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If you’re looking for a bank that has stood the test of time, providing excellent customer service and banking opportunities for 150 years, look no further than Citizens Bank. This banking giant has been serving customers longer than almost any other bank in the United States. With account options for every budget, superb customer relations and innovative banking features, Citizens is built to suit every lifestyle.

Are you interested in finding a Citizens Bank in your area? Simply browse Citizens Bank near me on the map below and find a list of Citizens Bank locations in your area. Need a bit more information on this bank? Read on for interesting facts and trivia on this banking giant!

Citizens Bank Near Me – Find it on the Map

Citizens Bank Near Me – Citizens Bank Trivia

When was Citizens Bank founded?

Much like the history of America itself, Citizens Bank is rooted in the rich tapestry of America’s financial story. Built upon the idyllic principle that they could only succeed if their customer’s succeeded as well, Citizens Bank is one of the largest and oldest financial service firms in the United States. The history of this bank dates back to High Street Bank, which was founded in 1828. High Street Bank established the Citizens Savings Bank in 1871. From their the brand grew, serving up customers from the 1800s right on through two different centuries. By 1981, the bank had grown to include a whopping 29 branches in Rhode Island alone, with approximately $1 billion in assets. By 1988, Citizens became a wholly owned subsidiary of the prestigious RBS Group. Consider this while searching Citizens Bank near me!

citizens bank near me

With a long history and great options, Citizens Bank could be the right bank for you!

How did Citizens Bank grow so rapidly?

Like any great business, Citizens Bank grew rapidly and with purpose. Following their acquisition by RBS Group in 1988, Citizens grew exponentially following a series of 25 strategic bank acquisitions. These acquisitions not only greatly expanded the Citizens Bank footprint throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic- and the Midwest; they made Citizens Bank a household name. These acquisitions served to transform Citizens from a local retail bank into one of the largest retail US bank holding companies with assets totaling $170 billion before the global financial crisis. Though many things have changed about Citizens Bank since their inception in the 1800’s, a few things have never changed. They are as committed to serving their customers and the communities they serve as they ever have been. Citizens realizes that it’s the community and the people within it that make their bank great, not the money itself.

How long do dollar bills last?

If you’re searching Citizens Bank near me, consider this fun banking fact. On average a US $1 or $10 bill will last for an average of eighteen months. Five dollar bills tend to last around fifteen months and twenties can kick around for as long as two years. The larger denomination bills can last up to eight years!

Citizens Bank Near Me – Citizens Bank Facts

Recovering From the Financial Crisis

Like so many big banks, Citizens Bank was not spared during the tumultuous time of the US financial crisis. So how did Citizens manage to bounce back and retain their reputation as a banking giant? First, they transformed their business mix. They sought to focus on achieving a more balanced mix across their commercial businesses. Second, they improved their deposit mix. In doing this they sought to include a greater percentage of lower cost and more stable demand in checking, money, market, and savings accounts. Third, Citizens improved strategic focus. In doing so, they identified and reduced their exposure to assets that proved inconsistent with their goals or could be seen as risky or unethical. Fourth, they boldly optimized their geographic footprint. The brand exited areas where they were not performing well and branched out into locations with attractive growth and return options. Finally, the brand refined their branch model delivery method. They invested in channels such as self service banking, mobile banking, and online apps to allow for 24 hour banking on the go. The changes proved successful. Not only did Citizens survive the financial crisis, but it found great success on the other side.

Choosing the Right Bank and Account

If you’re searching Citizens Bank near me, you either have a Citizens account or you’re pondering over switching banks. How should one go about choosing the right bank and account? Start with a checking account. Checking accounts are perfect for day-to-day banking including making deposits, withdrawing cash, and paying bills. These types of accounts typically offer a multitude of ways for accessing your money-including debit cards, ATMS, and personal checks. A great checking account will not limit your number of monthly transactions or charge you for using your card to often in a single day. Most checking accounts do not earn any interest and those that do often producer lower returns than if you put your money in savings account. When choosing a checking account, whether at Citizens or else where, always look for accounts that have low fees or no fees whatsoever. Fees can add up quickly, even if they seem minute at first. Look for an account that does not charge a monthly maintenance fee, does not require a minimum balance, and reimburses fees from ATM transactions outside of the bank’s network. Also look for accounts that offer lenient overdraft policies.

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