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As a parent, you only want the very best in education for your child. Not only are you likely seeking a school that boasts great academic achievement, but you’re probably interested in a school that offers safety and a space for shared values. Christian schools are a great environment for children raised in a Christian home and even those who only casually ascribe to the faith. With more personalized attention from teachers, less school violence/bullying, and rigorous academics, a Christian school may be exactly what your child needs to excel.

Ready to find a Christian school near you? Simply browse Christian schools near me on the map below and find a list of highly rated schools in your area. Need more insight into the Christian school environment? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Are christian schools safer than public schools?

This is a question that comes with some debate; and many would argue that it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Still, many insist that Christian private schools do offer a bit more in the way of safety than their public school counterparts. Consider why as you search Christian schools near me. A public school quite often has hundreds, if not thousands, of students roaming the halls each day. Because taxpayer dollars fund their bankrolls, many public schools can only go so far in the area of discipline. In fact, many public schools are so afraid of a lawsuit or losing funding, that they won’t pursue disciplinary action, especially if the parent is upset by the allegation. The result? More frequent occurrences of both theft and physical violence. Not to mention, the use of profanity and talking back in and out of the classroom. Christian schools can go further with discipline because the parents pay tuition to the school. In a sense, they are hoping to get what they pay for; a safe place where the children can receive an education free of distraction or corruption.

christian schools near me

Christian schools are safe and offer shared values.

True or false: Christian schools often perform better academically.

Once again, this is a question that is often up for debate. Both public schools and Christian schools like to contend that their students will outperform the others in many academic areas. However, this isn’t necessarily fair on either side. Students who attend public school often undergo a rigorous curriculum in line with state mandated standards and goals. They are tested frequently and are also subject to regular state testing exams that can help determine a school’s future funding. Christian schools have a lot more leeway in terms of curriculum and testing. Because they are not under the thumb of federal funding, they are free to go at their own pace and teach the lessons they see fit. While students will generally learn the same skills, actual curriculum can vary greatly between both schools. However, many parents like the slower pace that Christian schools can bring. Even if they don’t necessarily outperform their public school counterparts, they can definitely hold their own and test scores are often well above average. Christian schools also boast very high graduation rates. As you search Christian schools near me, always do your research on academic achievement.

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Individual Attention

The student to teacher ratio in public schools is not always ideal. Often there is one teacher for 30 to 35 kids, meaning that students don’t necessarily receive the individual attention they deserve. The teacher is not to blame, but rather funding. Less funding leaves little in the budget for hiring an adequate number of teachers. In contrast, Christian schools can almost always offer more in the way of individual attention. Christian classes generally have fewer students. Often times the cut off for a class is around fifteen. This means your child will also receive more in the way of one on one help. They won’t get left behind or lost in the mix because these smaller more intimate settings encourage students to become participants rather than passive spectators. Students in small settings learn how to think on their feet, gaining valuable experience in sharing their own thoughts and opinions in front of others. Teachers have more time to devote to the students they have. They also feel less pressure as funding is not dependent on class test scores or teaching to a certain schedule each day. If individual attention is important to you, try searching Christian schools near me.

Shared Values

Odds are if you’re searching Christian schools near me, you are a part of the Christian faith and have strong religious values. If you’re like a majority of Christian parents, then you’ve taught your children about God from birth. You and your children likely attend church and are likely familiar with the bible. Because of this, some children are shocked or even anxious in an environment where god is ignored or not welcome. Even the greatest public schools cannot by law reinforce the Christian values you teach at home. Due to the separation of church and state, teachers simply aren’t allowed to align or teach with any kind of religious values in mind. Sending your child to a Christian school means offering them an environment to learn where they can feel safe, familiar, and right at home. Not only will the school reinforce the teachings you are relaying at home, but they will also instill more in depth teachings and values. Ones that your student will not soon forget.

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