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Crepes are a wonderful breakfast or a nice dessert. The number of specialty crepe locations is growing with the increased popularity of this traditionally French treat. Whether you are looking for the standard flat crepe or the cone style, most major cities have got a nice selection of locations selling crepes. Just take a look at the Crepes Near Me map below at the locations nearby.

All you need is to click on the destination and it will show you the address of the name, address and phone number for the location. In addition, you can also get the website, if the have one, and reviews to help you select the best crepe restaurant for you to visit and indulge.

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What is a crepe?

You searched Crepes Near Me and didn’t know what a crepe was? That is okay, we have you covered. A crepe is basically a really thin pancake. It is normally made out of wheat flour or more traditionally buckwheat flour. You essentially take flour, eggs, milk, water, salt and butter and mix them together to create a really liquid batter. You pour the batter in a frying pan or griddle. The final product is a light, thin cake that is usually served with something sweet like Nutella, fruit, cream or chocolate, or something savory, like eggs, chicken or cheese. Sometimes a mixture of those. Sometimes, you can even find locations that specialize in more savory options, such as a ham and egg crepe or even a chicken Caesar crepe.

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Crepes have been adopted all over the world and here is a salmon sushi crepe mixing French and Japanese cuisine.

A Brief History of Crepes

The first Crepes came from Brittany, an area of France in the north west, along the English Channel. The first flat cake, which would later be called a crepe was created in the 12th century after the introduction of buckwheat. Since then, it has grown in popularity and spread to many different places around the world. Many countries have developed a dish similar to crepes, such as the buttermilk pancakes in the United States or Finnish Pannukakku. In the 20th century, white crepe batter became available and has been used to make a white four version of crepes. The buckwheat crepes are still the ones considered to be the most traditional version of them; however, there is now a growing movement towards a gluten-free buckwheat for those who need it.

Crepe Day!

Did you know that there is an international crepe day? And lucky for us, it is nice and close to Valentines Day. So, if you want to invite a sweet crush out, in advance, to test things out before the big day, here is a good idea. Invite her out for crepes! International Crepe Day is February 2nd. It is also the Catholic holiday of Candlemas, which is the feast that marks the Virgin Mary’s purification of Jesus. In France, the day is called La Chandeleur and the celebrations for it are pretty simple.

You eat a lot of crepes and you do some fortune telling. Yes, that is correct, fortune telling. You see, there is an old method for telling fortunes while cooking a crepe. To do it, you need a crepe pan, that is cooking a crepe and a coin. You hold the coin in your writing hand and the frying pan in you off hand. If you can successfully flip the crepe, while holding the coin, your family will be prosperous that year. So, why not give it a shot.

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Crepes Around the World

While crepes may have originated in Brittany, France, the simplicity of the dish allows it to be modified in an infinite number of ways. While you can always just have a plain crepe, they have a number of different types of batters, fillings and toppings. Here are some favorites that you may want to try out, divided into their general groups: Sweet and Savory.

Sweet Crepes

Sweet Crepes are some of the first ones you may want to try. They are similar to pancakes and often served for breakfast or a dessert. Some of the most popular sweet crepes are chocolate and strawberry, Nutella, jam, banana, and apple cinnamon.

Chocolate and Strawberry

This delicious crepe combination is perfect for a dessert or if you want, and indulgent breakfast. The basic recipe involves a standard crepe, with a strawberry filling, like you would for strawberry pancakes. Add some whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and some confectionary sugar and you are ready to go. Just be sure to book an appointment with your dentist.


This is a really simple, but popular recipe. All it calls for is a standard crepe, folded in half or sandwiched together with Nutella filling the inside. If you want to take it a step further, get some powdered sugar to sprinkle on the top. Nice and quick and good for kids to make.


Similar to the Nutella recipe, jams and jellies are another popular filling for crepes. Just select your favorite flavor, spread it indie one crepe or between 2 and enjoy. Also, like the Nutella, you can add some powdered sugar if you want to add some sweetness.


Banana Crepes are a great choice. They can be done a few different ways, but the basics involve slicing up a banana. Make a brown sugar, cinnamon cream sauce. Soften the banana in the sauce and use that, with some whipped cream for a filling. Pour the extra sauce on top of the crepe, with some powdered sugar or cinnamon and enjoy.

Apple and Cinnamon

The apple and cinnamon crepes are done very similarly to the banana. You just substitute the banana for sliced apples and you may want to opt out of the whipped cream. I personally recommend substitute the whipped cream for some vanilla ice cream myself. It will give you a nice thought of an apple pie.

Savory Crepes

There are a lot of savory crepes too. These are crepes that become the entrée for your meal. It could be a breakfast, lunch or dinner dish. You essentially use crepes as you would a wrap, as they have a similar thickness, but are a bit sweeter. Some great choices are a breakfast crepe, chicken Caesar crepe, bacon-mushroom crepe, and salmon.

Breakfast crepe

There are a lot of breakfast crepes out there and in general, they are delicious. Here is a simple one that you can cook up at home. Using a standard crepe as a wrap, you want to fill it with an egg scramble. I recommend, cheese, tomato, mushroom, diced bacon and a little bit of parsley and basil. It is nice and simple. If you want to make it a little healthier, use egg-whites and use ham instead of the bacon.

Chicken Caesar crepe

Here is a great lunch or dinner crepe. Using the crepe as a wrap again, fill it with a Caesar salad with cooked, sliced chicken breast. You can add some parmesan cheese as well to add some extra flavor.

Bacon-mushroom crepe

Here is a nice quick and easy one. Fry up some bacon, slice it up, in the same frying pan, add some mushroom, a light cream or vinaigrette, parsley and garlic. Make your crepe into a pocket and slide in your bacon-mushroom sauce. Enjoy.

Salmon crepe

Here you will need a lightly cooked or smoked salmon. Slice it up lightly. Add some spinach and steamed asparagus, and parsley. I recommend a cream cheese as well. Place it in the crepe as a wrap and enjoy.

While crepes are a nice and easy dish to make at home, if you are looking for a crepe restaurant to entertain you friends, or just grab a quick meal, search Crepes Near Me to find the closest restaurant.

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