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Once known as The City Bank of New York, Citibank has expanded into a globally successful bank, with locations in the US, Europe, Asia, The Middle East, and Africa. With 983 locations in the US, Citibank has become one of the top banking locations in North America.

If you are in the market to open a checking account, invest, or need a good and reliable line of credit, why not check out Citibank? Citibank is everywhere and is also global, so be sure that you can find one of these banks nearby. Want to find one? Check out “Citibank near me.”

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Citibank Near Me – Citibank Trivia

Did you know, the first loan Citibank provided was in 1812 to fund the civil war. It was worth $500,000 dollars. That’s a lot of money for back then!

Citibank’s first foreign bank was started in Argentina in 1914, a whole century after it first opened it’s very first private bank.

citibank near me

The incredible Citibank field, home of the Mets!

Citibank’s Twitter page is a good example of excellent marketing through social media. You can write to them about any questions you have on twitter, they regularly post deals, funny commercials, and cool financial tips. They have a social media account that is actually more fun as well as practical! They also promote concerts and bands pretty regularly, so if you want concert tix, check out their Twitter for some news on a band you like!

Did you know?

Citigroup, which is the parent company of Citibank, has over $2 Trillion dollars in assets? That’s a lot of money! Need to find a Citibank in your town? Search for “Citibank near me!”

The Citibank Double Cash credit card is a pretty great start to earning rewards toward your next purchase. No annual fees, 1% cash back with purchases, no caps on the amount spent, and you can earn towards anything you want! sounds great!

Citibank now makes it easy to send money to someone! Whether it’s to your child in college, a family member for a birthday, or even to pay someone back for something you borrowed, Popmoney payment services allows you to connect to your online Citibank account and transfer funds to other people! Just get their name and bank account info set up in your account and you are ready to go!

The Citibank website offers an app that allows you to choose what benefits you might need or want from them. With excellent security options, travel benefits, and world wallet, you can take your funds and use them for just about anything through Citibank. Want to experience all of the perks that Citibank has to offer? Look up a “Citibank near me” and sign up to be a member! There’s nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Want to know where to get tickets for the next upcoming concert or show? Check out Citibank’s private pass!

Citibank Near Me – Citibank Facts

Citibank owns a stadium in Queens, New York that is the home base of the New York Mets baseball team. The first game they had was on March 29th, 2009 between two college teams, Georgetown and St. Johns.

In the 1960s, credit cards became a feature of Citibanks everywhere. The card, known as “The Everything Card”, was created, but due to costs, they couldn’t fund it. They decided to team up with MasterCard, but this did not work out. Now the cards the have today are great and they still remain the number one credit card bank!

The 1970s was the age of the first ATM machines! If people already had Citibank cards, they were able to take money out of their account anytime and anywhere. If you are wondering where some of the Citibank ATMs are, check 7-Eleven! There are 6,700 stores with these ATMs inside.

Citibank locations are mainly in big city areas. You could find them in Philadelphia, NYC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and D.C. to name the majority. They recently pulled out of Texas and Massachusetts.

Citibank works with a lot of stores with their retail store cards. Recently added was Best Buy, but there are several others like Shell, Staples, Home Depot, and Sears to name a few. Need a credit card with awesome benefits? Choose Citibank! Try searching for a “Citibank near me” today!

The Citigroup Center is an incredible building. It is the 10th largest skyscraper in NYC. The building was featured in several tv shows and movies including Law and Order. There was a train set featured in the main lobby from the 80s until the late 2000s. The building also had 59 floors and double deck elevators. The roof was a funny shape nd angle, because at the time of it’s construction, they were going to add solar panels to the roof, but that didn’t work out.

Citibank is located all over the world. It sold it’s German based banks in 2008 and changed the name of it to Targobank. Looking for a Citibank locally with everything you need? Try searching for “Citibank near me” in your search and just look at the map!

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  1. Vito R. Ramundo says:

    I want to move my money from key bank to citi bank where is the closest location to 117 Washington Avenue also known as College Suites at Wash Square

  2. Penny says:

    Where is the closest Citi Bank to South Bend, In (not ATM).

  3. Vickie Bland says:

    Is there a Citibank in the Atlanta area?