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When you find yourself in the midst of dealing with criminal charges, its easy to feel overwhelmed or distressed, even if you’re at fault. Everyone deserves a chance to defend themselves and make a case on their behalf. Having someone who can speak on your behalf and navigate the complex world of criminal law could be the difference between a life altering sentence and a life of freedom.

Ready to find a criminal defense lawyer near you? Simply browse criminal defense lawyer near me on the map below and find a list of criminal defense attorneys in your local area. Need a bit more information on criminal defense law? Read on for facts, trivia, tips, and more!

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me – Criminal Defense Lawyer Trivia

What does a criminal defense lawyer do?

Odds are, you’ve watched a few shows featuring criminal defense attorneys. Shows like Law & Order and CSI make the world of criminal law look complex, fascinating, and altogether dramatic. While the world of law can be a lot like television and the movies, the role of a criminal defense lawyer is not always what it seems to be on TV. What does a criminal defense lawyer do? Consider this as you search criminal defense lawyer near me. Much like an epic storyteller, a criminal defense attorney is an expert at weaving and telling a truthful story in a number of unique ways. Both a prosecutor and a defense attorney can realistically use the same foundation of events to come up with two completely different splints on the same story. In one story, you may be painted as the victim or an innocent bystander. In another, you may be painted as a perpetrator or the one at fault. Think of it as you would a map of the United States. In one map, there is a depiction of the states in their geographic areas with borders in dark lines. Another map shows the states in a gradient scale of colors based on average income per population. Both maps are true, but they don’t look anything alike. At the end of the day, a criminal defense lawyer come up with the best story possible to frame your situation and get you a leaner sentence.

criminal defense lawyer near me

A criminal defense attorney can help you to navigate the tricky world of criminal law.

What is an “admit and explain” story?

In the world of criminal law, you’ll stumble across what is known as an “admit and explain” story. While this might sound like an outright confession- it’s not, and there are some major differences to be aware of. What is an “admit and explain” story? Find out as you search criminal defense lawyer near me. This is a type of story that falls somewhere in between a confession and a denial. They generally involve a legal justification for the events that occurred. Rather than saying “I broke the window to steal the money” the story would be reframed as “I broke the window because my friend asked me to remove the valuables from their car which was parked in a bad neighborhood.” See how there is admission of guilt, yet it’s not a downright confession? Try to avoid these types of situations prior to hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me – Criminal Defense Lawyer Facts

Protection Against Heavy Penalties

When faced with a criminal lawsuit, you’ll need protection against the heavy penalties that can occur as a result of your crimes or situation. In any criminal charge, prosecutors love to come down hard on the alleged defendant. Even if you are innocent, there is still the potential to be charged or receive a sentence for a crime you didn’t even commit. One great reason to search criminal defense lawyer near me is to garner some protection against these heavy penalties. Criminal attorneys are skilled at protecting clients against brutal prosecutors, unfair judges, and heavy penalties. They will also aim to ensure that you are properly acquitted of any false charges or crimes you didn’t commit. If you are found guilty or plead guilty, they will also make sure you are not a victim of unfair sentencing. While it might seem like hiring a great attorney won’t make much of a difference in your particular case, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whether you’ve committed a serious crime or something less sinister, a highly rated criminal defense attorney can keep you from unfair charges.

A Stronger Strategy

In the world of criminal law- strategy is everything. You wouldn’t fight a war or go into battle without a strategy to yield successful results, so why would you enter into a court case without the same kind of game plan. Trying to defend yourself may be budget friendly, but it will often lead you into some tricky situations that you might not have the knowledge or the experience to handle. As you search criminal defense lawyer near me, know that you’ll have an ally who knows the criminal law system, how to combat a tricky prosecution, and navigating juried decisions. This knowledge helps attorneys to build strong cases and fight better. Since every case requires a different approach and strategy to handle the charges, a criminal defense attorney can measure all of the events and gauge the circumstances to design the perfect strategy for your situation.

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  1. Lisa Daniels says:

    I don’t know where to begin, but I was dating an sex offender who would abuse me all of the time and I continued to stay with him.
    One night back in Feb of 2018, I had caught him cheating and wanted to confront the one he was having an affair with. We went up stairs
    to her apartment. As he was knocking, with no answer, with his left hand he was holding the rail with his right hand. When I decided I wanted to leave
    he pushed me and then I got up and had to slide down the stairs then ran into his apartment to grab my things, he hit me and pushed me down
    and then took my cell phone. I was able to get away and reported it to the police. Nothing came of this even though I have a text message with him
    saying he would not allow me to go though and threatened me. I had put a ppo on him and it was served, I was shopping and came out to find him sitting
    in the parking lot and all i said was you were served your not allowed around me, the police said he has every right to sit in the parking lot.
    He filed for a motion to terminate my PPO and placed one on me.
    That being said and done, 9 months later he is sitting at the end of my road, I called the police and they never showed up. He rushed over to
    the police department and make a false report stating I had confronted him on a road across the street from me in which I didn’t confront him.
    I had pictures showing that he was on my street during school hours when the buses were dropping kids off and the Judge even asked why he was on my street.
    I had to hire an attorney
    for yet another PPO on this man. PPO granted. However this man use to knock at my window at all hours of the night, show up at the
    gym where I work out and left a nasty note, has threatened me and my family and yet this man still walks the street.
    They consider stalking 2 times or more than they will do something about it. I have made police reports of him hitting me and again nothing was done!!
    I fear everyday this man will show up and kill me or my kids but the law doesn’t see him being a threat to me.
    I know this man and what he is capable of doing.
    He was harrassing me when he was sitting on my road where I live and nothing was done about it.
    If the PPO was in place as I requested it, this man wouldn’t be intimidating me and making me feel like I am in harm.
    I dont know who else to reach out too? seeing that the state or local police are concerned about me or my family I have been trying to find
    resources or someone to help me see that Justice is done!!
    This man does not live in the same city as I do but yet he’s able to come to my city and harass me?
    I need help!