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When traditional treatments or therapies just won’t work, cryotherapy has been shown to make a difference in those struggling with a variety of health issues. Cryotherapy literally means, “cold therapy.” It is a technique in which the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes a time.

The results can be immediate and lasting. If you’re struggling to find a therapy that works for you, give cryotherapy a try. Simply browse cryotherapy near me on the map below and find a list of certified providers in your local area. Need a bit more information on cryotherapy. How about some pros and cons? Read on for facts, trivia, and tips on cryotherapy. You’re next session won’t leave you frozen from the truth!

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Cryotherapy Near Me – Trivia

True or false: Cryotherapy first originated in Japan back in the 70s.

Though many Americans are just learning of cryotherapy today, the practice actually dates back to the 1970s in Japan. Cryotherapy first originated in 1978 when it was introduced as a therapy or treatment option for individuals suffering from very serious cases of inflammation, muscle recovery or rheumatoid arthritis.

Patients experienced a high level of success and the treatment quickly became popular in Europe, especially amongst athletes and physical therapists. Today, cryotherapy is used by many professional sports teams, athletes, physical therapists, and chiropractors to help people reduce pain, treat muscle aches, and recovery from surgeries.

Cryotherapy Near Me

Cryotherapy can be isolated to one area of the body or used all over for huge results.

True or false: Cryotherapy can help you lose weight.

The idea of shedding pounds without having to put in hours at the gym sounds like a dream come true, but is it too good to be true? Can cryotherapy actually help you lose weight in addition to pain relief? Well, yes and no. Some research suggests that being in a cold environment such as cryotherapy for extended periods of time can help you lose weight. The reason?

Being in chilly temperatures forces your body to work harder by increasing your internal temperature through shivering and other processes that in turn help you burn calories. However, with cryotherapy you are not typically in the chamber long enough to experience a major calorie burn. No scientific evidence suggests that three minutes of whole body cryotherapy will results in long term weight loss.

A recent study on participants undergoing sixth months of cryotherapy showed that those involved did not actually see any changes to their body fat or BMI, even when the therapy was combined with aerobic exercise. Similarly, cryotherapy did not affect the individual metabolic rate or speed up metabolism, despite what many Pinterest articles may tell you! The moral of the story? If you’re searching cryotherapy near me in hopes of losing weight, think again, as you might not garner many benefits.

Cryotherapy Near Me – Facts

Reduce Your Migraine Symptoms

Migraine sufferers know that relief from chronic pain isn’t always easy. For most migraine sufferers, even over the counter medications can’t dash the pain or full body experience of having a true migraine. So what can a chronic migraine sufferer do? Give cryotherapy a try. Some studies suggest that cryotherapy can help to treat migraines by numbing and cooling the nerves found in the neck area.

Another study found that simply applying a neck wrap containing two frozen ice packs to the carotid arteries in the neck can slash migraine pain significantly. It is believed that this works by cooling the blood passing through the intracranial vessels. The relief is often instantaneous and lasting. As you search cryotherapy near me, consider how a few cryotherapy sessions may bring you the relief you desire.

Can cryotherapy treat mood disorders?

For anyone suffering from a mood disorder, the options for treatment are often limited to prescription drugs and therapy. While these are often great treatment options, when used in conjunction with something like cryotherapy, results can be even more profound. Studies suggest that the freezing cold temperatures used in whole-body cryotherapy sessions can actually cause a physiological hormone response. This means the body releases adrenaline, noradrenaline, and endorphins.

This release can have an immediate positive effect on anyone experience common mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. While not a cure, cryotherapy can help bolster other treatment options and help you to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing and balance in your day to day life. If you suffer from a mood disorder, try searching cryotherapy near me today.

Are there any side effects to cryotherapy?

Much like any treatment option, cryotherapy can carry some risks and side effects. You should always consult with a doctor before beginning cryotherapy to ensure your own safety and wellbeing. The most common side effects of cryotherapy are: numbness, redness, tingling, and irritation of the skin. Most of the time, these side effects are temporary and should go away on their own. When doing cryotherapy, make sure you never use it for longer than what is recommended.

For whole body cryotherapy, a session should never last more than 4 minutes. If you are using an ice pack or running an ice bath in your home, do not do so for more than 20 minute as it can permanently damage the skin. Cryotherapy is a wonderful treatment option when done correctly. As you search cryotherapy near me, make sure you understand all of the risks involved with this treatment option.

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