done by hand.”

chiropractors near me

Visiting a chiropractor is great for your overall health and wellbeing.

What was the name of the first chiropractic school?

After developing chiropractic are in 1895, Palmer continued his studies and eventually went on to establish the Palmer School of Cure, now known as the Palmer College of Chiropractic. Situated in Davenport, Iowa, the school allowed students interested in Palmer’s new science and healing art to learn the ropes and become skilled in manipulating the body. Among his earliest students were Palmer’ son, as well as other members of older more established healing arts practices. The first state law licensing chiropractors was first passed in 1913. By 1931, 39 states we’re giving chiropractors legal recognition. The practice has since grown and is wholly recognized as a true method of healing those in pain. As you search chiropractors near me, consider how this healing art form has changed lives, decreased pain, and helped individuals lead a better quality of life without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Chiropractors Near Me – Chiropractors Facts

Chiropractic is For All Ages

If you’re searching chiropractors near me, you might be experiencing back pain or are an athlete looking to improve performance. What you might not realize is that the benefits of chiropractic go way beyond pain management and sports therapy. In fact, many don’t realize that all ages can benefit from chiropractic care, especially seniors. Seniors can gain a lot from routine visits to a chiropractor. Not only can seniors receive pain relief, but they can also increase their range of motion, better their balance, improve coordination, and decrease the joint degeneration that happens as one ages. In the same vein, the very young can also benefit from chiropractic care. Some chiropractors check infants just moments after birth for misalignments that can occur in the child as a result of the birthing process. Parents can also take children to routine chiropractic visits to encourage brain and nervous system development, assist with asthma, reduce allergies, improve sleeping habits, and even assist with behavioral disorders. As you can tell, chiropractic is not limited by age, health, income, or region. It is an all encompassing practice that can improve well being in a way that few things can in the modern day.

Want Better Immunity?

Everyone wants to feel healthy and enjoy immunity from illnesses, especially in the winter months. But how can one achieve better immunity without over the counter supplements? Chiropractic! Some major studies have indicated that getting consistent adjustments can reduce the production of inflammatory mediators that are best associated with pain and tissue damage. It can also enhance the production of immunoregulatory complexes that help one to achieve healthy immune system defense. During the deadly flu pandemic of 1917, many chiropractors noticed that their patience experienced far fewer fatalities than the general population. The difference was so significant, that they were able to publish their work in osteopathic journals. While chiropractic isn’t a solution to all health problems or a way to guarantee that you won’t get sick, it is a way to help boost your immunity and overall quality of life. Who knew that searching chiropractors near me could lead to better immunity?

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