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There are a handful of wireless companies out there duking it out for your business, but few offer the simplicity and transparency that Cricket Wireless can offer. Unlike Verizon or AT&T, Cricket is a prepaid wireless service that doesn’t involve any annual contracts or fussy side fees.

Are you interested in finding a Cricket wireless store near you? Simply browse Cricket near me on the map below and find a list of Cricket Wireless providers located within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Cricket Wireless? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Cricket Near Me – Cricket Trivia

Which big name wireless company is Cricket associated with?

Though Cricket is separate in terms of plans, phones, and service, it can chock up a lot of it’s great data offerings due to its partnership with AT&T. Back in 2014, AT&T bought up Cricket to make the brand its primary prepaid service. Prior to AT&T’s influence, Cricket ran on a CDMA network and AT&T ran on a GSM network. A total of 18 months after absorbing Cricket, AT&T shut down Cricket’s CDMA network and ran the service on AT&T’s network. The result? AT&T caliber service and support without the expensive plans and added fees that big carriers such as AT&T and Verizon can almost always bear. With the strength of AT&T’s network, Cricket could focus on offering great phones and great plans to customers not looking to shell out an arm and a leg for cell phone service. Single line plans at Cricket start at just $30 a month and one can easily get a plan for 5 smartphones with a total of 3 GB of LTE high speed data per phone for a total fee of $100. By comparison, a similar setup would cost over $200 on a major carrier such as Verizon, and that’s before all of the additional taxes and fees. If anyone on Cricket is to go over their data limits, there are no extra charges, instead your data is slowed down. Though slow data isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a good time, it’s a lot more enjoyable than paying an extra $15 for each GB you go over on your plan. Depending on how many people will be on your plan, Cricket is a great way to save money while still getting a superb data package. As you search Cricket near me, consider what you’re looking for in a wireless provider.

cricket near me

Cricket wireless provides all of the service without any of the cost!

True or false: Most Cricket customers have never experienced a dropped call.

This fact is completely true! If you’re searching Cricket near me, then it’s obviously important to you that phone calls not be dropped, especially if you’re primary reason for using your phone is business or something similar. Luckily, most Cricket customers have never experienced a dropped call. Coverage wholly depends on where you live. Cricket customers enjoy the same coverage as AT&T customers and will not experience dropped calls or the headaches that can often be associated with prepaid phone plans. Instead, you’ll cut your wireless bill in half while still enjoying great coverage. The only downside that some Cricket customers have experienced is that in densely populated areas AT&T customers will get priority over Cricket customers in terms of data and call usage. This means that if you live in a big city such as New York, you may not experience the same level of satisfaction as someone living in the suburbs.

Cricket Near Me – Cricket Facts

Figuring Out the Right Plan

If you’re searching Cricket near me, then rest assured, that you’ll have plenty of great plans to choose from at a flat rate. Of course, figuring out the right plan for you isn’t always simple. Experts recommend asking yourself a few simple questions and taking stock of your life/need when figuring out which wireless plan is right for you. To start, evaluate your current plan and how much you’re paying. Write down what your current plan offers and doesn’t offer. What are you happy about with your current wireless plan? What could your plan have that it doesn’t? Asking these questions is vital to figuring out what plan is really best to you. Next, find out how much data you’re using compared to how much data you’re actually paying for. If you’re paying for 6GB of data and using 2 GB per month, you’re not doing yourself any favors. If you’re the type that rarely uses data and relies mostly on wifi networks, you can probably skate by with a pretty cheap slim data package if money is an issue. Your next step is to discover which plan has the potential to offer you want you want while reducing monthly costs. Don’t be afraid to pop into your local Cricket wireless provider and ask questions. Though they want to sell you a Cricket plan, they also want you to be happy satisfied with their service. Unlike many bigger providers, they won’t lead you astray to simply make a buck or two extra. Lastly, weigh the pros and cons of going with a smaller carrier such as Cricket or going with a big carrier like Verizon. Some things to consider are your line of work, how often you travel, where you live, and the primary activities you’re performing on your phone. With these steps in mind, you should be able to find the perfect phone plan and carrier for you.

Cricket Unlimited

If you’re the type of person who is always going over data limits on your current plan, a Cricket unlimited plan can most certainly be the right plan for you. Consider this as you search Cricket near me. Not only can a Cricket unlimited plan give you unlimited data, talk, and text, but it will cost you a measly $55 a month. Compare that to bigger providers and you could cut your wireless bill completely in half. The Cricket unlimited plan can offer high speed data access with speeds up to 4G LTE, unlimited calls, texts, and picture messages across the US, unlimited texts to a total of 38 countries, and the ability to access data from Mexico, Canada, and the US. This plan gives you the ultimate amount of flexibility, all while saving some dough!

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