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Since 1951 when the first convenience store opened in Dallas, Texas; American’s have developed an obsession with the ease and price point of convenience stores. Whether you’re looking to get some gas, grab some grub, or get your coffee fix, a local convenience store is often the best and cheapest place to do it.

Are you interested in finding a convenience store near you? Simply browse convenience store near me on the map below and find a list of convenience stores in your area. Need a bit more information on convenience stores in the US? Read on for facts and trivia on America’s favorite corner stores.

Convenience Store Near Me – Find it on the Map

Convenience Store Near Me – Convenience Store Trivia

Who is credited with creating the first convenience store?

In searching convenience store near me, you might be looking for one of the classic chains such as QuickCheck or even Wawa. While these two icons in the convenience store world surely deserve their due time, they definitely weren’t the first when it came to convenience stores. The first convenience store was the Southland Ice Company located in Oak Cliff, Dallas. Founded in 1927 by “Uncle Johnny” Jefferson Green, the store offered people the ability to come stock up on foot long freezing blocks that they could use at home to refrigerate their food. Unlike grocery stores in the area, the Southland Ice Company was open 16 hours a day for seven days a week. Given the amount of time they were open and the popularity of patrons coming to pick up ice, Green decided that it would be silly for them not to sell milk, bread, and eggs as well.

convenience store near me

A typical convenience store offers everything from coffee and ice cream to bread and milk.

What do convenience stores sell more of than any other item?

Convenience stores got their name because they are truly well…convenient! If you’re searching convenience stores near me, then like many Americans you’re looking for a place that has many items that you need in one place without having to hit up a traditional grocery store. While most conveniences stores offer many household grocery and personal care items, they sell more of one item than any other. That item: coffee! Convenience stores sell an average of 11 million cups of coffee in the United States every day. In addition to coffee, convenience stores also sell millions of danishes, donuts, muffins, and breakfast sandwiches to hungry and under caffeinated consumers.

True or false: $1 out of every $23 spent in America is spent at a convenience store.

True! Apparently, you’re not the only one searching convenience store near me, as statistics show that $1 out of every $23 spent in America is spent at various convenience stores. That’s the equivalent of $1.7 billion dollars a day. Popular items purchased at convenience stores include coffee, milk, bread, eggs, donuts, paper towels, and pet products.

Convenience Store Near Me – Convenience Store Facts

Convenience Store Design

While searching convenience store near me or even in visiting them in the past, you may have noticed that most convenience stores often appear very similar in terms of design and layout. This isn’t a coincidence by any means, in fact, this is completely intentional. Almost all convenience stores are designed to have three specific zones. The first is the decompression zone. The decompression zone is the entry of the store. The intent of this zone is to allow the customer to see the entire store in a glance without having to wander aimlessly for minutes at a time. The second zone is the impulse zone! The impulse zone is comprised of things that customers are exposed to upon entering and exiting the store. Items often found in this zone include coffee, sandwiches, donuts, and candy bars. As the name implies, it’s the zone that wills you to buy things you may not have intended on buying. The final zone is the destination zone. The destination zone is the entire periphery of the store. Its for customers who enter a convenience store looking for a specific item. These items are often placed at the back of the store on purpose so that customers are forced to look at other items along the way.

A Growing Number of Convenience Store

You should have no issue whatsoever in finding a convenience store near me, as the United States currently houses more than 144,000 convenience stores. Most of these convenience stores are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, though some operate on slightly different hours depending on the location. Rural areas tend to offer less overnight hours. These 144,000 convenience stores generate a whopping $28 billion in annual transactions. Almost makes you want to open a convenience store!

Gasoline Sales

While not every conveniences store you encounter while searching convenience store near me will offer gas sales, many do. In fact two thirds of all convenience store sales are made at the gas pump. In addition, statistics show that convenience stores account for around 80% of all US gas sales. That’s not half bad!

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