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Few things in the world beat a cup of fresh roasted coffee! Every coffee snob knows that fresh ground beans and newly roasted coffee makes the difference between a subpar cup and one that’s truly out of this world.

Looking to up your coffee game? Simply browse coffee roasters near me and find the best coffee roasters in your local area. Need a bit more information on coffee roasting? How about tips on buying a light roast and a dark roast? Read on for all the facts, trivia, and info you need about coffee roasting. You’ll be drinking to these facts in no time flat!

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True or false: Light roast has more caffeine than dark roast.

Light and dark roast coffees are not named for their caffeine content. Despite this, many coffee drinkers have long believed that dark roast contains more caffeine than its lighter counterpart. What’s the truth? Forget everything you’ve been told. Dark roast coffee actually contains slightly less caffeine per bean than light roast coffee. While it is easy to associate a darker color coffee with strong caffeine levels, caffeine actually degrades during the process of roasting. That means that lighter coffee has a higher caffeine content because it spends less time being roasted. Something else to keep in mind? Dark roast coffee actually weights less. That means it will actually take more beans to make a single cup. At the end of the day, caffeine contents are similar, but light coffee does have a slight advantage. While searching coffee roasters near me, keep caffeine levels and your desired roast in mind! Which roast is your favorite? Sound off below!

coffee roasters near me

Coffee roasters know what it takes to create the perfect coffee blend!

How long does roasting take?

Coffee roasting may seem like a pretty straight forward process, but like anything involving food or edible items, it all comes down to science. Just how long does roasting take? Well, that depends. On average, a roast can take up to 20 minutes and will vary in end temperature from around 205 degrees Celsius to 250 degree Celsius. Why the differing temperatures? By applying more or less heat at different points during the roasting process, the roaster can actually impact flavor, acidity and the feel of the coffee in the mouth. Roasting slowly is the first stage of roasting, just before the first crack. This increases body and texture. Applying more heat at the beginning stages of roasting will heighten acidity, creating a more crisp finish. Coffee is roasted in different ways to achieve a certain darkness and taste profile. While searching coffee roasters near me, keep the complex process of roasting in mind. It may be the difference in finding your perfect brew!

Coffee Roasters Near Me – Coffee Roasters Facts

Light Roast Is More Complex

Coffee drinkers are often told about the “complexity” of coffee. Complexity deals with the intensity of flavor, acidity, and other profiles such as texture or mouth feel. If you’re someone who desires a more complex roast, you may want to veer away from the dark side. According to coffee roasters, a light roast is actually far more complex. The reason? When beans are roasted at a low temperature for a short time, the coffee retains more acidity and intense flavor. This flavor often represents the country of origin. Beans sourced from Africa will have a different complexity and flavor profile than those sourced in South America. A darker roast coffee boasts the roast profile rather than the flavor of the bean itself. The origin doesn’t matter as much because the taste will not come through. A dark roast coffee is a bit sweeter and more decadent, but in complexity, it just can’t keep up with a lighter roast. While on your quest to find a coffee roaster near you, keep complexity and flavor in mind. If you’re someone who wants a taste of the origin country, go for a lighter roast.

Creating Strong Coffee

Most coffee drinkers crave what we deem “strong coffee.” Whether a placebo or not, it can seem to a coffee lover as if a strong coffee can actually do more than a weaker brew. How can you go about creating strong coffee? Keep reading as you search coffee roasters near me. Despite what you may have been told, the strength of your coffee is determined by the actual ratio of coffee grinds to water during the process of brewing, not the actual roasting process of the coffee. At the end of the day, the person making the coffee has the power in determining whether or not a coffee will be strong or not. Strength has nothing to do with the roasting of the beans. Just because a dark roast coffee tends to taste a bit more bitter does not mean the brew itself is stronger or more potent.

Is Espresso A Roast?

Some people love a nice dark cup of espresso. When searching coffee roasters near me, you may even be seeking out an espresso roast. But in truth, is espresso a roast? Well, not really. Espresso may be coffee’s stronger and bolder cousin, but that has nothing to do with the bean or the roasting process. Espresso actually garners its strength from the brewing process. Some coffee beans are very finely ground to make espresso. Finely ground coffee beans plus a high pressure brewing method tend to result in what is known as espresso. Espresso can be crafted from light, medium and even dark roasted coffee. In short, any roast can create espresso when prepared in the right way. It all comes down to preference, not roast. If you love espresso, know that you likely won’t find a true espresso roast.

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