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Whether you’re looking to get in shape or step out of your comfort zone, a dance class is a great way to get your body moving, all while toning up and reducing your overall stress levels! From ballet to contemporary, there’s a dance class to suit every personality and skill level. If you’re gearing up for a wedding or event, you may even want to try ballroom dancing!

Are you interested in finding dance classes near you? Simply browse dance classes near me on the map below and find a list of dance classes in your region. Looking for a bit more information on dance and dance classes? Read on for tips, trivia, facts, and so much more!

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What is the oldest form of dance?

Dancing is one of the oldest known forms of self expression, dating back thousands of years. Though dance has always been prevalent in modern human societies, one dance is older than all the rest. What is the oldest form of dance? Consider this as you search dance classes near me. Historians have determined that oldest form of dancing is the belly dance. According to archeological finds found at many historic sights, belly dancing is believed to have begun some 6,000 years ago and was practiced by several different ancient cultures. Although the modern belly dance is often seen as seductive and somewhat racy, it served a totally different purpose in ancient times. In fact, the dance was likely not sexual in nature whatsoever. Much like today, dancing was a way to express oneself and deep inner feelings without speaking a single word. It was beneficial to health, wellness, and one’s overall mood.

dance classes near me

Dance classes are a great way to stay in shape and boost your mood!

Why do people dance?

Have you ever wondered what compels people to dance? Sometimes it seems as if a song can just take someone over, causing them to dance or in the very least, tap along. Why do people dance? Consider this as you search dance classes near me. Historians believe that human beings most likely danced long before there was even a word for it. Rhythmic body movement is an instinct. What compels people to dance is that inner instinct and movement. Dancing can connect people, even if it’s not intentional, to the rhythms of nature. In a nutshell, dance springs from a human desire to express emotion, connect socially, and move with a beat.

When did contemporary dance first start?

Given that there are dozens of forms of dance, you might think that contemporary dance is as old as civilization itself. In reality, contemporary dance is much newer than many novice dancers might think. As you search dance classes near me, consider just how fresh contemporary dance really is. Historically speaking, contemporary dance didn’t formally begin until the start of the 20th century. Though some iterations of contemporary dance likely existed before this, many attribute the invention of contemporary dance to iconic US dancer Isadora Duncan. The style evolved when Duncan broke away from ballet and developed her own more natural approach to dance. Contemporary dance comes in many different styles, but most of them are linked to certain musical genes such as jazz, hip-hop, and even rock n’ roll.

Dance Classes Near Me – Dance Classes Facts

Dancing Can Boost Memory

There are so many benefits to getting your groove on and boogying the night away, but did you know improving your memory is one of them? You might not think that dancing relates to the memory or the mind in any way, but doctors and researchers have found evidence proving just that. As you search dance classes near me, think about how moving your body might just improve your memory. According to current research finds, dancing not only instills a sense of grace in individuals who regularly partake in the act, it can also help one to age more gracefully. Dancing can boost your overall short and long term memory, in addition to helping to prevent individuals from developing dementia as they grow older. Aerobic exercise such as dancing can reverse volume loss in the hippocampus in the brain, which is the region that controls your memory. The hippocampus naturally begins to shrink as you grow older, which can lead to impaired memory and even dementia. By dancing the night away, you might just help to slow down this process and reverse the likelihood of dementia.

Reduce Stress and Depression

In addition to helping with improved memory, dancing has also been known to reduce stress levels and depression. If you’re feeling particularly downtrodden or stressed, you might just want to hit the dance floor and pump up the jams. Researchers have found that dance, especially partner dance, can help to bring about stress relief and even lower cortisol levels in the body. Not only can dancing lift your spirits, but it can help to reduce symptoms of depression and give individuals a greater outlook. Patients who regularly participate in upbeat dancing tend to show fewer depression symptoms the most vitality. They also have better coping skills in place when life does get a bit more difficult to endure. Next time you’re feeling stressed out or down in the dumps, you may want to get out on the dance floor and move your body. It’s not always easy to stay motivated when you’re feeling lousy, but forcing yourself to move, engage in the music, and socialize may just be the most beneficial things you can do. Searching dance classes near me is your first step in a life of happiness and vitality!

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