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Ever dreamed of being someone else for a change? Whether you’ve always wanted to channel your inner mermaid or secretly yearn to be a superhero, costumes have the unique ability to transform us into something we’re not. The feeling you get from simply stepping out of your own skin is one that can only be compared to childlike freedom. Nothing is more fun or more exciting than a great costume.

Ready to find the perfect costume for your next event? Simply browse costume rental near me on the map below and find a list of great costume shops in your local area. Need a bit more information on costumes? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more. You’ll be a true shapeshifter in no time!

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Why do we wear Halloween costumes?

On October 31st, most of us dress up in a costume and head straight to a party or to trick-or-treat. But why do we dress up on Halloween? After all, what does wearing a costume really have to do with the holiday itself? Consider this as you search costume rental near me. Halloween first began during the Iron Age, when the Celts and the Gauls ruled major areas of Great Britain and Northern France. This is where Halloween first originated. Gaelic people believed it was important to honor the dead, they also wanted to ward off evil spirits as the harvest came and winter approached. Wearing a costume was just one simple way to keep bad spirits at bay while also honoring those who had already passed. Today, we don’t wear costumes to ward off spirits or to protect ourselves. Instead, the costumes are a form of self expression and a simple way to have a bit of fun.

costume rental near me

Wearing a costume is a great way to express yourself and your hidden personality.

What was the most popular costume in 2018?

Costume trends come and go. Old standards such as “witch” or “princess” might be everlasting, but they certainly wain in popularity as the years go on. What was the most popular costume in 2018? Well, if you guessed a ghost or a superhero, you’re not quite on the nose. Consider this as you search costume rental near me. According to Google search trends, “Fortnite” was the most popular costume in 2018. More people wanted to dress like characters from this popular video game series than anything else. In a close second was SpiderMan. Thanks to a great year for Marvel, SpiderMan is just as popular as ever. Folks from all walks of life couldn’t wait to give this webby costume a try. Coming in third was a unicorn. Millennials in particular found a true obsession with unicorns, rainbows, and all things mythical in 2018. Because of this Unicorn onesies and magical makeup made for some interesting Halloween costumes in 2018. What did you dress up as last year? Will you be renting a far different costume in the coming months? Sound off below!

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Where does the word costume come from?

From the time most of us are children, we know exactly what a costume is and what it isn’t. But most of us have never learned the origin of the word “costume” or what costumes initially represented. Keep these facts in mind as you search costume rental near me. According to historians, the term costume is actually Italian in origin. It means “fashion” or “costume.” Back when costumes started gaining traction as something other than a way to celebrate Halloween, they were representative of a person’s class, religion, ethnicity, and even occupation. Early costumes were sewn by hand, a labor intensive project that often took several weeks to complete. Ready to wear costumes didn’t exist until the beginning of the 20th century. Even then, many folks still preferred to make their costumes with a sewing machine or by hand. Store bought costumes didn’t take off until well after the 1950s. Nowadays, far more people buy or rent costumes than making them by hand. Sewing is no longer a common skill, especially amongst those under 40/ Because of this, the costume market has really taken off in recent decades.

What is cosplay?

Not everyone searching costume rental near me wants to simply portray a character for one night or for the purpose of theater. Instead, they may like to partake in “cosplay.” What is cosplay? The term itself is short for costume play. It originates in Japan is considered a combination of both costumes and role play. A cosplayer will painstakingly imitate a specific fictional character in order to achieve their exact look. Cosplay is particularly popular amongst those who are fans of certain superheroes, comic books, anime, or video game characters. In recent years, cosplay has become very popular at conventions such as Comic Con, where both men and women seek to accurately portray their favorite characters with a certain degree of authenticity. Because of the nature of cosplay, many cosplayers prefer to buy their costume rather than rent. This allows them to customize their costume and add special touches to set them apart from other cosplayers portraying the same character. Unlike someone simply portraying a character on Halloween, cosplayers take their craft very seriously. In its own way, cosplay is both an art form and a form of self expression.

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