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A clinic is any outpatient care clinic that is primarily focused on quickly treating and diagnosing patients so that they can be on the road to wellness in a timely manner. Most clinics are privately operated but a few are publicly managed and funded, this is to help cover the costs and primary healthcare needs of populations in local communities. In contrast to hospitals, clinics do not admit patients or allow of overnight stays.

Are you interested in finding a clinic near you? Simply browse clinics near me on the map below and find a list of clinics located within a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on clinics? Read on for unknown facts, trivia, and information on clinics.

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What are the different kind of clinics?

When it comes to clinics, most are generally run by a primary care doctor, this typically means that the level of care enjoyed at a clinic is very on par with the level of care you would receive when simply visiting a regular primary care practitioner. Some clinics are not run by a single doctor and often have doctors who volunteer their services to help needy areas. This is typically limited to free clinics. Other types of clinics are run by the type of specialist who is generally associated with that type. For example, a physical therapy clinic is run by a physiotherapist and a psychology clinic is run by a clinical psychologist. This can even hold true for clinics outside of the medical field. Many clinics are operated by in-house employers, hospitals, or government organizations with a few being run by private corporations that specialize in providing health services. In some countries, those who run or own clinics do not even have to have a formal medical education to do so. Countries such as India, China, Russia, and Africa provide care to those in need with mobile health clinics and roadside dispensaries, which are integral to their traditional forms of medicine. This is largely unheard of in the US, minus a few urban areas which operate mobile clinic units. Think about all of the different kinds of clinics as you search clinics near me.

clinics near me

Urgent Care clinics are the most common type of clinic you will come across in your daily life.

How many care clinics currently exist in the United States?

In recent years, a large percentage of the population has taken to using care clinics rather than visiting their primary care doctor when feeling ill. The reason? Many primary care doctors don’t have the hours or appointment availability that a care clinic does. Since clinics often have hours after 6:00 PM, even those working a 9 to 5 job can squeeze in a doctor’s visit without having to lose hours at work. With that said, there are currently 9,000 urgent care clinics located in the United States today. A whopping 40% of those clinics expect to expand their existing sites or add additional locations within the next three to four years. According to statistics, 75% of all urgent care clinics are located in more suburban areas, with 15% finding a home in urban areas and 10 percent in rural areas. Many attribute this to number of families and working individuals in suburban areas. Families are more prone to accidental or sudden injury or illness, which makes an urgent care clinic absolutely necessary for the average suburban family. Urban areas tend to have a higher concentration of specialists, hospitals, and primary care physicians, which makes the necessity for urgent care clinics a bit underwhelming. Consider these facts as you search clinics near me.

Clinics Near Me – Clinics Facts

Clinics by The Numbers

If you’re searching clinics near me, then you know that urgent care is the cornerstone of the clinic market. Statistics on urgent care clinics are vast and varied, but most researchers agree on a few key facts. A large majority of all urgent care clinics, around 61%, have operated for more than five years, with around 40% having been open for nine years or more. Around 15% have been in operation for three to five years, with 16% boasting less than two years in business. What does this mean for you? Many urgent care clinics are established and have been serving the communities they are located in for years. They are trusted medical facilities who have a great reputation in the areas they serve. These clinics have also served to fill a need in these locations. Statistics show that 85% of all urgent care clinics are open seven days a week, with most holding hours until 8PM. The convenience of these hours makes it possible for the average working class individual to visit a doctor and receive the care they need. In contrast, most primary care doctors do not hold hours past 4 or 5 pm, making it difficult for many without time off from work to make an appointment. As of 2012, the average urgent care clinic boasted more than 357 patient visits per week. That translates to around 160 million total visits annually for all urgent care centers combined. This volume has steadily been increasing to around 3 patients per day from 2010. Nearly all urgent care clinics expect growth in the coming years.

Insurance and Urgent Care

If you’ve been watching the news while searching clinics near me, then you know the debate that’s been raging over health care. This can lead many to question which clinics and doctors will accept their insurance. For most Americans with insurance, whether under the American Care Act or employer provided, urgent care clinics are covered. The major difference is that some insurance companies will charge a slightly higher copay for visiting an urgent care clinic rather than seeing your primary care physician. According to statistics, five primary payers reimbursed for urgent care clinic visits. Around 51% of all visits are reimbursed by private insurance, but this largely depends on the clinic you are visiting and your exact insurance plan. Some plans will label urgent care as a “specialist visit,” while others will file it under “primary care.” More than 14% of of visits are reimbursed by Medicare or other programs to help those in need. 13% of visits are reimbursed by occupational medicine, and 10% of visits are reimbursed by Medicaid/public assistance. If you’re not sure if your plan covers urgent care clinics, call the number provided on the back of your insurance card to double check. Don’t open yourself up to a high bill that you can’t pay. Instead, know your plan prior to visiting. If it’s an emergency, remember that your care and health come first.

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  3. Henry Stallings says:

    I don’t have a doctor but I need to take the covid-19 test I have a cough and diarrhea in total body ache how do I get a test for covid-19 with no doctor

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