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For a night out, a concert can be the ultimate form of entertainment. Whether you’re looking to catch your favorite band or just check out some local musicians; a concert can be an ell encompassing and life changing experience. In the United States, concert venues abound. From large arenas to small theaters and even the occasional dive bar, concerts are never in short supply.

Are you interested in finding concerts in your area? Simply browse concerts near me on the map below and find a list of concerts in your area. Need a bit more information on concerts? Read on for facts and trivia about concerts!

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Concerts Near Me – Concerts Trivia

When did the first rock concert take place?

If you’re in Ohio searching concerts near me, your state was once a part in securing rock and roll history. The first official rock concert to ever take place was the Moondog Coronation Ball which was held in Cleveland on March 21, 1952 at the Cleveland Arena. HEadlines for the show included Paul Williams and his Hucklebuckers and Tiny Grimes and the Rocking Highlanders (an all black instrumental group that reportedly performed exclusively in Scottish kilts). Also on the roster, the Dominoes, Varetta Dillard and Danny Cobb. Tickets to the 10,000 seat arena sold out within one day. But due to ticket counterfeiting and other factors, (including a ticket error issue), more than 20,000 people turned out for the event.

concerts near me

A concert is not only fun in the short term it has long term psychological benefits as well.

True or false: Hardcore concert goers follow proper concert etiquette.

We’ve all been there. The lights dim, the crowd goes wild, and you look up to find yourself being pushed, prodded, and swarmed by a sea of people on their cell phones. Many concert goers aren’t keen on concert etiquette, but for regulars, there are strict rules of etiquette that must be followed. Some of the most commonly practiced forms of etiquette are:

1. If you’re tall, never step in front of someone shorter than you.
2. If you have tickets at will call, have your Id ready before heading to the window.
3. If you arrive at a show late, suck it up and stand where you can. Don’t push through people who have been waiting for hours.
4. Dancing is great! So long as you aren’t invading the space of everyone around you.
5. We know you love to sing, but don’t sing so loud it feels like an audition for the band.
6.Know your show. Don’t shove as if you’re at a punk concert if you’re at a pop show.
7. Don’t get belligerently drunk.

True or false: Going to a concert is actually good for your brain and mental health.

True! In searching concerts near me, you’re actually doing some good for your brain. Human brains treat going to a concert as an experience. Research shows that humans are programmed to be psychologically happier when they spend money on an experience rather than spending their funds on a material purchase.

Concerts Near Me – Concerts Facts

The Psychology Of Concerts

Science has spent a great of time and energy into understanding how the human brain reacts in different sets of circumstances, including the stimulation the brain receives at concerts. While your brain treats money like a drugs, substituting it for social experience (our minds are even subconsciously dull when thinking about spending and making money). Thinking about money and making money not only makes you behave more selfishly, but it can leave you feeling unfilled. When attending a concert or show your brain is taking in an experience. From the lights and sounds, to the people in your area. You’re on stimulation overdrive. This leads to chemicals in the brain that can actually make you feel happier and more fulfilled. While making a short term purchase may lead to a temporary high, the experience of a concert and the memories made their will lead to long term happiness and a greater sense of purpose. Looks like you should start searching for concerts near me today!

Revenue at Concerts

While some smaller venues or bars will offer free admission to a few concerts, paying for tickets is quite common, especially when seeing larger acts. Historically concerts are the main source of revenue for musicians, as this kind of profit typically goes to the performing artists, producers, venue, and organizers. In the case of benefit concerts, the biggest portion of profits will often go towards a charitable organization.


If you’re searching concerts near me and come across a festival, you’re in for a treat. Not only do festivals offer a greater degree of freedom in terms of sleeping arrangements, dress code, and overall livability, but they typically take place over several days and in include hundreds of bands. Unlike other concepts which typically remain in one genre of music or work of a particular artist, festivals often cover a much broader scope of music and arts. Due to their sheer size, festival are almost always held outdoors. A few examples of some of the biggest festivals in the world are: Big Day Out, Coachella, Glastonbury, Mostly Mozart, Newport Jazz, Parachute music Festival, Rock in Rio, Woodstock music and ant Festival. Bonnaroo.

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