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Need a pick me up? Want to enjoy a hot drink on a cold day maybe? Coffee is to Americans what Tea is to the U.K., a traditional breakfast drink, dessert drink, and social drink that brings in quite a profit. Also like Tea, the Coffee beans come from a plant and are a global industry with a lot of history.

In the mood for a cup of Joe, mud, or java? Check out “Coffee near me” and be on your way to the perfect comfort drink. Who knows? You might find a regular coffee shop for your next before work pick me up.

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Did you know?

Coffee beans are actually just seeds from a berry. The Coffee plant grows in warmer climates, particularly in Africa and Madagascar.

coffee near me

Two staples of the morning: Coffee and a newspaper.

If you ever frequent American Coffee shops, you’ll mostly see young college kids with this job or people in their 20s ad 30s. However, being a Barista in Italy is considered an honor, with a varied age range filling the position. Want to know where your local Coffee shop is? Just search “Coffee near me’ and see what comes up!

Ever wondered what it would be like to bathe in coffee? In Japan, This is art of a spa ritual! They also use Tea and Wine as well.

What is Irish Coffee anyway?

If you ever wanted to know what this beverage was, it’s mainly just Coffee with Whiskey in it. It also has cream and whipped cream on top. Better make this a weekend morning drink,or you’ll add a new definition to the term Coffee buzz!

Where does the word Coffee come from originally?

The term Coffee has evolved and changed quite a bit before it made it to the English word. Once, it was an Arabic word that was pretty long, then when it made it to Turkey, it was called kahve, The Dutch coined the drink Koffie and then it became a similar sounding word, but in English.

Did you know?

Coffee was somewhat addictive to a few important people in history. Voltaire, a writer and pioneer of the enlightment would drink 50 cups of coffee a day! One of the more popular U.S. presidents, Theodore Roosevelt would drink 16 cups of coffee a day! That’s 6 cups! His family was also known for bringing the coffee house trend to Manhattan.

In Malaysia, they wouldn’t dare have a black cup of coffee. Coffee is considered a sweet indulgence and has condensed milk mixed in for a rich creaminess that will work well with a nice slice of cake. Coffee was introduced to Malaysians in the 19th century, but that didn’t stop them from mastering a tasty technique!

In the middle ages, People often wondered if Catholics could indulge in such a sinfully tasty beverage. It was later clarified by the Pope to be fine.

Coffee Near Me – Coffee Facts

The two most popularly grown beans are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is usually the choice used the most by companies for its good quality and has been grown in over 70 countries. Arabica was found in Ethiopia originally, and has been one of the oldest known coffee plants in the world. There is pressing concern that global warming may attribute to the phasing out of the Arabica coffee plant.

The origin of how it was discovered that coffee had stimulant properties, was said to be by a man named Kaldi in the 9th century. He had discovered that when his goats ate the coffee plant, they were very hyper and skittish.

In Yemen, coffee was first prepared in the similar style that it is today. They would brew the beans under hot water so they could stay up for a specific nightly ritual they would do. The Middle East has a long standing history of the use of coffee and it’s spread to other countries.

Coffee came to certain parts of Europe after the battle of Vienna, and in Britain, a coffee house was opened called the Queen’s Lane coffee house that is still operating today.

Coffee made it to the U.S. during the revolutionary time period, when the Boston Tea party issue had started to occur. Ben Franklin was quite enamored with coffee. He would hang out in coffee houses and talk about politics with the patrons!

Before 1920, the biggest coffee drinkers were Scandinavians and the Dutch. It’s not surprising the Netherlands would love coffee, they were some of the first people to patent the doughnut! In the mood for a strong cup of coffee? Just search for “coffee near me”.

If you ever just take the coffee grounds out of the machine and throw them in the garbage, don’t! Coffee grounds make one of the best mulches for the garden and are beneficial to certain plants and bugs as well.

In an ironic twist, coffee is a major source of income for certain third world countries. However, the twist is that coffee growing depletes necessary water reserves in countries that already have very little water. Yikes!

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