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Since 1963, CVS has had the simple goal of helping consumers to lead healthier and happier lives. Offering wellness products, prescription management, immunizations and free pharmacist consultations; CVS prides itself on making life a little easier for citizens in the United States and beyond. Interested in finding a CVS store in your area? Simply browse “CVS near me” on the map below and find the closest CVS pharmacy to your current location. With over 9,600 locations in the US anyone can find a CVS within a few miles of their neighborhood!

Initially dubbed the Consumer Value Store, CVS had humble beginnings in Lowell, Massachusetts in early 1963. Founders Sidney Goldstein, Stanley Goldstein, and Ralph Hoagland sought to offer the average American a place to fill their everyday needs at a low price. While the first regional stores in the Northeast did not include pharmacies, today the company does not build any new stores without pharmacies or consultation services.

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CVS Near Me – CVS Trivia

True or false: CVS gave 84 million dollars to philanthropic causes last year.

True! In your quest to find a CVS near me, you might be wondering just what this large brand does to give back to the community. The good news is that CVS gave 84 million dollars to philanthropic causes in 2015 alone. This sum includes in store fundraising causes, corporate donations, and employee donations. CVS is also the first business committed to creating a tobacco free generation by donating to causes that educate youth on the perils of smoking.

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Most CVS locations operate 24 hours a day, but not all. At CVS, the customer comes first. The brand truly works to be accessible to individuals at all hours of the day.

How many passport photos does CVS print per year?

American’s know that every CVS location can provide quick and easy passport photos for a low price; but, just how many passport photos does this corporation print per year? The answer may just surprise you. According to some statistics CVS prints over 4 million passport photos per year. That’s a lot of budget savvy travellers!

What is the top selling brand at CVS?

While searching for a CVS near me, you probably have a list of items or brands that you’d like to pick up on your stop. Want to know what the top selling brand at CVS pharmacy is? If you’re thinking top national brands such as P&G or Unilever you’re a little off. The top selling brand at this chain is actually the CVS health brand. From Gold Emblem products to CVS brand, consumers can’t resist the quality and low prices this store brand offers at its thousands of retail locations throughout the US.

True or false: None of the CVS health brand products are tested on animals.

Animal testing is a big point of moral contention for many American consumers. Not only do American shoppers want products that aren’t tested on animals, but they don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to make a morally sound decision. The good news is that CVS health brand products are never tested on animals. This ethical decision is something that company truly prides itself in. When searching for a CVS near me, you can keep this aspect of the CVS brand in mind!

CVS Near Me – CVS Facts

CVS Health Has Provided Over 10 Million Counseling Interventions Sessions To Patients

The CVS Pharmacy Advisor Program has provided necessary counseling interventions to patients uncertain about their prescriptions or health needs. The program allows CVS Health Pharmacist to communicate with patients and their doctors in real time, making it that much easier for patients to make sound decisions while closing gaps in care. This not only reduces healthcare costs it improves the patient’s overall well being and provides peace of mind. If you’re in need of counseling intervention, simply search “CVS near me” on the map below and find a pharmacist nearby.

The CVS Beauty Club Boasts 18 Million Members

You may be seeking a CVS near me, because you’re a budget conscious beauty lover. If so, you’re looking for the right pharmacy! Not only does CVS allow customers to return beauty products that aren’t quite the right fit, but their beauty club offers amazing perks to members who love a good drugstore beauty buy. Perks include $5 rewards for every $50 spent and Extrabuck rewards on the participant’s birthday. Those are some truly beautiful savings!

Fast Facts about CVS

Searching “CVS near me” is just the first piece of the puzzle. Making educated decisions because you have all of the facts is the big picture. Read on for ten fast facts about CVS pharmacies!

1. CVS offers numerous scholarships to kids and teens looking to enter into the medical field.

2. CVS ended all tobacco product sales in 2014, seeking to create the first smoke free generation.

3. CVS fills more than 1.9 billion prescriptions per year.

4. Five million customers are served at CVS locations everyday.
5. A whopping 76% of the US population lives within five miles of a CVS pharmacy location.

6. Nail polish was the best selling beauty product at CVS in 2014, selling over 21 million units.

7. CVS helps consumers make sound food decisions with a shelf tagging system that alerts to GMOS and other unhealthy ingredients.

8. Most CVS stores have in house coupon kiosks to offer rewards members big savings.

9. CVS is in the process of rolling out digital receipts to cut back on its ecological footprint.

10. The CVS domain attracts 26 million hits every year.

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