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In the modern day, protecting your online presence is more important than ever. Cyber crimes are on the rise and hackers are targeting everyone from big corporations to individuals with computer vulnerabilities. The best way to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime is to hire a great computer security service. Need a service in your area? Simply browse computer security service near me on the map below and find a list of the top rated computer security services near you. Need a bit more information on computer security? Keep reading for facts, information and more. You’ll feel safer and more protected than you ever have before.

Computer Security Service Near Me – Find it on the Map

Computer Security Service Near Me – Trivia

True or false: Having a strong password can protect security attacks.

What’s in a strong password? If you’re searching computer security service near me, you may want to stay tuned for the answer. You might think that a password doesn’t have much effect on your computer’s overall security, but experts agree that a strong password may just be your best first line of defense. In fact, chief security officers at major corporations such as Facebook have found that the simplest solutions for security are a strong password and two-factor authentication. While the media often focuses on deep and complicated hacks, most computer hacks are relatively simply and often involve something as easy as guessing your password or even stealing your password.

With that said, make your password as complicated as you can. That means, don’t use your birthday, don’t use “password” and certainly don’t use your pet’s name. Make sure your password has a combination of numbers, characters, and letters. If you’re not sure you can remember a complicated password, simply write down a physical password log to keep all of your passwords in one place. Avoid storing your password log in an email doc or something else that may be accessible on your computer.

Computer Security Service Near Me

Always keep yourself safe on the web by hiring a great computer security firm.

True or false: New computers and devices aren’t vulnerable to security threats.

You just bought a new tablet or laptop and you’re feeling pretty good about your computer’s overall security. The smell is fresh, the battery is working like a dream, and there’s still plastic on the screen. This means you’re protected against attacks, right? Wrong. As you search computer security service near me, consider just how vulnerable your computer may be. In fact, even new computers can be infected with malware and riddled with security vulnerabilities.

The thing is, many new computers and tablets come pre-installed with vulnerable adware such as Superfish. Lenovo models are infamous for having Superfish pre-installed on most of their models. Be wary of what may already pre-installed on your computer by contacting your local computer security shop promptly.

Computer Security Service Near Me – Facts

Should every website use https?

Odds are if you’re searching computer security service near me, you spend quite a bit of time online each day. Yet, many people aren’t well versed on web security and protecting themselves from potential issues. When visiting any website, make sure you see “HTTPS” before the web address. The reason? “HTTPS” websites are more secure and less vulnerable to attack.

Sure, you’ve likely heard that “HTTPS” is slow or doesn’t really work. Yet technologists have found that even websites that don’t process credit cards or debit cards need to have HTTPS. Without HTTPS, it is easy for hackers, eavesdroppers, and even government surveillance programs to see exactly what you’re reading on your site, which data you’re processing, and even to alter data in malicious ways. While there’s nothing you can do about a website that doesn’t boast HTTPS, you can do your part by aiming to avoid sites that aren’t secure. This puts you at a lower risk for being hacked.

Always Say Yes To A Software Update

Everyone is accustomed to those pop reminders asking you to update your software. Annoying right? Most of us just schedule the update for later and keep doing so for quite some time. Yes, it can be taxing to have to wait for an update to run and then restart your computer, but it can be the difference between a secure computer and one that’s vulnerable attack. In fact, often times an update is the only thing that stands in the way of safety and being owned up by a bad a bad guy. Software updates don’t just exist to annoy you.

The frequency of these updates is less driven by new features and more because of a software flaw that has been found that an attacker can use to exploit and gain control of your overall system. These software patches seek to fix issues that are publicly identified and most likely to be used in an attack. Would you go days without bandaging a wound on your finger? Then why would you do the same with your computer? As you search computer security service near me, consider how a simple update could spare you from a lot of headaches and vulnerabilities.

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