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Even as movie tickets and concessions rise in cost, going to a movie is still one of the most cost effective and enjoyable forms of entertainment out there. Not only can a movie be enjoyed by folks of all ages and in any kind of weather, but movies have the ability to captivate, engage, and bring about a variety of emotions.

Are you interested in finding a cinema near you? Simply browse cinema near me on the map below and find a list of cinemas located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on going to the cinema? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more!

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Cinema Near Me – Cinema Trivia

When was the first movie theater built?

Movie theaters aren’t as old as you may think! While theaters have existed since ancient times, the modern cinema wasn’t invented until 1905. This is when John P. Harris and Harry Davis decided to open a movie theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that only cost viewers a meager 5 cent fee. They dubbed the theater a “Nickelodeon” based on the fact that admission only cost a nickle. This soon became the most common type of theater in the United States. Just three years after that first movie theater opened in that Pittsburgh storefront, more than a thousand Nickelodeon theaters had opened their doors in North America. Nowadays, huge theaters abound in every town from coast to coast. As you search cinema near me, consider just how much has changed since the early days of the American cinema. Can you even imagine paying just five cents to see a show?

cinema near me

Going to the cinema is still one of America’s favorite forms of entertainment!

How do movie theaters make their money?

From an outsider perspective, it might seem logical that a movie theater make their money off the movies themselves. After all, wouldn’t a movie theater make a majority of their profit off the thing people are paying them to see? Well, in a way, movies do make a profit off of ticket sales, but until a few months after a movie has been in theaters. Consider this as you search cinema near me. For the first month or two of a movie screening, money from ticket sales goes directly back to the movie studios and not to the theater. During this time, theaters have to rely on concessions to make a profit. This is why concessions are highly overpriced, despite the fact that many of them cost almost nothing to make. There’s a reason why so many theaters won’t show independent pictures or movies that won’t remain in theaters for a long time; they don’t turn a profit because the films aren’t in theaters for an extended period of time.

Is it illegal to sneak food into a movie theater?

With the high prices of concessions, most movie goers try to bring in outside food at some point in time. After all, why would you pay $12 for a popcorn when you can buy a bag elsewhere for as little as a $1.00. So is it illegal to sneak food into a movie theater? While it’s not illegal for a person to bring outside food into a theater, it might be legally inadvisable for the theater to allow you to do so. Since theaters make a majority of their profits from selling concessions rather than movie tickets, most have strict rules against bringing in outside food. While you won’t be fined or go to jail for sneaking in outside food, some theaters may ask you to throw it out or ask you to leave the film if they catch you. As you search cinema near me, consider if the risk is worth the savings.

Cinema Near Me – Cinema Facts

The Truth About Trailers

Have you ever wondered why a trailer is known as a trailer, even though they’re often shown before a movie? Consider this as you search cinema near me. Though trailers are now shown before a film, the term “trailer” comes from their original placement when movies first started. Originally, trailer’s were placed at the end of the film, not at the beginning. It wasn’t until marketers realized that a large portion of audiences left as soon as a film ended that they decided to move the trailers to the beginning of the film rather than the end. Once marketing firms realized the benefits of placing trailers before a film rather than after, trailer making became big business. Between 1919 and 1960 almost all movie trailers were made by the National Screen Service. The company held a huge monopoly on making tailers. Eventually they also began producing marketing products and movie posters for many of Hollywood’s most profitable films. The monopoly held by the National Screen Service didn’t come to a close until the 1960s when directors such as Alfred Hitchcock began to make their own movie trailers. Nowadays, trailers are made by a variety of companies and film directors hoping to get people engaged and into seats as soon as a movie hits the big screen.

Have Complaints?

Every once and awhile after searching cinema near me, you’ll have a less than sterling movie going experience. This might tempt you to make sure that theater employees and staff know just how much you hated a certain movie or the overall movie going experience. While venting to a staff member might feel good to you in the short term, keep in mind that it’s pretty fruitless, as there isn’t much a theater employee can do about it. If a movie sucks, a theater employee can’t refund you or give you back the time you lost. After all, it was your choice to see the film. The only exception is if you realize very early on that a film is offensive or might be too much for you to handle. If you see an employee after around 15 to 20 minutes into a film, many theaters will allow you to trade your ticket for one to see a different movie. Not all theaters will be this kind or accommodating, but some truly want to see you satisfied with your movie going experience.

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