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If it’s a fresh burger or a mouth watering milk shake you’re craving, Cookout is the restaurant for you. Cookout is a privately owned fast food chain that is primarily located in the Southern half of the US. The brand specializes in offering fresh never frozen beef and typical cookout style fare. With an eye on both quality and price, Cookout continues to expand every year.

Are you interested in finding a Cookout location near you? Simply browse Cookout near me on the map below and find a list of Cookout locations near you. Need a bit more information on Cookout? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Cookout Near Me – Cookout Trivia

Is Cookout a franchise?

Most of the biggest fast food chains in America are considered franchises, which means anyone can purchase a location for around $250,000 and open a restaurant. Given the number of Cookout locations, you might think that the brand is also offering franchise rights to those who are interested. So is Cookout a franchise? Consider this as you search Cookout near me. According to the brand’s website, Cookout is not currently a franchised restaurant. It is a privately held fast food chain with locations in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Maryland. The brand was first founded in Greensboro, North Carolina and has since expanded to include drive -thru locations in more than 100 cities. Almost every location includes a double drive-thru and an outdoor seating area. Many of the newest locations are offering traditional indoor seating, especially as the brand expands further into the north. Cookout was first founded by Morris Reaves, who still owns the company. His son Jeremy Reeves is currently serving as CEO. As of December 2016, the brand boasted more than 211 total locations.

cookout near me

Cookout burgers are fresh, never frozen!

How much does an employee make at Cookout?

If you’re searching Cookout near me, you might be seeking employment at your local Cookout location. Just how much does the average worker earn at Cookout? Well, it varies based on location, experience, and skill. According to previous employees, average Cookout pay ranges from $7.64 per hour as a server/cashier to $12.00 per hour for a restaurant manager or assistant manager. Salary wise, a grill cook typically earns $18,974 per year and a restaurant manager will typically take home around $50,474 per year. Of course, pay rates can vary based on an employee’s overall experience and level of education.

How many awards have Cookout hamburgers won?

Cook Out is known for its fresh never frozen hamburgers which are cooked “outdoor style.” The burgers themselves have created a strong following throughout much of the Southeast and is now gaining traction in the North. So just how many awards has Cookout won for its fantastic burgers? According to some estimates, Cookout has taken home more than 200 awards for taste, quality, and overall style. Next time you’re searching Cookout near me, you’ll be sure to get an award winning burger!

Cookout Near Me – Cookout Facts

The Cookout Menu

While most fast food restaurants offer a pretty varied menu, Cookout prefers to keep things simple and offer quality dishes that you would often find at a traditional American cookout. They don’t get caught up in hype or fall into the trap that many more famous fast food restaurants do. You’ll never see too much experimentation or odd flavor offerings, Cookout is comfortable and they like it that way. So what will you find on the Cookout menu? Consider this as you search Cookout near me. When you visit any Cookout location, the first thing you’ll notice is the burger selection. You can choose between a regular burger or a big double burger. Both can be customized to suit your taste needs. You can also choose a two hotdog combo, a quesadilla combo, or regular barbecue. If chicken is more your thing, you can order a regular chicken sandwich, a cajun chicken sandwich, a spicy chicken sandwich, a barbecue char grilled chicken sandwich, or chicken strips. You’ll never find a shortage of sides to choose from. At Cookout, you’ll find comforting side orders such as : hushpuppies, slaw, onion rings, fries, chili, and corn dog nuggets. Every sandwich and side can be customized with toppings at no extra charge to you.

How Fresh is a Cookout Burger?

Part of what sets Cookout apart from the fast food pack is the fact they boast fresh beef. Just how fresh is a Cook Out burger? Consider this as you search Cookout near me. According to the brand, the beef used at every location is fresh, never frozen. Suppliers deliver a fresh shipment of beef to every store, every single day. You’ll never find beef sitting in a freezer for days or even weeks on end before being used. Every Cookout location works to ensure that every customer has access to the best possible burger. Americans work hard for their money, which means they don’t want to throw it away on a paltry burger that might be tough, overdone, or reheated. Condiments and toppings are also prepared fresh each and every day. You’ll never found wilted or brown lettuce, day old onions, or sub par slaw if you’re eating at a Cook Out restaurant!

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