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Coworking spaces are essentially just shared work spaces. They offer affordable and often well designed diggs for those who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on office space. These spaces tend to be sleek, modern, and thoughtfully designed. With amenities such as on site kitchens and lounge areas, it’s a space that invites both independence and collaboration.

Searching for a shared cowork space near you? Simply browse coworking space near me on the map below and find a list of the best coworkers spaces in your local area. Need a bit more information on coworkers spaces? Keep reading for all the best facts, trivia, and information on these shared work spaces. We’ll give you tips on finding the best space for your budget and all the insider info some real estate agents don’t want you to know!

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True or false: Coworker spaces are only for startups.

Coworker spaces are often occupied by startups, but they are not only reserved for these fledgling companies. Start ups enjoy the flexibility that coworkers spaces can bring because they don’t involve the high cost or commitment that a traditional office lease does. They also have plenty of space to allow small teams to interact with one another and other people in the general office area. This means that two people could possibly connect at just the right time. Potentially leading to employment or business opportunities that may have never happened otherwise. While startups love coworker spaces, they aren’t the only ones moving into these shared buildings.

Coworker spaces offer modern digs and plenty of amenities for your workday.

coworking space near me

Freelancers also love coworker spaces! Freelancers get the flexibility of choosing their own hours and schedule without the isolation that can often come with working from home. For those who are self employed or working freelance, coworker spaces can help foster a feeling of community. It’s also a lot more fun than working from your couch or at a coffee shop! While searching coworking space near me, know that these spaces are given to anyone and anyone who wants them. You don’t have to work for a crazy tech startup to get as shared space. Freelancers can also hold an office space and a bit of outside connection.

How many people use coworker spaces?

The rise of the everyday entrepreneur is real. People young and old are starting their own businesses, quitting their day jobs, and ditching the nine to five rat race in favor of more flexibility. In fact, it is believed by 2020 that fifty percent of the US workforce will be freelance. With the rise of these small start ups and freelance gigs, coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular. Just how many people currently use a coworker space? Read on for the answer as you search coworking space near me.

According to statistics, coworking spaces now occupy some 27 million square feet of office space all across the US. Some see coworking spaces as the new normal. There are currently 14,411 coworkingg spaces in the world today, with some 3.8 million people utilizing those spaces everyday. By 2022, it is believed that some 5.1 million people will head to a coworking space as part of their day job. In addition to coworker spaces, maker spaces are also becoming quite popular in shared buildings. Maker spaces are dedicated to those who want to make something tangible with their hands, but don’t necessarily have the space for the tools necessary.

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Make Work Meaningful

Here’s an interesting fact about coworker spaces: they tend to lead to high productivity. In fact, studies show that those who complete their work in a coworking space rather than a traditional office will see a six to seven percent spike in their overall productivity rate. What’s the reason for this spike in ambition? It all has to do with meaningful work. Think of it this way. When you head to a traditional office for your regular nine to five, you’re prone to feeling bored and a bit burnt out.

However, those who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful. Whether it is a start-up or a freelance gig, those who utilize coworker spaces care about the work they’re doing. When someone finds the work they do to be meaningful or purposeful, they tend to give their all to their work. Another reason for this increase in productivity is the overall set up of a coworker space. Unlike a traditional office, coworking areas consist of people who work for different companies and do work on vastly different projects.

There is little in the way of internal politics or competition, so they don’t feel the need to be anything other than their most authentic selves. Working among people from all walks of life and those doing different kinds of work can actually make one feel more invested in the work they do on their own. In this way, coworker spaces motivate, forge connections, and promote a sense of true identity. As you search coworking space near me, consider how a coworkers space can make you more productive and more invested in the work that you do.

A Sense of Community

If you work freelance or for a very small start up consisting of just a handful of people, it can be easy to feel isolated or withdrawn. Coworker spaces allow workers of all types to forge connections with others. This is a big reason why most people are willing to work in a communal space rather than renting a traditional office or working from home. If you’re someone who works freelance or just wants a more non-traditional approach to work, try searching coworking space near me. A sense of community may not seem inherently important- but in fact, it can lead to better work and a better sense of self.

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